Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Galway Girls (And Daddy!)

Only in the door from our two-day "Staycation" in the STUNNING west of Ireland, I can only conclude that we will indeed be returning some day. After a rather uneventful drive over (motorways are just the dullest thing ever; efficient, yes, but boring, oh my God!), we managed to find our way to Bearna Village and our stunning The Twelve hotel. This little gem of a hotel has won awards like Best New Hotel and Best Boutique Hotel in Ireland, and upon checking in, we could totally understand why. Beautiful furnishings, calming colors, sexy lighting, fabulous flocked wallpaper; you name it, they had it. Not to mention the butler who showed up at our room door after 10 minutes with shortbread cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries. Or the seaweed baths you could order to take in you room. Or the HUGE bed. I could go on!

In short though, we did what any young family would do in our situation. We relaxed in our room. Took a walk around the idyllic village. Had coffees in the bar. Relaxed some more. Went down for dinner and was wowed the the amazing local seasonal food. Put baby to bed. Drank Champagne. Talked. Laughed. Enjoyed a romantic evening(!). Then today when we woke up (late!), we had a yummy breakfast, checked out and headed for Galway city. Where we relaxed some more. Enjoyed the buzz and the people-watching. Drank more coffee- oh, and hot chocolates from Butler's; YUM. Fell in love with some Louboutin heels on sale in BT's (€299 down from €599!). Shopped. Laughed. Ate. Then we hit the road and drove back east. And now, safely tucked up home, we relax some more- and admire recent purchases! This Staycation business rocks, by the way, quick, easy, pleasant, cheap(ish!), accessible by car and in general just great fun! LIKE!

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