Friday, September 30, 2011

To Wind Down...

... on a Friday night is utter BLISS. Now; ready for the weekend!

Lightening McQueen...

... and the rest of the Cars crew are one of Nahla's absolute favorites, and so I can only imagine how much she would love this sandwhich for her lunch! Taslk about creative dining!

Sweet Words...

... on a Friday morning!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

On The Way To Playschool..

... this morning, Nahla did not want to sit in her pram, but jump around in the leaves on the ground. My heart skipped a little beat, as I remembered that this time last year, my munchkin had yet to learn how to walk, and I remember thinking about how this year we would be jumping though the autumn leaves together. A year passed by in a flash, yet filled with so much love and so many special moments it seems to have lasted forever! Oh, motherhood, the sweetest feeling there is!

If I Only Could Sew...

... I would so make Nahla one of these as an advent calendar! So pretty - and perfect the way you can fit the little pressies in. I love the tradition of advent calendars, planning it, getting it together, wrapping it and being able to witness my princess excitely opening it in the morning. Last year she was far too young to truly understand the concept - but we still did the calendar off course - maybe moer for Mummy than for Nahla, but none the less; traditions are traditions.

Oh - and speaking of traditions; my mum still makes advent calendars for me and my sister! This is the cutest mummy in the world, by the way. At first we were meant to outgrow them when we turned 18. Then it became when we moved out - then that didn't happen either. Then the upper limit was moved to 25, a nice round number. 25 came and went and we still got our calendars. And I am not talking the chocolate variety, I am talking the full, 24 actual presents wrapped and hung up for us to open - now in our own homes, off course.

When I turned 30 last year that was meant to be the absolute end to the whole calendar debate, especially as I now had a daughter of my own. But no; Best Mom In The World still managed to decide she wanted to make us calnedars and so before December 1st rolled around, she had all the stuff sent down for me to hang and ready to open.

Talk about adhering to traditions!

This Look...

... is SO right for crisp autumn days.

(Image from here)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Concentrated...

... and veery tired munchkin was allowed to snuggle up with Mummy for a bit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in her PJ's before bedtime tonight. We HEART cuddle-before-bed-time!

We Eat Dessert...

... almost every day. Yummy gorgeous dessert. But we make sure that instead of sugar-laden full of nasty-stuff unhealthy treats, we stuff our faces with the yummiest organic fruit and nuts. Today's dessert: super-juicy organic pears and crunchy organic pecan nuts. YUM!

Oh, Tory...

... why do you insist on making me want to spend all my money on footwear?! Seriously; these Tory Burch riding boots would MAKE my autumn wardrobe!

The Difference Between My Home And My Desk..

.. is that at home I am super-organized and OCD tidy. I pick up stuff before it hits the floor/table/any other surface, I vacuum daily, I take pride in reaching the bottom of the laundry basket with regular intervalls and that type of thing.

In work, however, I am completely the opposite. My desk is bearly visible under the mountain of magazines and tear-sheets and moodboards that seems to pile up. My tea cup looks gross with a tea bag sitting in it that I cannot even remember when I actually drank. Take away cups from the local coffee shop are crammed in a corner. Pens are scattered across open books on cool hotel designs. A variery of face spritzer and beauty samples and tissues and old train tickets are also present. In short; utter utter mess. And the weirdest thing is that I NEED it to be this way, I need the mess to function in work - a tidy desk would leave me totally uninspired and unable to write anything.

Oh, is there any wonder men find us women so utterly crazy and strange?! I mean; a man who is messy at home would more than likely also be messy in work. A man who is very uptight and tidy in his house, would more than likely also display the same nature in work, with colour coded pen collections and the like. But not women. Nope. We can totally be two very different women at home and in work - and be better women for it!

(Photo Credit from here)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's Haven!

Finally! Look who it is! Beautiful baby girl Haven Garner and her equally stunning mama and big sister graces the latest cover of OK magazine in this world exclusive.

Jessica Alba, 30, and her husband Cash Warren invited the magazine into their Los Angeles home for the first official pics of their brand new bundle. The happy couple - who met eight years ago on the set of Fantastic Four - chat to the magazine about Haven's unusual birth, living in a female-dominated household, and keeping their romance alive.

"When Haven was born, I fell in love all over again," says proud papa Cash. "It’s the most incredible experience."

"It was love at first sight," Jessica adds. "It did take a couple of days for it to sink in that I have another baby! We're incredibly blessed to have two healthy, sweet little munchkins." Lucky, lucky family.

The actress opens up about her birth story. "I wasn't screaming and hollering like you see in the movies but it was still intense... I didn't scream for either (birth) but I was definitely more uncomfortable with the second. Labour is painful." Second that, Jess!

She goes on to explain the meaning behind Haven's name, revealing the baby was born while still in the amniotic sac.

"When I delivered Haven she was born still inside the amniotic sac, which is rare," Jessica shares. "When I was in recovery we still hadn't chosen her name. Cash picked her up and said she came into the world in her 'safe haven' and it clicked right then for both of us...The doctor had never seen anything like it before. He grabbed the nurse and said: 'Look at this!' I was in the middle of pushing and he told me to hold on a minute and not to push! He was wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt and said: 'Oh I have to get my scrubs on for this!' The sac burst on its own after she came out. It was a trip."

Jess went on to say that her dreams of a big family are coming true.

"All I ever wanted was to have a big family. There's probably a fantasy in there for Cash to have a boy who he can rough house with and play sports with because Honor is so girlie. Maybe Haven will be a little tomboy."

Tomboy or not, little Haven looks to be a total cutie like her big sis - who clearly had a fun time messing for the cameras!

Such a sweet family!

I Wonder...

... would this Hermes bag look as cool if it was stuffed with diapers, baby-wipes, Hello Kitty plasters, juice boxes, tissues, the odd plastic fairy, a Mickey Mouse DVD, a very bruised banana, three mini-boxes of raisins and a headless Teletubby?! No? I Didn't think so. In some areas, it seems motherhood and fashion do not mix all that well...

(Photo Credit from here)

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Everyone know she is the queen of glitz and fabulous glam, but SJP actually does dressed down in style to a tee as well. The I Don't Know How She Does It star looked happy, relaxed and cute as she was spotted strolling around NYC's Upper West Side neighborhood with one of her adorable twin daughter, Tabitha.

Sarah Jessica, who recently visited the UK to promote her new movie, spoke to British talk show host Jonathan Ross how different her twin toddlers Tabitha and Loretta really are.

"'They are spiritually, politically, physically, emotionally, ideologically... they are very, very, very different in every day. I mean they don't even looked related. When we go outside, people think they are children that have made a play-date", the movie starlet explained.

(Photo Credit from here)

Brighten Up...

When the evenings get darker and colder, sure it is all the more important to make sure you have things that make you smile inside your home. I am a fan of scented candles (Voluspa and Dyptique, hands down, fluffy cushions and blankets and fresh gorgeous flowers. Snuggly inside beats shivering outside, for sure!

Crisp Autumn Days...

... are perfect for outdoor playtime. We HEART the park! (And N's new cool outdoor gear!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

New App Discovery

Are you as addicted to app-store as I am?! Seriously, ever since the arrival of my iPhone I keep finding all these cool new app's! Now granted a lot of them are baby-and-toddler related, but some are just for me! This latest one, Marie Claire's Beauty Genius, is just so cool! Full of Get The Look features and Tips and Tricks, it's like having a super clever beauty magazine or blog right in your pocket! What in the world did I do pre iPhone?!

Money, Money, Money

My little munchkin had a ball with Bestemor (grandmother) as she got to first empty the piggy bank (eh, teddy bank!) and then sit quietly and put all the money back in again. Now I hope this bodes well for her saving skills in the future! Like when she is old enough to get pocket money, she will actually (very unlike her mother!) save some! Time will tell.

It's Most Definitively Autumn...

Cold, grey and foggy best desribes the weather outside my office window. Which makes me long for one of these! Preferably from United Bakeries. YUM.

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

You gotta love a girl who can pull off tighter-than-tight leather leggings 8 weeks short of her due date! And Alex Gerrard, super-WAG and wife of fotball superstar Steven Gerrard, sure can. The mother-of-two was snapped arriving at a party in Liverpool over the weekend - along with a host of other WAGs and highly pampered yummy mummies.

Love the leaopard print heels, Alex! Talk about maternity dressing without a hint of frump!

(Phot Credit from here)

Pink And Black..

... looks like it works pretty well on pumpkins too. Talk about Glam-o-ween!

(Photo from here)

21 Months Today...

... and makes my life feel like one big birthday! I got the most amazing present and I get to enjoy it over and over and over again! I think my heart must have quadrupled in size these past 21 months - and it just keeps growing! Talk about love story!

Daddy's Little Girl

Ever since Nahla was born, I have often been moved to tears whenever I witnessed tender moments between her and BF. The bond between father and daughter so visible, so tender and so amazing; it always sends a shiver down my spine when I catch them sharing a cuddle. Or walking hand in hand. Or just playing on the floor, pink plastic toys scatterd between them.

And last night, as Nahla was chatting with her beloved Daddy on Skype (what did people do before Skype?!), this weepy Mummy was set off again. As we were saying our good-bye's and night-night's, Nahla all of a sudden went: "Lovelu, Daddy!" And delighted with the reaction from both Mummy and Daddy, kept saying it over and over again: "Lovelu, lovelu, Nahla lovely Daddy!"

Many "I love you's" have been said from us to her, but this was the first (of many, I hope!) from her. It was the most precious thing ever! And I think both Mummy and Daddy went to bed last night feeling very very lucky! Lovelu, Nahla!

(Photo Credit from here)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Trust Gisele to just throw on an old white tee and a pair of jeans and still look smokin'. Which she certainly did when snapped out and about over the weekend with her adorable little Benjamin. The supermodel, 31, and her tot went for a walk in Boston, and even stopped off to check out a pond full of ducks. Sweet family weekend days; can you beat them?!

(Photo Credit from here)

So Cute!

I love love love these baby shower invitations by Minted! Now all I need is somebody to get pregnant so I can throw an almighty amazing baby shower - including sending out the sweetest custom made invitations. And trust me, there are like a million more super-nice designs to choose from, so I actually think my biggest problem would be choosing which one to go with.

Such A Perfect Weekend..

... spent with my amazing parents, AKA Nahla's beloved and besotted grandparents. And also not to mention my very own grandmother and Nahla's great grandmother, who is the coolest old lady ever, and will turn the grand age of 89 in just a few short weeks. We have done nothing but be together, take trips to the playground, cook lovely dinners, watch movies, drink wine, go for crisp autumn walks and just generally been together, which is my absolute favorite thing to do.
This afternoon Nahla and Mummy will return to Oslo, where we will have a week and a half-ish of work and playschool lined up, before we pack our bags and head to Ireland and Daddy again Friday next week. Busy? Yes. Stressed? No way. Life is what you make of it, and we may have hectic schedules and more flights than most, but we also get to do so much fun stuff. Share so many amazing moments with all the people that are important in our lives. Do jobs that we love and really live, love and laugh every moment of every day!

"I'm Ignoring You, Mummy!"

Even though we are still 3 months shy of Nahla's second birthday, we are already well into what I can only imagine must be the dreaded Terrible Two's. Nahla can transition from angel to terror in 4 seconds, and is getting very very determined. Especially when it comes to managing things herself and deciding whether or not she wants to do stuff Mummy wants her to do. Like sit on her potty. Or get dressed. Or eat stuff. Or whatever. Being a toddler-mummy sure comes with its own set of challenges, but luckily the good far outweigh the hectic and even though Nahla sometimes gets very cross with Mummy, we are still the very best of friends 99 % of the time!

Bedroom Dreams

Still very much in nesting mode - and also as it is part of my job to read every interior magazine/online publication/blog under the sun - I find myself bookmarking a lot of stuff to do with houses. And this bedroom totally caught my eye - I HEART the exposed brick. I bet my dreams would be more than a little sweet in this room. I can feel a little online shopping spree coming on trying to re-create the mood. Zara Home; here I come!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late Night Snack

... sometimes are half healthy (passion fruit is SO yummy!) and half yuck (I wonder how Starbucks can even put their name on this?!)

Is It Too Soon...

... to get excited about new fashions for spring and summer 2012?! Because I must admit that my fashion-loving heart skipped a lil' beat when I spotted the Jill Stuart S/S 12 collection! Nude hues, midi lengths and floaty fabrics; YUM!

London Lovelies

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy looks like they are enjoying lovely days in his hometown of London with their little Bingham. Kate is looking fab having given birth a mere two months ago. Such a cute family!

Tigerlily Hotel in Edinburgh...

... will get a little visit soon from Nahla and Mummy, auntie Tonje and Emine Sofie! Oh, how we can not wait for an all-girly holiday!

Dental Hygiene..

... is super-important in this family! Nahla is a keen brusher - and especially when she gets to be in charge of it herself!


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