Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Perfect Weekend!

Some times you just have to take a step back and send a little prayer of thanks for how incredibly lucky you really are. This weekend was like that for me. I got to spend time and celebrate my birthday with (almost) my entire family. Missed my dad, but comforted by the fact that I get to see him in a few weeks when they are in Oslo for holidays. The weather was amazing. We had an amazingly nice family barbeque on Saturday- and ended the evening by watching the Eurovision finals, everyone cuddled up together. Not to mention the great birthday dinner party at Janne's house I went to on Friday, while my mum stayed home and minded my little cupcake.

Sunday summer properly arrived in Oslo and we spent the entire day out in the garden, sipping iced lattes and having another barbeque dinner- yum! And then today, another gloriously beautiful day, I squeezed in some shopping, a late breakfast with Kathrine and Eirin at Ă…pent Bakeri- our favourite breakfast hunt. And then a super-relaxing evening with my mum before she flies back to Finnsnes in the morning when Nahla and I are heading to PARIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

I Want To Live Here..

.. in a house that looks pretty much like this!

(Photo Credit from here)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cooking The Masters

As I am failing a bit on the inspiration front in terms of what to next feed my little cupcake, I have turned to the Master, aka Annabel Karmel for more fresh ideas on baby cousine! This woman seriously is a must-read for EVERYONE with babies in the weaning stages. Massive cook-up/freeze down, here we come!

Terrific Thursday

There are few cities in this world- all the ones I have visited anyway- that can compete with Oslo on a balmy summer's day. Karl Johan Street in all its glory. Throngs of happy people, locals and tourists alike. Flower-filled parks. The harbor-side with all its shops and restaurants. The city just vibrates with happy summer feelings! Lucky people, all those Eurovision contestants that are in town this weekend; getting to see Oslo and Norway from its very best side!

As the weather was so amazing, I walked into town this morning, perfect for Nahla to get her morning time nap- much needed indeed as my little munchkin got up at 6.24 AM this morning! In town I met my mum, and we went for brunch at United Bakeries, a nosy around the shops and coffee at Kaffebrennriet, all in all a pretty fab day.

And now, as the night is settling in, cupcake is snug in her bed and this mummy has treated herself to half a (yummy) glass of merlot!

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Tooth Care!

Yup, we all know the importance of a good dental regime- and Nahla has already started! Brushing my own tooth? Check!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 Months in Mommy-Wood!

My little treasure was five months old yesterday! That just seems crazy to me, it feels like she was only just born! I have been a mum for five whole months! Soothed every cry, caught every smile, smiled at every laugh, fed her when hungry, cuddled away scary dreams, changed a lot of nappies, washed a lot of clothes, marveled over again and again how much I love her, how she completed my world, completed me. Completed us. I cannot remember now who I was before her, it makes everything else seem less important, less meaningful; she truly is the centre of my universe!

Yesterday morning, at her five-month check-up at the health-station, she weighed in at 7,1 Kg, and measured 69 cm! No wonder her clothes size 68 have seemed a tad small lately! Nahla impressed the nurse with her laughing and shouting and tiny little rice-grain tooth. As well as her flipping from her back to her belly trick, something she feels the need to do if ever put down on her back now. Then cry when she can't turn back! My brave little munchkin cried a tad from her two booster-shots, but recovered quickly and fell asleep in her pram as soon as we walked out into the lovely spring sunshine again. My little angel!

The rest of the day yesterday was spent shopping- I bought some super-cute summer pj's for Nahla in H&M, and then we went to my auntie and uncle's house, where we relaxed with family, a barbeque dinner and then some TV before we went home. Then cupcake and mummy went to bed!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Food

So inspired by my latest cookery book addition, SUPERMAT (translation: SUPERFOOD) by Trine Berge and Sara Chacko. Stuffed with facts and information on how to achieve super-health for yourself and your family, anti-aging tips, getting more energy, how to sleep better and in general just lots of fresh ideas on the subject of healthy and organic food- perfect for my obsession with all things healthy! Will try these delicious super-scones tomorrow- with some fresh blueberry jam! YUM!

Back in Oslo!

After a pretty uneventful trip- my mum was with us which was so nice- my cupcake and I are back in Oslo again, where the weather was super-summery! Yeah! I can't wait to hit the city tomorrow to check out what's new in the shops in the summer-wear department! Zara, Filippa K and H&M; here we come! Anyway, being back in the apartment in Oslo made me- yet again- realize that we have so outgrown this place. Physically. Literally. Ever since Nahla made her arrival and started accumulating an insane amount of clothes, toys, feeding equipment, books, more clothes and so on, the walls are practically bulging outwards! Seriously, I really struggled today to try and tidy away our clothes, unpack from both Bristol and our trip up north, and to try it make it all fit back into drawers and wardrobes again- it is as if our stuff has magically quadrupled in the space of a month! God; I long for more storage! A home office. A sofa so inviting you just want to sink in and never get out. The list goes on. Basically, I am mentally so ready to have more space. Tidy big bright rooms. My dream house...

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Monday, May 24, 2010

I Found My Toes!

And they are super-fun to play with! Especially in the bath!

Hippest Families in Hollywood!

How cool does the Stefani/Rossdales and the Crawford/Gerbers look when out and about in Hollywood?? Love the happy families, the cute kids and the very stylish mummies! PS: Rumor has it that Gwen is currently expecting the couple's third baby! Watch this space!

(Photo Credit from here)

Milk, Meals and Heels!

When to cut out breast-feeding? This is a much debated topic- especially in Norway where not only 99% of ALL WOMEN choose to breastfeed their babies, but where also most continue to do so- supplemented by solids after a while off course- until their babies are approaching one. I have to admit I am torn. I really don't think I would like to keep going that long, but part of me also know I will miss it when we finally call it a day. In fairness, seeing as Nahla has been getting both boob and bottle since she was born, it will more than likely be an easier transition for me than for many, but it is more me I am worried about than her. As it is, she doesn't really breastfeed during the day at all anymore, just early morning and then at night before she goes to bed. And it is as much for the closeness and comfort I think as her genuinely being hungry. Especially now that she is eating 3 meals a day, supplemented by a couple of bottle-feeds as well. My little cupcake now has fruit at 11 AM, usually pureed apple and pear, or bananas, or whatever else I think to combine. Then at 2.30 PM she has her "dinner", which at the moment consists of pureed organic carrots and potatoes. And before bed, at around 6.30 PM, she has porridge or baby rice. And she loves it all! Which makes me so happy! This whole weaning thing, which seemed like such a huge milestone, just kinda slipped right in and it now works so perfectly well with our routines for the day. Phew!

God, it makes me think of the first few weeks after Nahla was born; I felt like such a rookie-mum! And now, almost five months down the line, I feel like i was meant to do this all along! So to answer the first question; I don't think we are quite ready to give up on mummy's milk yet, neither mummy nor baby. Those moments when it is just me and her, the world sort of melts away, it feels like the closest bond anyone can ever have, and I feel blessed to have been able to experience it. Too soon it will be just memories of my little princess cuddled up close to my skin and being fed, so we are going to keep these nighttime and morning cuddles for just a tad longer!

Oh. and the heels part? Ordered the most AMAZING pair from Net a Porter last night! Too. Fab. For. Words! Paris: Here We Come!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

From Russia With.. Lust!

I am in love! I have a new fashion super-crush; and trust me, when you check this girl out, you will too! Miroslava Mikheeva Duma, or just "Mira" as friends call her. Russian socialite and editor at Harper's Bazaar Russia, Miroslava is totally the coolest girl since, well, who knows, has there ever been someone to totally rock clothes the way this girl does?! A merge between Margherita Missoni and Olivia Palermo maybe, with a touch a Rachel Zoe and Alexa Chung-esque style, this petite Russian is without a doubt a new star in my book anyway! Oh, to have an hour in her closet...

(Photo Credit from here, here and here)

Happines is...

... balmy weather, a feeling of spring and some fresh flowers for my table...

Another Tooth?

More fever. More crying. More LATE nights. Could it be that we have another tooth on the way?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Tastes

Yum! Nahla is loving her food- which warms mummy's heart, I must admit. She is now a purely organic fed baby, whether made and mashed by yours truly, or by the cool people at either HIPP Organic or Ella's Kitchen, both with product ranges I love. Today my little munchkin had some mashed organic carrot for dinner, and then a fruit pot from HIPP for dessert, with pureed organic (off course) apple and pear- and she LOVED it. Now I need to stock up on baby food equipment such as freezer friendly storage pots, more spoons, sippy cups, plates and last but not least, more bibs!

(Photo Credit from here)

Just a Few More Days Now..

.. until Sex & The City 2 is out in the cinemas! The excitement!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happines is...

.. a tiny little cupcake before bedtime.. while reading an old Sophie Kinsella book... Nite, x


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