Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pieces Of Reece

How yummy does the lovely Reese Witherspoon look gracing the upcoming January cover of Glamour magazine?? Total mommy style crush! The actress and mother-of-two opens up about how she now, at 34, feels "sexier than ever" (see; did I not say that your 30s are where it is at?!), finding happiness with new beau Jim Toth and how she would like to add to her family:

“I would love to have more kids. Kids are the best part of my day. I don’t wake up to make movies. I wake up to hang out with my family.” Could 2011 be THE year for Hollywood Bump Watching?? I think so!

(Photo Credit, Glamour magazine, January 2011 issue)

To Us Norwegian Girls...

... this may just look like a little bit of, well, wet slushy sleet on the road, in other words, nothing major to, say, make a country come to utter standstill. But amazingly enough, here in Ireland, that is exactly what it did today. It was a funny scene that seemed to repeat itself over and over outside the bay windows in our living room today, where cars skidded around, got stuck in the slush, went off the road and were abandoned there, waiting for some- clearly overworked- AA guy to come save it.

I had plans today to make it in to the city, meet an old colleague for some brunch, drop some cash in Reiss and Topshop and in general just have some pre-Christmas Dublin fun, but that all went up in smoke- or snow, more like it, as the weather got progressively worse as the day went on- and frankly, seasoned as I may be in wintertime driving, even I would not attempt these roads with no snowtyres on the car. And so we were confined to our local area for the afternoon instead, where we went for a lovely snowy walk, sipped (organic) hot chocolates at the healthfood café, browsed the lovely bookstore and stocked up on yummy dinner in M&S before we headed home to defrost in front of the fire, enjoy a relaxing night in- and make sure BF/Daddy was surviving his man-flu!

Christmas Fit For A Princess!

As you know at this stage, I tend to favor modern and contemporary over traditional when it comes to decor and style- and Christmas is no exception. Pink can- if used correctly- be utterly cool and colorful- and a fab choice for holiday decorations for your home. Now the trick here, as in most cases I guess, is to use it sparingly and as a statement- as opposed to turn your whole house into Babie's Festive Fantasy- yes, I am talking about those of you who ever considered one of those pink plastic trees! In which case I have three words for you: Just Walk Away! But when added as stylish decor in a modern home, pink can, for sure, look utterly FABULOUS. HEART!

(Photo Credit from here)

Lunch At Milano...

... is yum both for small and big! And such a treat on this cold cold day!

That Holiday Feeling..

The John Lewis Christmas ad makes me smile whenever I catch it on TV these days. So very very Christmas'y and full of that very special holiday feeling. And so loving the Ellie Goulding track, Your Song, featured in the ad, new iTunes must-buy I think!

This Red Zara Dress...

... just had to become mine. SWOON! I predict it as a favorite for the holiday season. With my newly purchased Kurt Geiger crazy high patent courts to match!

It's A Mother Daughter Day...

... for Nahla and Mummy when Daddy is in bed battling a severe case of man flu, A.K.A. what we assume to be the very same stomach bug that had us girls confined to our beds last week. Only you know yourself, once it appears in a man, sure it is FAR more severe and I suspect my alpha male himself thinks he'll be lucky to survive.

Anyhow, we have provided him with water, 7-UP, the bedroom to himself, the TV on and an offer of dry toast, which he refused, so what more can a girl do? Yep, I hear you, not a thing. Which is why we, after having spent the morning baking some very yummy shortbread star-shaped cookies, now are headed out for some fresh air, a salad in M&S and, you guessed it, some Starbucks. Enjoy your day, lovelies!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

She is not someone that often is on my radar in the style stakes, but Nicole Kidman clearly is one stylish mama. Spotted here out and about with adorable Sunday Rose, 2, the actress recently gushed about her daughter to none other than Oprah Winfrey:

"We were just in New York and I took her shopping where I get a cappuccino and she gets what she thinks is a cappuccino but it's just froth," the proud mom said. "That's fun! But I do get embarrassed because she's like, 'One cappuccino,' and I'm like, 'No, no, she doesn't drink coffee!'"

I hear you, Nicole. There is nothing sweeter than a little coffee break with your little love!

(Photo Credit from here)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happiness is...

... putting on my brand new flannel PJ's, curl up on the sofa to drink hot chocolate and watch Bridget Jones' The Edge of Reason before going to bed in a freshly made up and already-warm-by-sleeping-BF bed! B.L.I.S.S!

Not Even The Chilly Weather Conditions...

... could stop us from enjoying and indulging in a little Christmas shopping at my favorite haunt Dundrum Town Centre. And the best part? Seems the sudden winter freeze did stop most other people, because I have never seen it this quiet before! Utterly perfect in other words.

The Christmas trees were up, adding to our already buzzing Holiday spirit..

.. and a little visit to the singing polar bears outside Santa's Grotto put a smile on my princess' face too!

In Hamley's she even managed to charm Daddy into buying her some new toys...

... while Mummy stocked up on some sweet smelling beauty goodies at L'Occitane; home spa freezing night in, here I come.

And after some more shopping, an I-have-fallen-in-love-with-a-dress-in-Zara-that-I-don't-need-but-have-to-have incident, an obscene amount of money spent in Harvey Nichols (swoon, I HEART Alexander McQueen scarves!) and a venti non-fat peppermint soy latte in Starbucks, we headed home! O Happy It's Almost Christmas Day!

Fireplace Fantasy

Show of hands; who would LOVE to have one of these in your living room- especially now during what I have labelled The Big Freeze?! Yup, thought so. How AMAZINGLY yummy and stylish and cozy! I DIE!

(Photo from Elle Interiør, Norwegian edition)

Mummy's Little Mountain Climber-In-Training...

... had a go at the stairs earlier today- and to my shock and horror (and realization that stairgates are needed ASAP), Nahla climbed and crawled ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! How is that possible?! All of a sudden her world just got that little bit bigger, more areas to explore, ground to cover and last but not least; reasons for Mummy to worry!
Note: No babies were harmed during this photo-shoot and a team of security people (Mummy and Daddy) followed close behind the climber the whole way to the top!

It's Not Quite Starbucks...

.... but as we are currently having somewhat crazy wintery weather here in Ireland, Costa Coffee had to suffice for this mornings coffee run; simply because we could walk there!

Before We Get The Fire Going...

... these mornings we have breakfast in as much clothing as possible!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lovely Lunch Bunch

Looks like these cute Hollywood families are much like the rest of us when it comes to enjoying to relaxing family lunch out. Life is all about simple pleasures, and eating out en familie certainly falls under this category.

The lovely Jen'n'Ben brought daughters Violet and Seraphina for a laid-back brunch at Kay N' Dave's in Santa Monica over the weekend. The girls had brought some books along for the outing- how cute!

Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren toted the adorable Honor around to Beverly Hills' Jack & Jill's restaurant, where the little family enjoyed some lunch before hitting a Coldwater Canyon playground.

Little Mason, who turns 1 next month, enjoyed a date with Mummy Kourtney and Daddy Scott when the trio visited Calabasas eatery the Marmalade Cafe yesterday. How handsome does the littlest Kardashian look?!

Looks like it is PG fun all the way for my fave Hollywood families these days, where everybody opted for lunch out after what was more than likely a very food-filled Thanksgiving break. Sweet!

(Photo Credit all from here)

This Year's Christmas Cards...

... were ordered from adorable Prints With Wings, who boasts an AMAZING collection contemporary cards for every possible occasion. To say I struggled to pick a design- and not to mention which of the millions of pictures of Nahla we have to put on them- would be an understatement! I cannot show-and-tell the actual cards here until they have gone out in the post to all our nearest and dearest, but once they have I will. So so cute.

I Guess It's Not A Secret Anymore!

Looks like my all-time fave fashionista has finally confirmed her baby-secret with this Twitter picture of her hubby Rodger titled: "Sunday brunch with my hot baby daddy!" Bring on the high-fashion bump watching! Mama-to-be style TO DIE FOR! Congrats, R & R!

En Stjerne Skinner I Natt / A Star Is Shining Tonight

This most beautiful of Norwegian Christmas songs to mark the start of advent. The countdown to this most magical of times has now begun. Wishing you all the most lovely, peaceful and magical advent. xoxo

For Nahla's Soft And Perfect Little Feet...

... I have ordered these beautiful felt slippers from Clemente Copenhagen. SO cute. Made from 100% Norwegian wool, they are oh-so warm and snug for little ones, who spend the majority of their time down on the floor.

Felting is an ancient craft and has a sustained heritage, and there is a strong Nordic tradition of felted boots, socks, hats, and mittens. The term felting refers to taking an animal fiber (most often wool), shaping it in some way, then, through a process of very hot water and agitation, converting it into a tightly cohesive fabric. So there is an idea if you are missing a present for somebody suffering from winter cold feet!

A Pick-Me-Up...

... is a must when out Christmas present shopping with an 11-month old and a man who is no fan of busy shopping centers! Note to self: SHOP ALONE!

A Sneaky Little Treat...

... is having apple juice and scones in the local coffee shop with Mummy. Braving the cold weather to get there not so much a treat though!

Candy Cane Brownies...

... seems like the perfect untraditional dessert to serve after a traditional Sunday roast dinner. Not to mention the fact that they just look so unbelievably YUMMY. Donna Hay's pictures and recipes always always makes me want to root out my apron and channel my inner domestic goddess, everything just looks so utterly delicious. And what are Sundays for, if not nurturing your family with some kick ass YUMILICIOUS brownies?!

(Images and recipe from the Living Etc. and Donna Hay Christmas Special 2010 magazine, free with Living Etc. December 2010 edition)

1. Sunday Of Advent...

... is not really that big a deal here in Ireland, as they don't really celebrate- or indeed decorate for- advent. But my Norwegian roots insists that I start the day with lighting that first candle, sing for Nahla and make a lovely breakfast for us all to enjoy together. And to continue our blissed out Sunday, a trip to the shop for the Sunday papers (Style section here I come!) and a quick coffee run to Starbucks, and we are all sorted. Cold, frosty Sunday, we salute you!

(Photo from Femina magazine, Denmark, Dec. issue)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


... is the new "IT" color from Chanel's latest Cruise collection. On my spring-manicured nails post Christmas? Yes yes yes. If I can get my hands on it, that is. Pastel pretty AND in huge demand by the worlds fashion elite? It's a keeper!

T'is The Season...

... to be romantic. And even if it is only the small stuff. Lingering kisses when nobody's watching. Some late-night wine. Throwing snowballs. Making out in front of the fire. Sharing the last Rolo. A night away at the Dylan hotel (comes HIGHLY recommended!). Does not matter so much what it is, just make sure to be romantic this holiday- because you're worth it. And so is he!

I'm Getting Hungry...

... browsing all these amazingly yummy food blogs. Seriously. Like tonight, when I was inspired to make this fabulous- and so seasonal- pumpkin risotto recipe that I found here. Cannot wait to wow BF with my top notch culinary/wife material/domestic goddess skills when he gets home!

What's A Little Snow...

... when you're properly clothed and toasty? It turned out it was very lucky this mummy had remembered to pack all of our winter clothes, as today the snow reached us here in Kildare as well. Having seen the news last night on how they are practically snowed in in certain parts of Britain, sure it was hardly a surprise to wake up to a snowy morning here across the sea as well.

To enjoy this crisp cold winters day, we decided to go for a walk around the lovely lake- which is actually just outside our window. Talk about bliss. Now, here comes the drama. I had noticed the other morning that the lovely ducks that live in and around the lake looked a little cold and, well, unloved. So I thought it might be a great idea to feed them. And us being us, there was not a scrap of bread in the house, so some yummy IKEA gingerbread biscuits would do the trick, I figured, nice and festive for the little ducks...

... and sure they liked the cookies. Liked them so much, in fact, that more and more ducks kept in coming. Then some really big- and aggressive- swans. Then seagulls. Seriously, I was having a little mini panic-attack, how was I going to get all these F***ING birds to go away?! BF, who has a morbid fear of swans- I know, SWANS, had taken Nahla and was walking away very fast, running in fact, leaving me to fend for my own with the mean old birds...

.. and in the end I just had to run off too! Seriously, does these birds not realize what's in their own best interest?! No more gingerbread cookies for you, guys!

Nahla, on the other hand, got great enjoyment out of the crazy bird show, probably not realizing how close Mummy came to becoming swan-food!

A latte in Costa saved me from post-bird-feeding-trauma-stress-disorder...

... and back home we played safely in the garden, where there wasn't a swan in sight and we got to eat the gingerbread cookies ourselves!


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