Monday, February 28, 2011

Skin Saviour

Nothing like a little me-time on a Monday night! And the bonus? My skin feels super-soft and glows, glows, glows! Sweet dreams, xoxoxo

The Difference A Few Hours Make

Glowing, overjoyed and radiant in Rodarte with her golden Oscar in hand last night at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, mum-to-be Natalie Portman celebrated her win in style...

... and a few hours later: Relaxed, lovely and oh-so-pregnant, Natalie looks casual and laid-back as she heads out for breakfast with fiancée Benjamin Millepied the morning after her amazing Oscar win for her role in dark hit movie Black Swan. Loving the just-visible baby bump! So so cute!

(Photo Credit from here)

Red Leather Pants...

... NEED to become part of my spring wardrobe! I am so LOVING how amazingly cool it looks, dressed up or down, for day and/or nightwear. And I also have a sneaking suspicion they would look fab with my new Jeffrey Cambell shoe boots and not to mention that long-ish knitted jumper I picked up in All Saints Spitalfields in Ireland before Christmas. Now, I know they have a pair in Zara...

(Photo Credit from here and here)

She's Mine, All Right...

... sure just look at the way she can handle a little lipgloss, my little mini make-up pro! (Note: while this started as a very cute little incident of Nahla finding an old sample lipgloss in my handbag and showed some very clever skills in knowing exactly what to do with it - to Mummy's surprise and amusement - it didn't end quite this cute. Nahla, having decided she had enough lipgloss on her little lips, then went on to decorate her ADORABLE little dress with lipgloss too. Then the wall behind her. Then the strap of Mummy's beloved LV Never Full handbag. Ouch...) Just goes to show; you escape to the bathroom to pee for four little seconds and in that time disaster can strike - several times over. Mummy lessons learned: 2017- ish.

Post Baby Body

"I like that my tummy is a bit soft... I think it's womanly" Denise Van Outen explained to the Daily Mail on her post-baby body. And I find myself nodding in recognition. Your body DOES change after having a baby. Mine, luckily, not overly much so, but a little softer, a little more womanly, sure.

And the best part? I don't mind at all. That's not to say I - like all other women on the planet - don't always harbour ambitions to be fitter and keep my body toned and healthy - which is a good thing, we should strive to work out and keep fit, not to get younger, but to get older. As in if you want to live a long full healthy life, be healthy.

Magazines are stuffed to the brim with pictures of celebrity mamas "miraculously" shrinking in front of our eyes as soon as bump graduates to baby, leaving most mere mortals green with envy. How normal does it seem to you when they pop straight back to their pre-baby bodies seemingly minutes after leaving the hospital? No? Me neither? And if there is one thing motherhood has taught me, is that happy mummy = happy baby. Starving yourself when you are meant to be: 1. recovering from labour. 2. producing nutritious milk for your baby and 3. storing energy to handle those sleepless nights and long feeding sessions, is clearly not very clever. Not good for mummy = not good for baby.

Eating healthy. Getting out for walks which provide the double goody of fresh air and exercise. Letting your body heal and recover. Slwly reintroducing your pre baby exercise regime. All smart moves.

But Denise Van Outen, unlike most celebrity mommies, is happy to reveal that her body completely changed after giving birth to daughter Betsy in May 2010.

"My hips area is still wider so I can't get into any of my old jeans," the 36-year-old Essex girl says. And so what? She still looks like a yummy mummy to me!

Denise shows off her post-baby figure in the latest issue of Health & fitness magazine, but says some parts of her body have changed for good:

"My tummy is different now," she tells the magazine. "But I quite like the fact it is a bit soft because I think it's womanly. And if anyone says anything to me about it I'm like "Oh come on give me a break, I've got a little girl to show for it!"'

Denise, who married Lee Mead, 29, in 2009, says her role as Paulette in West End musical Legally Blonde keeps her in shape.
"If you think about it I'm doing a gym workout seven times a week,I dance in the show and running up and down the stairs for costume changes is a lot like interval training!" Yummy and sensible Mummy - we like!

I Smell...

... og the brand new Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume, that I treated myself to the other day. I have previously used the "original" Dasiy perfume, and loved how nice and fresh it was - as I don't really do heavy perfumes, it never really feels right on me. I love the smell of this new one too, it is like summer in a bottle! And the fact that it is utter eye candy on my bathroom shelf sure doesn't hurt either!

Mondays Are Good Days

Fresh starts, new chances, people you have yet to meet, fun things waiting to happen and good times waiting to be had!

Start As You Mean To Go On

I HAVE to have breakfast every morning. If I don't, I'm like Monster Mummy as well as being TERRIBLY at my job. Snapping at people down the phone when you are trying to interview them is Not A Good Thing. Trust me.

But with breakfast down, I am a happy sunny person who can shake my head and tut-tut with a smile when my baby smears MAC lipgloss on my suede Alexander Wang boots and patiently listen to people telling me all about their winter break when all I am trying to do, is get the details of their home renovation for a piece I'm writing. See; breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day!

And as for my breakfast of choice this morning? Renee Voltaire's incredibly yummy granola, sprinkled over some soy vanilla yoghurt and topped with half a banana. YUM! And now; all I need is my latte, and I am good to go!

Have a fab day! xxx

This Walk-In Wardrobe...

... is going to be my favorite room in our house! Seriously, I COVET a closet like this, where I can see and admire all my darling clothes and shoes and other pretty fashion things! Guess which room will get priority?! Well, Nahla's room first, off course, but then; WARDROBE!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

On A Blissful Sunday Night...

...while Nahla sleeps....

... Mummy relaxes and prepares for a busy week ahead. Nite dolls, xxx

Same Suit...

♡ Nahla ♡

♡ Emine Sofie ♡

♡ Nahla and Emine ♡

... two different girls. It is amazing to look at these pictures, Nahla on top taken mid April last year, and Emine on the bottom, taken earlier today. You never really realize just how fast time goes by until you have children. Yesterday Nahla "celebrated" her 14 month birthday, whist Emine is already 5 1/2 months. In a few more months our two little girls can play together, just like Tonje and I always have. Well, a nice little combination of fighting and playing, just like siblings are meant to do! And I have a feeling Nahla and Emine will be the exact same!

It's Not Just Mummy...

... who is ready for spring. My little munchkin is also counting days till we head off to Ireland and lovely spring weather in 10 days time. And as for the rest of the months before we can properly say that summer has arrived? Let's just say we have a few trips and countries planned! Shades? Check? Mobile? Check. Cute attire from M&S? Check? Roll on sunny days!

Maternity Mamas

These hottie mamas are not letting their budding baby bumps stop them from looking super-glam, whether it is just walking to their local nail salon (like Jessica Alba) or dressing up for a premier like first-time around mamas Natalie Portman and Alyssa Milano. Swoon and high marks for awsome pregnancy style!

(Photo Credit from here)

My New Triwa Watch...

(Model wearing Triwa watch!)

... looks PERFECT on my arm. I have never really been a fan of watches, always found them a bit, well, not nice, plus I seem to always walk around with my (previously)Blackberry/ (now) iPhone in my hand anyway, so telling time has never been as issue. But having spotted these incredibly cute watches I was sold. More decoration than function almost, it puts a little sparkle on my wrist - always a good thing. Oh - and the fact that Princess Madelaine of Sweden was spotted wearing a Triwa as well is kinda cool! I went for the grey one with a bit of pink and gold, but that is not to say I wasn't tempted by some of the other combinations too...

Letters To Juliet Trailer

I saw this film last night and it left me in tears. I know, I know. 1. It is not new and I am sure lots of you have seen it already. And 2. It IS a total romantic cliche. But OH MY GOD. It was SO amazing. The love scenes. The scenery. Verona. Tuscany. LOVE.

I have been in Italy before on several occations. Have marvelled at Rome's stunning beauty and historical places. Shopped my heart out in Milan. Spent lazy sun soaked days on the island of Sardinia. But I have never seen Verona. Or Tuscany.

And so now I know where mine and BF's sping weekend away will go this year. And although he has been before (on some sort of football watching trip if I recall it correctly), he is just going to have to go again. This time with me. To celebrate love and romance and the beauty of Italy. Red wine. Pasta - carb heaven. Maybe a little shopping too. And lots and lots of AMORE!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

The Kardashians were out in force in sunny L.A. over the weekend. Mama Kourtney looked stylish as always, and little Mason is a total dote. I wonder how I can make sure him and my little Nahla "accidently" bump into eachother so love can blossom when they are like 22ish...

Anyway, the whole reality family looked like they were enjoying the balmy weather and each other, and how glamorous does "super-mama" Kris look in her leopard coat?! Fab. Just goes to show, fashion does not end at 35!

And as for Kourtney's top in that pale pink color? Have.To.Have!

(Photo Credit from here)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We're In The Night Garden...

... A LOT. And usually the very same episode. Over and over and over again... Is it bad that I am starting to feel a strong resentment towards Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Maca Paca? No? Didn't think so!

Light Up

Today we splurged on not just one, but two, lights. To defend my splurging I'll tell you this: I have wanted both these lamps for a REALLY long time. I need a desk light - and the Bestlite one is the best - and by far the best looking - one around. And as for the Kartell Bourgie plastic lamp; I just L.O.V.E. it. And know it will look AMAZING on a console table in our house. Maybe in the hallway. Or dining room. I am torn, but one thing I do know, it will cast a magical light wherever we put it and was an must-have in every way. Oh - or, if I get another one they would make PERFECT bedside lamps! Oh, or maybe the black ones - did I mention they come in black too?! Decisions, decisions...


Mummy's make-up bag! "LIKE"!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Passion For Purple

I HEART these images with a bit of a purple thread. Some may feel it more autumn than spring, but I beg to differ. Just imagine it with denim skirts, a headscarf with purple hues, some bangles on a tanned arm. Perfect against this season's white on white too - just to set it off. And as for the Mulberry? I DIE.

(Photo Credit from here)

Nahla's Summer Wardrobe..

... is filling up fast. These oh-so-pretty treats from Noa Noa Miniature just had me at hello. The colors. The sweet floral pattern on the trousers. They will look so so cute worn with her little Zara denim jacket when the days get a little warmer. And as for that trip to Paris for a few days in June; perfect outfit! My little summer fashionista!

Penelope Cruz Is One Hot New Mama

A mere three weeks after giving birth to little Leo Encinas Cruz, yummy mummy Penelope Cruz is looking truly AMAZING! The actress and her hunky husband, Javier Bardem, snuck away for a little Mommy/Daddy time and went for lunch in L.A this week. Seriously, how good does Penelope look? She has always been beautiful but she now really glows! Those post-pregnancy curves suits her and she looks hot-hot-hot!

(Photo Credit from here)


And we intend to have a fabulous time - as always! How nice are Fridays, seriously?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prospect of two whole days with my little muffin, lots of time to catch up with family and friends, some shopping, baking, movie-watching, holiday planning, and just generally a super nice and relaxing time! xxx


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