Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Preggatinis"? Sheer Genius!

I am so not stressing over what to serve in the drinks-department at this upcoming baby shower anymore. Preggatinis is where it's at, ladies. Pregga-what you say? And I can now tell you that they are the new "Bun-In-The-Oven" IT drink- far classier than a non-alcoholic wine and oh-so-much nicer than just a glass of San Pellegrino! And in new book "Preggatinis, Mixology for Mums-To-Be, you too can learn just how to mix up these yummy non-alcoholic treats! Sectioned out into witty categories like "Frolicking with Folic Acid" (part of the First Trimester: Germinate chapter) and "Belly Up to the Bar" (part of the Second Trimester: Proclamate chapter), the book is stuffed with pictures making you thirsty just by looking at them, and filled with great drink ideas. Miami Mommy Mojito, anyone??

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Sporty (Baby) Spice!

Today, in the worst rain-storm in recent history, Nahla (and Mummy) "ran" her very first mini-baby marathon! As part of the local summer festival, a kiddie race was on through the main-street, and in the spirit of supporting the local community, sure we just had to do it. And in the company of "Little Sister"/"Auntie" Lise and super-cute Thea sure it was the funnest thing around! And while Nahla snoozed, all warm, dry and cozy, in her pram throughout the (very short) race, Mummy got washed away. But in the end it was all worth it, as Princess received her very first "gold" medal!

Hunger Strike...

Or something to that effect is what my little munchkin was up to today. Seriously, she did not want any food AT ALL. And Freaked-Out-Coz-My-Baby-Isn't-Eating-Mummy tried to shove it in anyway- resulting in a lot of mango Baby Brekkie anywhere but little Nahla's mouth. Breakfast took 1,5 hours. Lunch? Don't talk to me. And dinner? Mummy was in floods of tears, begging her oh-so-stubborn little girl to eat something. Anything. But no. Her bottle of milk on the other hand, that went down a treat. As usual. So unusual though, as Nahla normally loves her food, practically eating anything I have ever given her. Just not today. Maybe, as suggested by all those contacted in a flurry of nervous phone calls today, it is because her second upper front tooth is coming through. Or maybe it was just one of those days. The answer is yet to be revealed. And in the meantime, this Exhausted Mummy is having a very chilled out Saturday night with green tea, chocolate pudding(!) and a lot of TV. Bliss.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nite Nite From Mummy and Nahla


One Step At A Time

This upcoming baby shower is SLOWLY but surely taking shape. It is a lucky break being home in my parents so that I have some free time to organize e-mails, invitations, menus, party favors, gifts etc., etc., etc. But this evening I was at least able to get the e-mails out, so now I am just waiting for replies with more postal details, so that I can send out the official invitations. In the mean-time, I think I have the theme planned- cupcakes; sugar and spice and all things nice- which make menu planning that tad easier. T was told she is more than likely having a girl, so hence the slightly girly theme. And just for the sake of it; I'll throw in some Tiffany blue in the color scheme just to cover myself in case princess turns out to be a little prince!

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Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

I am well aware that Kourtney K has been my style crush on several other occasions, but seeing these pictures from the latest Baby Couture magazine I just had to share them with you. How cute does the Mommy/Son duo look in these glossy pictures?! Kourtney, 31, dishes about little Mason's exclusive wardrobe, what makes her furious with the paparazzi and in general how she manages to combine being one hot mama with starring in her hit reality show "Kourtney and Khloe take Miami". Sigh. That statement alone is enough to make me miss access to E! Entertainment Channel...

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Sooo Tired...

And yet would rather sit up and play with Patrick the Dog than go to bed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Slightly Less Than Balmy Summer Nights...

... this Mummy spends her time click-click-click'ing so that some new fashion must-haves will magically drop into her mailbox in a couple of weeks time. Loving all dresses in the asos collection, and decided I NEEDED the faux-fur gilet, as it will look smashing worn over some of my boho'ish dresses this fall. And the little cape for Nahla? HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Little Girl, Great Big Room!

When I really should be spending my time planning and organizing my little sister's baby shower, now due in only a month, I find myself browsing sites for ideas for my little princess' room, which will now be a reality in only a few more weeks. I am strongly leaning towards something pink, white and chocolate brown- with fun accents of lime green for a bit of flair! And although I have a feeling Nahla will still sleep in her cot in our room until she turns 1 this winter, her room will still be hers to play in, get used to and escape to. Fun time ahead!

(Images courtesy of Project Nursery)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Have Arrived!

After yet another easy peasy trip, Princess and Mummy have arrived at Finnsnes, our destination for this little mini-holiday/family visit. Nahla was great all day, loving hanging off Mummy in her Babybjörn sling while on the go, and sitting happily in my lap on the flight. A little nap during take-off, and some yummy milk in her bottle and voilá; one happy little camper!

And- apart from the weather- it is nice being home. +6 c, grey skies and snowcapped mountains does NOT a summer make as far as I'm concerned. But on the bright side, as sunbathing is not really on the agenda, it leaves plenty of time for blogging, making thank-you cards for Nahla's Christening, catching up on paper-work and playing with my beautiful baby!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On The Road Again

Or, in the air again to be correct. Tomorrow morning Nahla and Mummy will head to the airport- yet again- for our little trip up north to stay with Bestemor and Bestefar for 10 days, before we head back to Oslo for some re-packing and catching our flight to Dublin and Daddy! Phew! As you can see, Nahla was helping Mummy pack all afternoon!

Sitting Up? Easy Peasy!

Look at my little cupcake, sitting up on her playmat all by herself! My God, it seems like yesterday all she did was sleep in my arms and cry for more milk! She was so proud as well, like she all of a sudden realized just how cool it was to be able to sit up and look at her toys, instead of doing it from a horizontal position! And she sat and she sat and she sat. And then she toppled. But even that was fun stuff- and in a flash she was back up again! Think it might be time to start that baby-proofing business!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

I have always thought that Amanda Peet was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. And so sure when you see pictures of the 38(!) year old actress with her either of her daughters, Frances Penn, 3, and Molly June, born in April of this year, it renders a collective: "Awwww". Seriously, so so cute. And loving her very mummy friendly sense of fashion too, jeans , trendy floral tops, Converse, tea-dresses with flats- we like!

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Potty Training?

I know my munchkin is only 7 months old, but Bestemor (my mum) thought it would be a great idea to buy Nahla a potty- just so she could start getting used to sitting on it. So that when we start the ACTUAL potty-training, she won't be to terrified of this new "thing" that she won't even attempt to sit on it- to get business done. So anyway, the nice shiny red Babybjörn potty is currently sitting on our bathroom floor, and Nahla is VERY interested in it. So this morning, as she was crawling around on the bathroom floor while I was doing my make-up, she decided that today was the day when she would explore her new "toy"! And as you can see, my little dare-devil is not afraid at all!

All Onboard The Ninky Nonk...

... is currently saving my v. early morning- sometimes help is found in the smallest things! My little cupcake is sitting in her chair, mesmerized at watching her favorite little guys from In The Night Garden. Whoever made this show is like the baby-whisperer. Seriously. How can they figure out that babies as young as 6-7 months old will sit perfectly still and watch this?? Nobel Peace Prize material for sure!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Happines is...

... ANYTHING as long as it tastes like tomato sauce!

Now Where Is My Credit Card..

Am so totally in love with the clothes from über-cool french baby store Bonpoint- as seen worn by celebrity tots like Honor Warren, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Harlow Madden. Muted colors? Tick. Vintage'y styles? Tick. Seriously cute? Tick again. Now all that remains is to place my order- and wait for some v. stylish additions to Nahla's autumn wardrobe to come our way. Now, if only they did "Mummy Wear" to match...

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