Sunday, June 9, 2013

I NEED This...

... purple limited edition cover for our beloved Bugaboo Cameleon - that is now baby Luca's official ride. Only problem? It was out last year, and is now IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of! Ahhhh!

He Is Here!

Baby boy Luca Phoenix was born exactly one week ago this evening, on Sunday June 2nd - just one day after my own birthday. And he is beautiful. And amazing. And perfect. And I still cry and pinch myself at just how lucky a mummy I am. Two beautiful babies. Two perfect little people to raise and care for and share our lives with. 

He kept us waiting 9 long days after my due-date before he decided to join us - and this mummy was slowly loosing her mind, being close to 10 months pregnant in the sweltering Oslo heat. But once the midwife put this big (4575 g/10 lbs 1 oz), dark haired and beautiful little boy on my chest, all was forgiven and forgotten. 

He made our family grow. He made Nahla a big sister. He fitted so perfectly into our lives. I am happy, exhausted, delirious with joy and so very very blessed.


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