Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Princess In PJ's

After a lovely day of friends, babies, park playdates and yummy lattes from Wayne's Coffee, finished off with having little sister T for dinner, Mummy and Nahla are both ready for bed- actually Nahla is already in hers going on 4 hours, and I am just about ready for mine. Just knowing that the new Shopaholic book is already in there waiting for me, is making it even more alluring! Yesterday Nahla got these adorable PJ's in the post from Bestemor (granny), who thought they were perfect for my little (half) Irish munchkin! And needless to say we are both loving the cute sheep design! Good night, my loves! xoxo

How To: Pregnancy In (INSANELY AMAZING) Style

As previously stated, I am totally in love/lust/awe of Russian IT-girl Miroslava Duma's style. Every time I see a photo of this girl, she makes me want to log onto Shopbop and buy everything- and then make attempts at putting stuff together the way this girl does. I mean, much is said about Olivia Palermo these days- me being one of her fans (love the clothes, can't stand the girl), but Miroslava will put even The City's favorite fashionista to shame.

So you can imagine my excitement today when I found out that Miroslava (Mira to friends, apparently) is having a baby! (Thanks, C, for keeping bump watch and filling me in!) The baby is due this October, meaning she is a mere few weeks away from becoming The Yummiest Mummy To Ever Have Walked The Planet. Hands down. And after a quick Google search for images, i can quickly confirm that her pregnancy style is seriously nothing short of SPECTACULAR. Like, her clothes alone makes me long to rock a bump again! She is making pregnant bellies the new fall must-have, mark my words, and will make women the world over realize that pregnancy is not the end of your fashion days, rather this amazing new opportunity to play with fashion, at a time when you are more womanly than ever. Serious serious style credentials! Even the lovely and always stylish Nicole Richie- much as I often worship at her altar of fashion too- cannot win this one! Now I am waiting for images of what is sure to be the most well dressed baby in the world to surface in a couple of months! Watch this space! To quote another favorite fashionista: I DIE!

(Photo Credit from here)

BLOOMing Gorgeous!

Confession: I have for some time now lusted after the very stylish- and equally expensive- Bloom Fresco High Chair. I mean; just look at it! I just know in my heart that it would look AMAZING at my (future) dining table- or kitchen table- or wherever for that matter. I can almost visualize it next to a breakfast bar, perfect perfect for contemporary living! And after seeing it "live" today at a friend's house, needless to say; I want it even more! Now, the question that remains is just how to either 1. Tell a tiny little white lie to BF regarding the price, like say it was last year's model or something and therefor 50% off. Or 2. Convince him it is the greatest investment ever, explain how Nahla can sit in it till she is like at least 3 years old and how it will totally suit any type of furniture we have. Who am I kidding?! Even as I read this I realize that it is number 1 all the way, I mean; I am a firm believer that little white lies are the glue that holds all good relationships together- at least in regards to financial issues- like shoes, or (Frette) bedlinen or, in this case, baby equipment! And voilá; Bloom Fresco High Chair, please be mine!

(Photo Credit from here)

I Wonder...

... if I can manage to lick the leg of this table... Yep, can totally do that! Now I can cross that of my to-do list too! Nahla; my wonderful little weirdo!

Laid Back Lovelies

I think I have gushed about how much I love love love the Ben & Jen union before, but sometimes a good thing cannot be said too often. I mean, these guys- as opposed to so many Hollywood couples- look like they genuinely not only like each other, but also love their family, love spending time as a family with their adorable little munchkins and just does not really get too caught up in a lot of the Hollywood mayhem. I mean, did you ever see Jennifer Garner cart her kids around while wearing six inch heels (take note, Posh!)? Or worse, let her little girls run around in high heels themselves, wearing nothing but little summer dresses- although the weather is less summer and more winter (are you listening, Katie Holmes?!) Nope, Ben and Jen seem like the real deal; a happy healthy normal family- and we love them for it!

(Photo Credit from here)

Monday, August 30, 2010

All I Want For Christmas..

.. is the new AMAZING Amazon Kindle. I am well aware that as I write this it is August, and- generally speaking- my wish lists for Christmas tend to be edited and re-edited about a million times before the holidays roll around (just ask my little sister, who never buys anything for me until December 23rd, as she knows what I said I wanted on December 1st, might be completely different from what I wish for on December 20th!), but seriously, how cool is this gadget?! L.O.V.E. And not only is it cool to look at and will fit oh-so-neatly into my handbag, it can also hold 3,500 books(!), has built-in wi-fi, so you can download whatever you want, whenever you want, at only 241 grams, it even weighs less than a paperback- and; a single battery charge lasts up to one month! Can you tell I am obsessed?!

(Photo Credit from here)

To Be So Lucky...

... to have so much love. I remind myself every day to count all my blessings!

Mini Wearing Vintage

Look how cute Nahla looks in Mummy's clothes from the early 1980s! Makes me make mental notes to save some of Nahla's absolute cutest outfits, imagine when she can have her baby girl wear them some 20-30 years from now! Style never goes out of fashion as they say!

Zig Zag-ilicious!

OMG. How amazing does Jessica Alba look in this absolutely STUNNING Balmain dress she wore to the opening of her new film Machete at Los Angeles' Orpheum Theatre??? And not to mention the heels?! Serious yummy mummy style credentials! Love the metallics trend, so perfect for Autumn/Winter!

(Photo Credit from here)

Lovely Nahla

And this time I am not talking about my own one, rather the slightly older, yet also terribly cute, Nahla Ariela Aubrey. This two-year-old tot, whose mum Halle Berry and dad and model Gabriel Aubrey are not exactly unstylish either- is always dressed super-cute. Love the way she is always wearing muted colors, I mean, I always think much of the baby clothes you can get a hold of is always so garishly colored, and printed with even more garish colors, Hello Kitty's, gold stars, other cartoons and in general, very busy looking. I tend to love French children's clothes, which in general are prettier, with soft colors, and very very stylish. Trust the French I say. So anyway, this little adorable tunic top little Nahla is wearing, needless to say, totally melted my heart. So cute! (And that goes for her gorgeous Daddy too!)

(Photo Credit from here)

Park Days and Playdates

Yesterday when Nahla and Mummy went out for our little trip out and about, we ended up in the beautiful Frogner Park, which is not only this stunning green oasis, but also perfect for kids as they have an absolute enormous playground in the middle, always full of happy bouncy toddlers and take-away latte sipping parents. So after a quick pit-stop at Wayne's Coffee for Mummy to get her much needed shot of caffeine and Nahla to have some yoghurt, off to the park we went. And although Nahla is still a few months away from being able to run around and play with the other kids and enjoy the sandbox and the swings, she still got a lot of joy out of just being able to sit in her pram and take in the view. She laughed and clapped and shouted and in general looked as if she was thinking: "Me too, I wanna do that too!" looking at the fun the kids were having. Just you wait, my little doll, you and Mummy will spend hours and hours in this very park- and many other ones- and you will get to run and play and swing and laugh and do all the things you dream of doing!

And after an hour or so of watching all the fun and joy, when it started to rain, we decided enough was enough and figured it was time to head home. Stopped to get a yummy protein shake from Smoothie XChange- great as usual, but less can be said about the horrific customer service. I mean, 25 minutes to make one little smoothie? On a quiet Sunday afternoon with me and about three other people in the shop? Needless to say they won't be getting a job somewhere more fast-paced. Seriously I was less interested to know what you got up to last night on the town, dolls, and more interested in getting my drink and get out of there.

Anyway, all in all, a lovely autumn'y and fun day at the park for both Mummy and her pumpkin-princess!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Shopaholic...

... is the brand new title in the hilarious Shopaholic series by one of the funniest authors I know, Sophie Kinsella. Having read all the previous books- and loved them (hated the movie, mind you, they totally did not get Becky Bloomwood!), imagine my excitement when I walked into a bookstore while out and about today and saw the fresh title was finally out! If this does not make for a perfect night in, what will?!

"Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true- a shopping friend for life! but it's trickier than she thought- two-year-old Minnie has a quite different approach to shopping. She can create havoc everywhere from Harrods and Harvey Nicks to her own Christening. She hires taxis at random, her favorite word is "mine", and she's even started bidding for designer bags on eBay."

Needles to say, I cannot wait to get stuck in! Phone off. TV off. Baby in bed. Green tea in my favorite cup. BLISS!

(Photo Credit from here)

"No More Tears" In This House!

Because clever Mummy bought this clever foam thing which help shield Nahla's eyes when I wash her hair. She is NO fan of shampoo- or water for that matter- getting into her eyes, to say the least, so this has saved bath-time from ending in, well, tears. And the best part? It cost like 3 Euros in Boots. Bargain-tastic!

Spoon-Lickingly Good!

Yesterday Nahla was having yet another one of her infamous hunger-strikes. Nothing- and I mean NOTHING I gave her seemed to do the trick. Ella's Kitchen- pretty much the entire range? No way. HIPP yoghurts? Nada. Some rice and tomato sauce? Nope. But then, as we were icing the cupcakes for the baby shower, my little 6-year old cousin let Nahla have a little taste from her spoon. And to say she liked it would be an understatement. My little sweet-tooth tot! She opened her little mouth with great anticipation when Therese's spoon was approaching- and literally lit up with joy when she was allowed to hold the bowl and poke around with her sticky little fingers! Don't worry, I am well aware that icing for dinner is not going to work going forward. But today, we let it slide!


... it feels like fall here in Oslo, and although the rain is currently staying away, the crisp air speaks more of colder days to come then balmy summer weather. But much as I HEART summer, there is just something so fresh and healthy and exciting about this season too. Autumn feels like a new start. Like fresh books and walks in the park and jumping in leaves and drinking hot chocolate inside while rain in pouring down your window. Cozy knits and my beloved Hunter wellies. A new pair of leather gloves maybe. A trench-coat. Nahla in her adorable little red raincoat. Red wine and blazing log fires. As you can gather, we are totally feeling fall today! A trip to the park and some take away soy latte, here we come!

Ok, I'm In.

Remember back when I fell in love with beige nail polish and then all of a sudden, the fash pack was all about grey? Well, it has taken me a while, but I am now officially onboard with the idea. I have tried a light-ish grey from Essie, but for fall I am thinking I am ready to embrace the dark grey nail. Yep, you heard me. It's not as severe as black, and not as expected as dark burgundy (rouge noir, anyone?), and it truly does go with everything. Playground chic!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Showered Out!

What a day! Tonje's baby shower was just perfect- and not even torrential rain and very autumn'y weather here in Oslo could make it anything less! The leading lady herself was glowing and nearly-there-now happy. The cupcakes- decorated by a 6-year old- were of the "more is more" school of decoration, i.i. laden with sprinkles and sugar teddy bears and baby bottle sweets. The mimosas were yummy. The presents were lovely and thoughtful and many. The table was decorated with (lots of) pink and (a little) blue. The guests were sweet and lovely and brought the cutest gifts. It was a day to remember, full of friends and family and excitement and joy. Tonje's bundle is now only 6,5 weeks away from coming out to us and we all cannot wait to meet her! (or him!)

Push Presents? "LIKE"!

I am a total sucker for new trends. Seriously, have an OCD-like need to keep up to date with what's hot and what's not. And if there is one trend that recently have totally fallen in the "LOVE!" category, it is the concept of Push Presents! Push Present you ask? Allow me to inform you. Push Presents are gifts that a husband gives it his wife after she delivers their child. Lavish gifts at that. Genius? I know! Totally a trend I can get on board with!

The idea apparently originated in India and Italy but has now spread like wildfire. The most popular gift by far- needless to say- is jewelry, but handbags and clothing are both up there too. A survey of over 30,000 respondents by BabyCenter.com found that 38% of new mothers now received a push present, and 55% of pregnant mothers wanted one. Too right they do! 9 months of weight gain and heart burn, why wouldn't you want a present at the end of it? Now, I know, I know, your baby is truly the greatest present ever. Nothing will ever come close, trust me. But that does not mean a little Tiffany's would go amiss either! I mean; you did give BIRTH. It IS a big deal! That be said, 40% of the pregnant women and the new moms stated that the baby was a gift enough and did not want anything else. We can dig that too. Me? I think both baby and bling sounds pretty good!

So there you go, lads. No longer will a bouquet of flowers cut it. Balloons? Teddy bears? Maybe as a compliment to the blue box you will also need to be carrying! A couple of years ago, jewelry stores started marketing push presents. Spotted those adorable Tiffany ads yet?? Diamond necklaces and rings with the babies' birthstone on it. Charms for the new mummy to carry around her neck or wrist. Perfect perfect stuff. And in true form, celebrities have jumped on the trend-wagon. According to US Weekly, Marc Anthony bought Jennifer Lopez a $300,000 eight-carat diamond ring to celebrate her giving birth to their twins. Again; "LIKE". Tori Spelling received a $1600 Balenciaga Arena Bag from her husband Dean McDermott after giving birth to her son Liam. Balenciaga for Birth? A match made in yummy mummy heaven!

Matchy Matchy

LOVE how Kourtney K. has coordinated her (H&M) jacket to go with Masons pants- this is one stylish Mommy/Son duo!

(Photo Credit from here)

Happiness is...

... drinking a cup of peppermint tea while still in my pj's, while Nahla plays with her toys on the floor. Motherhood is all about finding happiness in the small things!

Friday, August 27, 2010

How Clean Is Your House?

I'm thinking not so much, as you know it must be pretty bad when your baby even offers to help you with the vacuuming! Did I mention I would LOVE a cleaner?!

Cool Dudes

I know having a girl I am totally spoilt when it comes to shopping for her and being able to dress her up, as shops literally seem to bulge with outfits for little pink princesses. Whilst for little boys the selections seem to be less, to say the least. Which is such a shame! I mean, how cool is it not to dress up your little man in some really cool clothes?! Turn to the internet, girls, and also; lessons must be taken from the Hollywood mummies again, as their little rockstars-actors-heros-around-town-in-the-making are often seen rocking some seriously cool looks! Loving these vintage like super-hero tee's; perfect for your little dude!

(Photo Credit from here)

Ready, Set, Baby Shower!

While Nahla sleeps soundly in her bed, Mummy runs around trying to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow's baby shower! Cupcakes are in the oven. Presents are wrapped. Baby Basket made- filled with essentials like diapers, talcum powder, nappy bags (scented!), Tommee Tippee bottles, nipple cream (makes me so grateful my breast feeding days are behind me!) and other little things you want to make sure you are stocked up on when baby arrives. Decorations nearly done. Supplies sorted. Pink champagne- for everyone not cooking buns in their ovens- is chilling in the fridge. In other words, nearly good to go! Now, there in pink frosting waiting to be made- and guess who cannot wait to lick the bowl?!


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