Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When You're Up Early Enough...

... you even have time for some early morning playtime while Mummy runs around and tries to complete her outfit for the day!

Too Cute!

I just could not resist this super-cute top for my little sweetheart when I popped into Zara on little mission into town earlier. I love love the orange color - definitively a fall fashion must-have. Sizes are funny though in the Spanish clothes giant, I ended up having to buy size 2-3 years for my 20 month old - who really is just a perfectly normal size. Anyway, Nahla's ever fabulous wardrobe just got even more fabulous!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Kourtney and her little Mason have arrived in the Big Apple, where mama Kourt will be filming scenes for the upcoming season of her reality show Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Newlywed auntie Kim was with the duo we well. Oh, how I miss E! Entertainment Channel!

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This Little Table..

.. is exactly what I need beside my bed! Just enough for my magazine, Kindle, glass of water, Creme de la Mer face cream (I know, crazy expensive, but oh-so worth it!) and everything else a girl needs handy, AKA: lipgloss, reading glasses, hairband, phone charger and the list goes on. maybe I should get a dining-room sized bedside table, come to think of it...

Supermoms At Risk Of Depression

At least if you are to believe Marie Claire magazine, who had cited an American study on 1600 married women.

The article stated that although working mums are less likely to show signs of depression (Hurray!) than their stay-at-home counterparts, their unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be to balance work and family life makes them more susceptive to the mental condition. Yikes!

But; and get this; the study suggests working mums can have lower rates of depression than those who stay at home, if they accept that they cannot do it all. Does that mean more delagation and divison of labor, I wonder?!

"Women who go into employment expecting it to be difficult but who are accepting of that are less likely to be frustrated than women who expect things to be more equal with their partners," says study author Katrina Leupp.

According to 2006 statistics, around 65 per cent of American mothers with young children and 80 per cent of women with children over the age of five are employed.The figures are pretty different here in Norway, where pretty much 100 percent of mothers return to work once their babies turn 1 and can go into full-time care. The study also pointed out - which i am sure goes for us here in Europe as well as for our mummy-friends across the pond, that although today’s Dad’s do there bit, it is still women who bare the brunt of household duties. Shocker? Hardly.

It is also important to take note that the study clearly found that despite the increased pressures, having employment is beneficial for women’s mental health. According to the study, when stay-at-home mums hit 40 they display more symptoms of depression than those who work, but career women who think they can 'have it all' were more likely to be depressed than those with a realistic view.

Ms Leupp suggests that women who think that juggling a full time job with childcare and household chores will be easy are expecting too much from themselves and are likely to feel inadequate.

"Women are sold a story they can do it all but most workplaces are designed for those without children," says Ms Leupp. Again, I send a little prayer of thank you that this is not so much the case in Europe, and certainly not here in best-country-in-the-world-to-be-a-mother Norway.

That does not mean that trying to do it all isn't difficult here too, because it is. But the freedom to be able to have it all, career, children, family; is a privelege.

"Accept that balancing work and family feels hard because it is hard, rather than feeling guilty or unsuccessful if you can’t devote as much time as you would like to your job and to your family," advices Ms Leupp.

So yeah, some days are hectic. Some days I look at my overflowing wash basket and wonder when I will ever see the bottom of it again. Some days we have toast for dinner. Certainly not all days, but it has happened, trust me. Some days I wish I could stay at home and just play Mummy all day. But overall I am so happy and thankful that I have a job that I love, co-workers to inspire me, make my own money, have a balance between work and home-life that I think is pretty much perfect, had the opportunity to take so much paid time off to be there for Nahla's whole first year and get to have a foot in two very different worlds who are both important to me, who make me feel like me and that means that I can continue to balance motherhood and media - just the way I LOVE!

Ladies Who Lunches...

Nahla and Emine had a lunch-date yesterday - how cute are they?!

You Know You're A Mum When...

... you handbag is constantly bursting with stuff that doesn't really belong in a handbag...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud...

... as Nahla has recently gotten into a phase of wanting to accompany me WHEREVER I go. Including the bathroom. It also reminded me about our many many flights over the past 20 months, and the amount of times I have attempted to pee in a tiny airplane toilet - while holding her at the same time. And if you thought peeing while hanging on to a baby is tricky, I can assure you that trying to zip up your jeans with one hand and holding your baby with the other is even slightly worse.

(Photo Credit from here)

Reasons To Love Autumn...

I LOVE this season we are just about to enter in to. I love how fresh the air smells. How we get to snuggle up inside and watch the rain fall heavy outside the window. I love autumn clothes - love, love, love them. I indulge in hot chocolates. Marvel at the colors in nature around us. I can't wait to jump through puddles and leaves with Nahla, who this time last year was not yet walking. I love the crisp mornings. And the cool nights, when cuddling up under your duvet on the sofa seems like a perfectly OK thing to do. I love buying books and knowing I will have lots of evenings in to read them. I mean; what is not to love about autumn?!

Lots and lots of books. I plan to curl up a lot this season and dive into stories and tales and be moved and inspired and amused.

I can't wait to introduce my munckin to hot chocolate with yummy marshmallows. DIVINE stuff. And OK every now and again - as long as we brush our teeth after!

My Hunter wellies are most worn at autumn time. Snug, cool and smart, I HEART them.

Lazy Sunday mornings spent catching up with friends over spicy chai lattes. Does life get any better??

Halloween. I ADORE Halloween. I want to decorate and throw scary dinner parties and take my little love trick-or-treating - just the way the day is meant to be spent!

Autumn, here we come!

(Photo Credit from here)

Why, Why, Why...

... did I not buy this AMAZING bag in Zara when I had the chance?! When will I ever learn?!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...

... is my princess' early morning favorite. It amazes me how very still a 20-month old can sit when watching Goofy turn into a baby and back again. For a full 26 minutes. It even more amazes me just how much this mummy can get done in those very same 26 minutes! Being a pro at multi-tasking is the life-line of every mother!

Monday Nights...

... are made for cake-pop baking. I am no Bakerella, but it is pretty fun practicing too!

Bathed And Ready For Bed.....

... I love love love how cute my munckin looks looks in her Pjs. How she smells so sweet and clean and perfect. It's crazy how much you love your children. It's like falling in love a thousand times over. The best best feeling in the world. Hands down.

Rainy Days...

... were made for baking. And this afternoon I intend to make some very yummy cake pops with my very own little cake pop!

Better Read Up...

... on what to buy before I hit the streets of PARIS! Oh, autumn fashion shopping, I salute you!

Did I Mention...

... that I am off to Paris with work in less than two weeks?! So so exciting! And as daddy/BF is picking Nahla up for five days of fun and Daddy/Nahla time in Ireland the very same day, sure what is not to love?! Mummy will get to yet again visit one of her very favorite cities and hopefullt do some work while down there, and Daddy and Nahla will get to have fun together, just the two of them - which is important, as i think when mummies are around they tend to take over a lot in the baby-management stakes, so that daddies just kind of feel they are not in charge as much. Which is why I think these days will be so good for all of us! My perfect, beautiful little family!

Baby For Beyonce

Congrats to Beyonce and hubbie Jaz Z who are expecting their very first baby! The 29-year old singer announced the happy news at the MTV Video Music Awards last night and even proudly showed off the beginning of a very neat baby bump.

Wearing a long orange gown by Lanvin, Beyonce clutched her visible bump and told assembled press: "I have a surprise!"

The pop sensation, who has won 16 Grammy awards, said in a recent interview that she feels she has achieved enough in her career to settle down and make family a priority.
"When you're young - 18 or 19 - you have the energy and drive. That's the time to work as hard as you can," she told the September issue of In Style magazine.

"Now I'm a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children."

Well, B, looks like your time has come! Welcome to the otehr side!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is There Anything...

... like crawling into bed in clean fresh bedlinen with a brand new book?! Talk about bliss!

An Oldie...

... but most certainly a goodie! A sweet end to a sweet Sunday!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Struggle To Remember...

... what our home looked like before the pink plastic invasion began.....

Mummmy's Kindle...

... is Nahla's favorite play-phone!

Post Baby Body

Just two short weeks after welcoming little Haven into the world, yummy ├╝ber-mummy Jessica Alba is looking swell! The actress, 30, who was snapped taking her oldest daughter Honor to a doctor's office in L.A. yesterday, rocked a simple flowing maxi dress topped off by denim shirt - clearly she is intending on continuing her amazing pregnancy style well even now post-bump! Admiration!

(Photo Credit from here and here)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Doesn't Love...

... autumn fashion?! I am on a mission to find:

1. The PERFECT winter coat
2. The PERFECT pair of boots
3. The PERFECT yummy cozy scarf
4. The PERFECT snugly hat
5. The PERFECT dress/jeans/trousers/skirts and or everything else I just NEED in my autumn/winter wardrobe!


... I am celebrating 20 months of motherhood!

Mandy Ingber...

... is my new yoga crush!


... Friday is here! And boy are we happy to see it!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Love Tori Spelling's relaxed maternity look as she is spotted out and about with her little Liam. The Hollywood mama, who also has daughter Stella, 3, is expecting her third child shortly with hubbie Deam McDermott.

(Photo Credit from here)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is There Anything Like...

... some garden playtime?! That 20 euro slide has more than made up it for it's cost! Now, I wonder what will be next year's garden investment? Mummy wants lovely lounge seats from Ikea and a gazebo, but I bet Nahla is thinking more along the lines of a trampoline!

My New Favorite Candle..

... smells SO nice! I am addicted to scented candles, and even more so as we are entering my favorite season, autumn! Love, love, love everything about it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rumours Were True!

Congrats to Ben and Jen, who have FINALLY admitted what we have all suspected for a while now; baby no. 3 in indeed on its way! Such a swett family!

(Photo Credit from here)


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