Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few Hours Away From...

... all this!

A Romantic Weekend Ahead...

... as BF and I are headed to London for our first ever trip away together sans our little love. Much as I am so so excited at the prospect of romantic days spent in amazing London, in a fabulous hotel and with awsome shopping and bars and restaurants at my fingertips, I am also acutely aware that I will miss my little munckin so so much! I genuinely HATE being away from her, and even though I know she will have a great time being doted on in Sweden by her besotted grandparents, and that BF and I really need this little trip just the two of us, that does not make it easier being apart from her. Oh, motherhood!

Today's Cutie...

... has to be Mason Dash Disick. Look how happy the little tot looks as he swings between yummy mama Kourtney K and a family friend in L.A. yesterday. And talking about cute, it looks like little Mason is clearly channling his dad Scott whe it comes to fashion. The polo shirt, the loafers; this little guy is one well dressed tot!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Model Mama

Adriana Lima and her adorable Valentina, 1 1/5, took a dip in the sea as they spent the day on the beach in Miami yesterday. The Victoria Secret's model recently gushed about being pregnant and becoming a mother. "It was the best thing that can happen to my life," she said. "During pregnancy it was great. Those pregnancy hormones did wonders to me. I feel much more beautiful, sexier, more womanly. I think my hair, my skin is much better now." Oh, that pregnancy skin, hair and glow!

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Selma Blair has FINALLY had her baby! The new mama gave birth to baby boy Arthur Saint Bleick on Monday, almost 3 weeks past her due-date! Congratulations to Selma, 39, and her fashion designer boyfriend Jason Bleick!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Tonight Our Streets Are Filled With Love"

Friday afternoon changed our lives forever. As a people. As a nation. As humans. In my beautiful, beloved and proud Norway we have just faced the worst 3 days in the history of our country. Days, hours and minutes filled with shock. Grief. Fear. Anger. But also - and most importantly - love. So much of it, it has moved and touched people not only here at home, but across the world. Tonight, as we mourned and remembered and came together, our streets were filled with love.

Nobody is still unaware of the horrific twin events that took place in Norway last Friday, on July 22. The bombing in Oslo city and the massacre on the island of Utøya shook us, and the world, to our core. The horrific and gruesome events that took the lives of so many will forever be a day we will all remember. And grieve. How one man's hate could cause so much pain and end in such gruesome ways is hard for anyone to comprehend. But tonight, as Norway honor those we lost and wow to answer his hate with even more humanity, care and togetherness, our streets are filled with love.

Friday afternoon, after the bomb had gone off, Oslo city centre was a place of shock and confusion. And fear. These things don't happen in our peaceful and peacemaking part of the world. I was in the middle of it and made it home. Safe, sounds and lucky. The images that flashed across our TV screens showed a city that looked nothing like the city we know. Scenes that would not have been out of place in a war movie. Scenes that made us recoil in horror and reach out in need. When news broke of the tragic and gruesome shootings at Utøya that followed, nobody could fully believe this nightmare was happening in our peaceful little land.

I was up watching the news - like the rest of the country - till late Friday night. Still not able to comprehend and digest the images, the horror and the violence. We cherish our democratic nation in Norway. Our closeness and openness in society. Our peacemaking and peaceful people. Our values. Our respect. Our country. This, in the city that hands out the Nobel Peace Prize, was impossible to understand. Waking up Saturday morning to the nightmare that had turned out to not only be one horrific attack, but two, when numbers killed on Utøya had risen to over 80 young people, was heartbreaking. For us. For everyone. For the whole world.

Shock and grief united us. As the killer was identified (I choose not to mention his name, as publicity is what he craves, yet so is not worthy of), we were again left speechless. One man, filled with so much hate, capable of such atrocious actions, we were left wondering how? And why? And What will happen next. Lucky, what he wanted, didn't happen next. Hate did not flourish. Fear did not prevail. Because love is what happened next. We, the strong, amazing and loving people of my beautiful and beloved homeland, answered his hate with love. With togetherness. With tolerance. With openness. With democracy. And with love. Tonight, across the country, our streets were filled with love.

Tonight, as everyone; families, friends, heads of state, the Royal family, the governmental leaders, visiting tourists, young children, teenagers, mothers and fathers, everyone across the land, met to show each other support and comfort and togetherness after a weekend of disbelief, sorrow and grief, tonight, we filled our land with love.

Tonight I stood, with my too-young-to-understand daughter, outside Oslo Cathedral, in a sea of flowers and flags and burning lights, and I knew that he will never win. One man filled with hate will not - and will never - be stronger or more powerful that hundreds of thousands filled with love. The share magnitude and volume of people that filled the streets of Oslo was humbling and amazing. The sense of calm. Of respect. Of togetherness. Of strong pride for our nation and our people touched everyone there. Young, old, black, white, united across borders and religions and color, we filled the streets of Oslo - and everywhere - with love.

As people started to leave the city, the Cathedral and the streets, the roses they carried were placed all around our beautiful city. On statues and fountains, on postboxes and bicycles. On the windscreen wipers of police cars and ambulances. In fountains, along bridges, on traffic lights and roadsigns. Roses were left in doorways. By broken windows. In the wire safety fences set up by the police to secure the bomb zone. It was a beautiful and moving and powerful sight. Norway did not come out to rally and rant and hate. We came out, and filled the streets with love.

A German newspaper wrote so accurately and beautiful: "Even in their deepest sorrow the Norwegians don't get hysterical. They resist the hate. It is amazing to see how politicians and the whole country react. They are sad to the deepest thread of their souls. They cry in dignity. But nobody swears to take revenge. Instead they want even more humanity and democracy. That is one of the most remarkable strengths of that little country."

MY little country. Our little country. Our children's little country. I am moved and touched and so deeply proud to be Norwegian tonight. Because, as ministers and royals and survivors and mourners and wounded alike has stated: We will not be scared into fear. We will not be forced into hate. Instead, and because we are who we are, Norway will answer this terror with even more openness. More tolerance. More democracy. More political participation. More peace. And more love. So much so that we will not just say it, or think it or plan it, but go out, and fill our streets, our country and our people with love.

My deepest and most heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting Back To Form

Bikram yoga + plenty of green superfood smoothies will get me there fast! Oh, and the fact that I have now officially taken the step and become a vegetarian! I have toyed with it for years, having never really liked the taste of meat or how it made me feel after eating it. That combined with having read some very interesting - and gruesome - books on the conditions in which animals are kept and subsequently slaughtered just made me make up my mind. I have now been compeltely meat free for over two weeks. And I feel amazing! Seriosuly, so much energy and just, well, better.

I would love to eventually be almost totally vegan, i.e. eat no products at all that comes from animals, but i think I have to take it one step at a time. Giving up my sprinkle of parmesan on tomato sauce pasta might prove hard.. Or the milk in my latte - although I do try and alternate between regular milk and soy as it is.

But, every journey begins with one step, and this is mine. Healthy, yummy, meat-free mummy!

Not Your Heart On Your Sleeve..

... but more a case of you heart on you shoe. Proud father-of-four David Beckham paid tribute to his children - and especially brand new daughter Harper Seven - with his new pink football boots last week. How cute! Is it any wonder Becks is my ultimate celebrity crush?! (I'm sorry, Bradley Cooper!)

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Words To Live By

Just had to share this sweet quote - as I think it really is important words to try and live your life by. Other than that I am really sorry about the recent lack of posts and blog updates. This mummy has been very under the weather with a really bad summer cold - seriously; sniffles galore. And fever. And sore throat. And just generally feeling horrible. And to make matters worse, so has my little munchkin, whose nose was so stuffy last night I was up 17 times to comfort her and try and administer nose-spray into her little nose. Words of motherly advice: Getting nosespray into a hysterical baby is NOT EASY and really a job that requires two - if not three - adults...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bristol Farm Babes

They make a pretty perfect mother-daughter duo, Jessica Alba and her little Honor, as they hit Bristol Farms food market in L.A. over the weekend. Jessica, who is only a few weeks away from her due-date on baby no. 2 now, looked radiant in her flowing red maxi dress. And as for Honor's pink tutu-skirt? Too-too cute!

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I Want, I Need...

... this top! How perfect would it be paired with a white sleevless American Vintage tank top and my red leather pants from Zara?! Oh autumn, come hither!

(Top from here)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Proud Parents...

... David and Victoria Beckham took to both Twitter and Facebook earlier today to show off their latest addition to the family. Posh posted a snap of her hubby cuddling with their little munchkin twittering: "Daddy's little girl!", while David posted a picture on his official Facebook page titled: "Took this picture of my two girls sleeping." So so cute!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

What A Cutie!

Look how big little Hank Jr. is getting! And how sweet! Those curls are just totally too cute! And with a babe that cute, it is no wonder mama Kendra and daddy Hank are more than ready to start trying for no. 2! Watch this space!

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