Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running Before You Can Walk

I don't think I ever understood this saying before becoming a mum. And now it pretty much sums up my entire existence. Kind of. You see, motherhood, and would assume especially when it is your first baby, is one freakin' steep learning curve. Big time. And it is not as if it ever stops, or even slows down enough for you to catch your breath. No. No way. It is go-go-go, sometimes so fast you have no idea how your baby, who the last time you came up for air barely managed to scoot herself around on her hands and knees is now running around - faster than you can manage to keep up with. How it all of a sudden is almost summer again, and while you this time last year had a baby, this year you have your hands full with a toddler - which is a completely different ball game all together. Sometimes I even wonder how it got from Monday to Thursday without me noticing too - that's the whirlwind our lives are at the moment.

Every day is marked by a new milestone. A new word. A new skill. A new expression. A new challenge. Amazing to watch your baby grow, in the blink of an eye, so fast, so quick. And trying to keep up. One minute you exhale, having FINALLY got the hang of mashing and pureeing, then before you know it, lumps are on the menu. I find myself thinking I MUST pack away all those 1-year sized clothes, and before I know it, it is almost time to pack away the 1 1/2 year clothes too. The baby book is a source of constant angst - on my part. There just never seems to be time to update it! To write all about my little princess' milestones and magical new discoveries. So instead it is stuffed full of post-it notes, napkins, old magazine covers, anywhere I could manages to write stuff down on when they happened, stuff I don't want to forget, stuff that matters. And it's all happening so very fast!

I think this is what motherhood is, like a really fast game, and just when you think you have it covered, you are knocked sideways as a whole new set of issues/developments/milestones present themselves. And you need to catch up fast. It is breathtaking and leaves me in awe. It makes me strive to be the best mother I can be and keeps me busy and entertained and fulfilled and in love! Yeah, motherhood makes you wish days had more hours - but for those precious hours; oh how they are filled with the most fun and love you have ever known!

Few Things Beat...

... and early morning swing!

New Discovery

I cannot believe I did not know a Conran Shop had opened in Dublin! But now - unfortunately for my wallet and Mastercard - I do!

Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Almost My Birthday...

... and flowers make the perfect gift!

Oh, How Time Goes By...

... so much, much too fast!


Today Nahla and Mummy ventured into Dublin yet again - the third time in 4 days - to meet up with adorable E and to have lunch somewhere yum in honor of her turning the big 3.0. today. And so we hotfooted it to Carluccio's on Dawson Street, where the yummy Italian food is TO DIE FOR! And so lots of pasta, lots of garlic, lots of girl talk and a lovely time later, we embarked into the sunshine again and made our way back home. And now, as princess is fast asleep in her bed, this Mummy has snuggled up on the sofa, turned the TV to E! Entertainment channel and poured herself a large glass of Prosecco. YUM!

Dark Thoughts...

Having come across the AMAZING pictures of Kate Moss from a 2002 Vogue - and LOVED LOVED LOVED them, I realized one major thing: I WANT THIS HAIRCOLOUR! Seriously; is this the perfect shade of dark blonde/light brown EVER created?! I am in awe! LAst week when I popped into my local Peter Marks salon I had some dark lowlights put through my hair, so maybe I was having a vision even then? I think darker is the way to go - and after these images, nothing can stop me!

Inspired By This Picture...

... of Miranda Kerr, I just picked up the most amazing hot pink dress yesterday in Zara. A total bargain at just €79! It is actually quite similar in shape to the white one I bought a couple of months back, and equally fab on! And in fairness; it IS my birthday in just two little days and I do have a holiday coming up, which I think totally justifies my impulse buy!

(Photo via Pinterest)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

On A Cold And Rainy Day In Ireland...

... I kinda wish I was here in this AMAZING magical garden! Holiday countdown: 6 days!

(Image via Pinterest)

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Oh, trust Rachel to have gotten her hands on the Missoni Bugaboo cover! Envious? Me? This stylish new mama is not doing anything by halves, it seems - including stocking up on those essential new shades to hide any signs of late night up with baby! Talk about natural yummy mummy!

(Photo Credit from here)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Neighborhood Kitten...

... is Nahla's new OBSESSION! And to be fair; he is pretty cute! And so we cannot help to invite him in every now and again for some ham - or a nice jar of HIPP Organic baby food when Mummy has forgot to stock up on fridge essentials! And trust me; it is not only celebrities who love the baby food diet - little kitten here is bang on trend!


... and children are just made for one another! I love love love this cute children's room from Swedish magazine Sk├Âna Hem - and imagine most little kiddos would be be happy to call this home!

Pregnant ladies, take notes! This is how you do maternity summer dressing! Seriously, can the ever gorgeous Jessica Alba put a foot wrong in the style stakes?! And as for Honor too; clearly her mother's daughter!

The actress and her little mini me were spotted yesterday picking up a few groceries at their local Whole Foods supermarket before meeting some friends for lunch in Beverly Hills. Jessica, who is due her second baby with hubbie Cash Warren later this summer recently returned from an all-girls Mexican get away where she celebrated turning 30.

(Photo Credit from here)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Double Cuteness!

Oh, how time flies! It feels like it was only yesterday the story broke that SJP her hubby Matthew Broderick had welcomes twin girls with the help of a surrogate - and look at them now! Marion and Tabitha, who turn 2 next month, couldn't look any cuter! And they are getting so big!

Sarah Jessica, who is set to star in upcoming film "I Don't Know How She Does It" - loved the book, so excited about eh movie version - is probably just the woman for the job, used as she is to juggling 3 children and a movie career!

The 46-year-old actress had her hands full with her adorable twin daughters yesterday on a busy NYC street. Sweet!

(Photo Credit from here)

In Just 8 Little Days..

... this little family will be right here, in beautiful Palma de Mallorca. And I cannot wait. For sun, sand, pink cocktails, my new Missoni bikini, Nahla in her swimwear - too cute for words, and just lots and lots of relaxation, family time and fun!

You Know You're A Mother...

... when you think it is quite normal to eat Mickey Mouse shaped pasta leftovers for lunch while you skim through the latest In Style...

I Have A Problem, I Admit It...

... but to my excuse it IS Friday and there is NOTHIG quite like the house smelling of beautiful fresh flowers for the weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreamy Baby Shower

Trust Martha Stewart and her clever team! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fairytale themed baby shower! So cute! Now all I have to do is wait for someone to get pregnant so I can throw this utterly gorgeous party! (Or, if I find myself pregnant, drop some serious hints about the theme I'd like at my baby shower!)

Today's Girly Outing To Dublin...

... resulted in this very pink and very cute wooden tea-and-toast play set. Equally pleasing for Nahla, who is a keen play cook, and Mummy, who cannot stand plastic toys. Mind you; that does not mean we don't have any - because trust me when I say there are a lot of pink plastic in our house - a collection that is growing fast by the looks of it.

Also, the amazing flower-sellers along Grafton Street managed to pull me in again - and so I juggled this bunch of beautiful flowers all the way home.

And catching up with a college friend over yummy lunch at Cactus was just the cherry on the cake on this very girly and very lovely day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, Sunny Days!

How we LOVE LOVE LOVE summer!

On Days That Are Increasingly Hectic...

... it is even more important than ever to make sure I eat healthy. Which most of the time is easier said than done. Thank heavens for my KitcheAid blender, though. Because if there wasn't for smoothies - which I can cram with stuff that is good for me, my skin, my immune system and my health - I would survive on cottage cheese or, worse, Cup A Soup!


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