Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happines is...

... watching In The Night Garden while Mummy does some much needed housework!

Rainy Days and Cupcakes

Woke up this morning to rain on our window. Must admit that, after a month of really sunny weather and sweltering heat, the rain was rather welcome, like a breath of fresh air. Nahla, having slept not all that well for the last few night due to the heat, seemed it great form and thought taking a walk with Mummy in the rain was great fun! And once home again, baking some yummy cupcakes seemed like a great rainy afternoon activity. And, if I may say so myself, being curled up on a cool wet evening with tea, a book and some pink frosted cupcakes feels pretty perfect!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happines is...

... an amazing new shade of nail varnish from Butter London- fittingly named "Yummy Mummy"! Me HEART!

The Upside...

... to princess going to bed late, is the joy of us both sleeping till 9 A.M... Bliss!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Office Like This? Yes, Please!

If I could forever freelance from a home office looking like this, wouldn't I just be one happy girl?! The chair? Check. The Apple Mac? Check. And last, but not least, the peonies? Check! HEART!

(Photo Credit from here)

I Can't Sleep, Mummy!

You'd swear if Nahla could talk yet, this is exactly what she would have said here! This is at around 10 P.M this evening, after having put her to bed three times already, and she kept waking up. And she'd cry in her room, I walk in, and then- realizing that someone is coming to her rescue- would literally beam with joy! That was that evening of getting the kitchen cleaned... Oh well, there is always tomorrow! Nite, guys, xoxo

Parisian Pals!

OMG, the always stylish Jessica Alba and her totally adorable tot Honor Marie were nothing but picture perfect cute when snapped out and about in Paris today. How cute does Honor look in her little summer-dress??!! LOVE. The yummy mummy/baby pair are in the City of Lights while Jess is promoting her new film The Killer Inside Me. Oh, Paris... I swear, I really can not wait to go back again. The streets, the lights, the magical atmosphere. I left my heart in Paris!

(Photo Credit from here)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Too Cute!

Nahla talking to Bestefar (granddad) on skype! Priceless!

Daily Delights

It is amazing how good fresh flowers makes you feel! Always a winner!

Christmas Came Early...

Back in April, while originally on the hunt for an Igglepiggle cuddly toy, I picked up this incredibly cute Hello Kitty car walker, thinking it would make the perfect Christmas present for my little princess. On the box it said 12-36 months, so what could be better, I thought, as princess turns 1 on December 26th. So into the basement it went, waiting for the holiday season to roll around. Until today, when I, in the midst of tidying some stuff down there, discovered the box yet again. And figured it was kinda cruel to keep it just sitting there, sure I will probably find a million things I will want to buy for her before it is Christmas. So we brought it upstairs, and although my own little kitty is still 6 months away from the recommended age, she was overjoyed with her new wheels! At least, that is what I took all the clapping and bla-bla-bla's to mean!

Oh, Gisele...

Much as I admire Gisele Bündchen for a variety of reasons- the hair, the legs, the hunky husband, I have to admit she is being a tad annoying about just how breezy she is being about all things motherhood. I mean; first it was the whole "I did Kung-Fu and yoga and my body didn't change at all" thing when she was pregnant. Fair enough. I was fortunate enough to not put on that much weight either- but EVERYONE who has ever had a baby knows that to an extent, everyones bodies changes somewhat with pregnancy. Then there was the "Giving birth did not hurt the slightest". Eh. Ok. She must be the only women in the world to have an absolute pain-free labour. Or her pain threshold must be off-the-scale high. Nonetheless, annoying. And now, still determined to beat all other mums on this planet in the I-am-superhuman game, she claims her baby son, Benjamin, is potty trained at the tender age of 6 months. Come on, Gisele! Why don't you just take it down a notch, put a diaper on poor Ben and have a slice of cake!

(Photo Credit from here)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy 6-month Birthday, Nahla!

My beautiful amazing precious little baby girl is 6 months old today! 6 whole months! So many moment, so many days. I feel so lucky all I can do is cry. To think she is mine! To think she was the baby I was always meant to have. So many coincidences, so much serendipity; that led me and BF to each other, that made us have a baby. That made that baby Nahla. Our perfect little Nahla. I look at her sleep and I count my blessings. I am the luckiest luckiest girl in the world. The Greatest Love Of All.

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Loving that yummy pregnancy glow Rachel Stevens is currently rocking! The 32-year old is 4 months pregnant with her first child with husband Alex Bourne, and is just about starting to show. Never one to skimp on grooming, Rachel was snapped while going for a pedicure in London over the weekend.

(Photo Credit from here)

Eh. I. Don't. Think. So.

I have always loathed changing- bags. Seriously. Even since long before I ever ventured into mummy territory myself, I used to notice these overly large, overly full and most often overly ugly bags hanging off prams, or across some unfortunate girl's shoulder. I mean, I have NEVER seen a nice diaper bag. Ever. Even Bugaboo- who pride themselves on their design, have awful diaper bags. Large, clumpy and B.O.R.I.N.G. And that's not even the worst of it. Did you ever notice the price of these bags??? Seriously. Some of them are like 2000 NOK. (Like 250 euros!) Are you kidding me I often thought when pregnant and out shopping all things needed doe baby's imminent arrival. My beloved Louis Vuitton Never Full bag was 4500 NOK (550 euros)- so there was no way in hell I was prepared to shell out that kind of money for a changing bag- regardless of how much I would be carting it around over the years to come!

So I made my own solution, a one of a kind Anya Hindmarch "changing bag". Basically, what I did was bring a cotton shopper by said designer into one of those key-cutting/shoe mending places in the city, and had them attach two little metal rings on each side of the bag. So now all I have to do is clip the bag onto the hooks I have for the handle, and Voilá! A stylish, made-to-measure changing bag, perfect for our daily needs, like bottles, diapers, wipes and the likes! If you can't buy it, DIY it!

(Photo Credit from here)

Another Glorious Summer Day!

The sky is bluer than blue outside our window, and it practically hurts to be inside getting all our things sorted so we can escape out into the beautiful Norwegian summer! I think today calls for a walk out to Bygdøy, a stunning little peninsula here in Oslo. Huk beach is stunning- although often very crowded- on a summer's day like today.

(Photo Credit from here)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction....

Seriously. And I am not talking about a disastrous outfit and/or clothing combination. I am talking about the current lack of any organization system in my wardrobe. Or; more specifically, the wardrobe Nahla and I now share. And when I say her clothing collection is rapidly expanding, I am not kidding! So now what remains is chaos. And to someone as neat-freak'y as myself, that is a cause of great concern. Like, I seriously struggle now, every single morning, to find and put together an outfit that works for whatever I am doing that day- mostly just walking around a variety of parks and playgrounds and coffee-shops. But still. Scarfs are tangled with belts. Short sleeved tops mangled with long sleeved ones. Knitwear with silk. Jeans with leggings. You get the picture.

And in my darkest fashion-moments, I longingly google fabulous walk-in wardrobes, counting days until we have more space, until my little cupcake can have her own little wardrobe, separate from mummy's, and Mummy can have something along the lines of these fabulous closets that Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Nicky HIlton and the likes have.. A girl can dream, right??

(Photo Credit from here)

Frantic Friday

You know it's been a busy day when all you want to do at the end of it is sink into your sofa with a rather large glass of rosé. Which is exactly where I am now. It wasn't that I had anything special to do, it was just one of those days when you seem to have a million little things on your to-do list. Like bring back some baby clothes and change sizes. Which also resulted in some new purchases off course! Grocery shopping. Banking stuff. Collect dry cleaning. Have some keys cut. Order Nahla's Christening cake, as this Christening is now fast approaching. You see; just ordinary stuff, just all bundled up on one day. Which is why plans of cooking any dinner today went out the window, and we ended up meeting Kathrine for a yummy pizza at Olivia in Hegdehaugsveien. And then, after Nahla managed to produce the biggest poop-situation in recent history (oh the glamour!), we headed for home, both mummy and baby utterly exhausted. And so, after making some spur-of-the-moment cupcakes for Princess' 6-month celebrations tomorrow, a Friday night of absolutely nothing is stretching out in front of me- utter bliss!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Delights

This is my new fave idea, that every day must include something utterly delightful. In fairness, as the mummy of the most precious and beautiful baby girl in the world, I have so much delight in my life I sometimes have to pinch my arm just to believe how lucky I am, but these little updates are different, smaller, some kind of everyday little luxury, or treat or special little thing. Like today, when really just out on a little grocery outing, I decided to stop by Åpent Bakeri- the most amazing bakery outlet in the world, to treat myself to one of their yummy muesli breadrolls with some of their homemade strawberry jam. Sitting outside on one of those little dainty tables, sipping my ice tea and enjoying my late lunch, the sun shining and Nahla fast asleep in her pram; a little moment of pure delight!

(Photo Credit from here)

More of Beautiful Beautiful Paris!

I am officially in love. With a city. Paris was truly beyond beautiful. Stunning. Magnificent. Like walking around in a movie, or love story even. With every corner we turned, there was something beautiful to take our breath away; a building, a statue, a person, a landmark. Three days wasn't anywhere near enough though. As we walked and walked, trying to cover all the major Must See's, I walked past shops so enticing they literally made the fashionista in me shiver. Seriously. It was beyond! And not only fashion for me kinda shops, but baby shops that made me linger outside, wanting the spend my entire holiday budget on one beautiful piece of cashmere baby something. Home decor shops so stunning, french and fabulous it was all I could do but not spend, spend, spend. And I haven't even gotten to the food yet. The restaurants, coffee shops, boulangeries, pastry places, yum yum yum. Seriously; if I had lived in Paris, I would be the size of a house in a very short while, indulging in buttery croissants, crumbly macaroons and cheeses so gooey and yummy the still make my mouth water. So anyway, enjoy these little snapshots of this most beautiful of cities. All i can say for sure: I will be back!


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