Monday, October 31, 2011

Come And Gone...

Nahla quickly had enough of her Halloween costume (she is a destined fashionista, that one, no sooner does she throw herself on one trend, before quickly moving on to the next!), and wanted to wear her cosy poncho for the rest of the evening, as we waited for the trick or treat-ers to come to our door. And now; ready for bed!

This Mummy...

... does Halloween in style! Glitter skulls (SO Alexander McQueen!) on top of my of-the-moment very favorite coffee table book! LIKE!

Next Kids...

... had a ton of cute stuff for my little munchkin when I "fell" in there earlier today. And so we came out with the most amazingly cool dress - seriously, I nearly cried when I heard it did not come in adult sizes too! And sequined leggings - so so cool styled with Nahla's new over-sized grey knitted jumper from Zara! This girl has a wardrobe to die for, I am telling you!

Happy Halloween...

... from my not-so-very-scary little which!

A Day In The Life...

The lunch... yum! organic chicken breast teddies!

The tantrum: "No, mummy! Nahla wants to walk!" This seems to be happening with increasing frequency lately...

The artwork: ALL Mummy knows how to draw are Rudolphs - seriously. Which comes in handy this time a year, but less so for the remaining 10,5 months...

The favorite treat: YUM! Venti non-fat peppermint latte. My all-time Starbucks favorite!

Have a sweet day!

Playful Family

The beautiful Cash Warrens were out in force over the Halloween weekend when they were spotted at the favorite Coldwater Canyon park in L.A. Little Honor, 3, looked delighted when mum Jessica helped her out with her sandcastle project! Such a sweet family!

(Photo Credit from here)

Toddlers And Restaurant Visits...

.... ARE possible words to use in the same sentence. You just need to have a bag full of entertaining tricks with you. Or, failing that; an iPhone with A LOT of kiddie friendly app's!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Mornings...

... were made for helping Mummy around the house!

An Actress...

... in the making, I fear!

Ladies Who Lunch

Does anything beat lovely lazy Saturdays, when all there is to do on your agenda is to have a leisurely walk around town before settling down for a yummy lunch at a cute little restaurant?! Nope. Nothing. So that is what we did today. And as the day was already so perfect, sure we even indulged in a yummy (organic) strawberry milkshake! YUM!

Showing But Not Telling

She has yet to breathe a word about it in public, but I think it is fair to say that the cat is (well) out of the bag at this stage! Congrats on your gorgeous bump, Jess, you are looking very yummy-mummy-in-the-making-ish!

(Photo Credit from here)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Spot Of Online Shopping...

... can be squeezed into even the shortest of lunchtime breaks! These little goodies from Topshop will soon be making their way into my postbox! Love!


... in our house is YUM!

Halloween Shopping

Nwah! Look how adorable little Hank Jr. is getting?! The curly haired cutie and his mom were spotted shopping for Halloween costumes in Old Navy over the weekend, and by the looks of it, lil Hank is going as a shark! Too cute to be scary though if you ask me!

(Photo Credit from here)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On Cold And Rainy Nights...

... few things are as comforting as hot chocolate! I HEART Green & Black's organic version, and always treat myself to a few little mini marshmallows on top! BLISS! Sweet dreams, lovelies!

Rainy Day Cuties

Look at these two adorable munchkins! My cup runneth over!

Oh, Memories...

... Not even three years have passed since BF and I fell in love, but still we have so many amazing memories from amazing amazing times shared. It is so nuts to think about when I think back, how everything happened so fast. From just class-mates to friends to lovers to parents, all in the space of a year. Sure it was unplanned and yeah it was fast, but still; there is not to this day a single doubt in my mind that this was the way it was meant to be. This was part of the plan for us, how our family was meant to be created. And whatever people tell you about the strain of being new parents; I think it probably helps if you are going through all that while you are still in the first flushes of love!
Faith, serendipity, carelessness, I don't really cared what it is called; we did it our way, I am so excited for every magical memory we are yet to make, and I totally feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Monday, October 24, 2011

London Lovelies

What a cute family! Kate Hudson was spotted hanging out in Notting Hill lately with two of her three boys, fiancee Matt Bellamy and their super-cute 3-month-old son Bing. The trio looked to be enjoying the sunny autumn London weather over the weekend. Little Bing (Bingham, yeah, I know, I don't get it either!) is rarely seen in public, but in these photos he looks adorable all snuggled up to his babywearing mom.

And no, I didn't miss the limited edition Missoni printed Bugaboo stroller either. Swoon.

(Photo Credit from here)

Happy H&M Kids Party

Love this latest H&M campaign for children! Such happy cute images! I tend to pick up basics more so than whole outfits for Nahla from the high-street giant, as I think - at least since I had her - they have tended to stick that annoying Hello Kitty on practically ALL of their children's clothes - which I can't stand. So we have tended to pick up neutral cardigans or white tights and the likes. But even this fashion forward Mummy was charmed by the colours and mood of this new collection, so I feel that tomorrow might call for a trip into the city post work and play school... Happy shopping; isn't that just what we like?!


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