Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's To An AMAZING 2011!

To all my readers, to all my family, to all my friends and to the ones I love; thank you all for a 2010 I will always remember- and a 2011 that is set to be even better! Love and kisses and magical moments to you all! xoxoxo

You'd Know She Was My Daughter...

... had you witnessed Nahla's enthusiasm today when we went shopping for her VERY FIRST PAIR OF SHOES! You go, sweetheart, Mummy feels the exact same way when presented with racks and racks of stunning footwear! My little shopper had the entire staff of Clark's in stitched laughing this morning when she so joyfully checked out the entire collection, tried on shoes (men's, women's and children's!) and re-organized entire sections of the store before I could even get to her!

After A LOT of trying and measuring and testing, we picked out the CUTEST pair of little purple leather shoes, that both support her little ankles and yet are soft enough on Nahla's brand new little feet. After all, we figured now that she is days away from walking (she is already doing a couple of little wobbly steps when trying to get from A to B!), we better kit her out with some proper footwear. And to say my little munchkin is proud of her newest addition would be an understatement- as it stands now, I fear we won't be able to take them off her when she is going to bed later!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Very Same Day...

... one year ago. It never ceases to amaze me, the journey this first year with my princess has been. How big she has gotten. How much I have learnt. How much better everything is with her in my life. How exhausting it also has been. How intense. How spectacular. How funny she is. How it feels like she is the baby I was always meant to have. How all the pieces fell in to place the minute they put her on my chest.

Motherhood truly rocks; for real, in every way. It is by far the most amazing, meaningful, time-consuming, heart-wrenching, feel-good, exhausting, funny, terrifying, overwhelming and truly blessed thing you will ever do- and I fall more in love with it with every day that goes by!

If Money Was No Object...

... I would indulge in the entire Louise Vuitton 2011 Cruise Collection for my imminent return to work. The colors, the shapes, the iconic print; so so perfect!

Do You Need A Hand, Daddy??

Clearly Nahla didn't think her daddy was assembling her brand new little walker fast enough, and was very eager to help out to get the show on the road!

Skull Candy (In My Book)...

... are these AMAZINGLY COOL cups that they stock in one of my absolute favorite Oslo haunts, Milla Boutique at House of Oslo. I have been lusting after a couple of them for absolute ages now, and think that they will be my "yeah, I'm starting work again" treat upon my return to Norway!

Sales, Shopping And Sunshine

After what must have been the quickest turn-around in seasons (even for Ireland!) in history, the weather here is now more spring that Serious Snow Disaster, which I must admit is a welcome change. And on true form and holiday spirit we are being utterly indulgent and enjoying lazy days of long walks, sales-browsing, family dinners, coffee dates with friends, post-Christmas shopping and plenty of fun play-time! BLISS!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airport Aces...

... I would be tempted to call my little 1-year old and me, as we have now arrived safely in Ireland after what was Nahla's 38 flight so far! Not bad for a 1-year and 2-days old, no?! My girl knows our little travel routine so well, that being strapped into the baby seat on the airport bus is no bother to her, she just sits back and enjoys some brought-from-home snacks in her little Snack-Trap cup and watches the world (A.K.A the scenery between home and the airport!) go by. Then in the airport, she is happy sitting in Mummy's hand-luggage trolley while Mummy's frantically browse through Duty Free looking for some beauty goodies, because she knows that when we get to the gate, she is in for some nice yoghurt and a comforting bottle of milk before it's time to board. And if she is lucky, there is even time for a little crawl-around before we are on our merry way!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Next Stop: Ireland

After what can only be described as a lovely lovely Christmas surrounded by family here in Oslo, Nahla and Mummy are packed and ready for two weeks in our second home and more holiday quality time with our second family. Daddy/BF flew back last night after his 24-hours stop-over (what was meant to be a 5 day visit was due to weather conditions cut down to a mere day!) and now we will join him in the Emerald Isle for some wintery fun and family time. Busy bees? Us??

Nahla's Very First Birthday Party...

... was nothing but perfect. A party fit for a princess, and surrounded by family, friends, presents, pink cupcakes and a lot a lot of love!


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