Friday, December 31, 2010

You'd Know She Was My Daughter...

... had you witnessed Nahla's enthusiasm today when we went shopping for her VERY FIRST PAIR OF SHOES! You go, sweetheart, Mummy feels the exact same way when presented with racks and racks of stunning footwear! My little shopper had the entire staff of Clark's in stitched laughing this morning when she so joyfully checked out the entire collection, tried on shoes (men's, women's and children's!) and re-organized entire sections of the store before I could even get to her!

After A LOT of trying and measuring and testing, we picked out the CUTEST pair of little purple leather shoes, that both support her little ankles and yet are soft enough on Nahla's brand new little feet. After all, we figured now that she is days away from walking (she is already doing a couple of little wobbly steps when trying to get from A to B!), we better kit her out with some proper footwear. And to say my little munchkin is proud of her newest addition would be an understatement- as it stands now, I fear we won't be able to take them off her when she is going to bed later!

1 comment:

  1. i like the shoes and the color too =P his little foots looks adorable!!



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