Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A Boy!

It looks like the stunning Jennifer Garner really WAS seeing blue! Reports have come out today that the actress and her husband Ben Affleck welcomed their third child - a boy - in the early hours of this morning. From before the couple are parents to Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, who are probably over the moon about their brand new baby brother! Congrats to this gorgeous family!

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A Day In The Life...

... of two busy girls on this windy Wednesday:

Nahla started a new creche/Montessori School, and took to it like a duck to water. My little love LOVED her new "school" and did not want to leave when I came to get her. AMAZING. We are happy that this will from now on be her school for 3 days every week. Mummy gets to work during normal daytime hours, and Nahla get to play and learn and have fun. It's a win-win.

The we wrecked the washing machine by doing a white-wash with an added metal tub of Hello Kitty lipgloss. As one does... Note to self: NEVER EVER forget to check the washing machine for funny things that don't belong there before putting on a wash!

Clever Mummy has downloaded some Nahla-friendly book onto her iPod. Which is proving a roaring success.

This fashion-loving mama got to rock her new green favorite skirt, picked up in Zara last week. And also treated herself to a little "I-have-been-wanting-it-forever-and-now-it-was-my-paycheck-gift-from-me-to-me" something from Shopbop. Hint: It is a bag by a certain Mr. Wang...

Post Pre-School Pick-Up Nahla and Mummy treated ourselves to some take-out latte (Mummy) and a pink frosted cupcake (Nahla) before we again headed home to get dinner on the table for Daddy/BF before he returns from work.

Sweet Mid-Week, guys!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thai Food On A Monday...

... feels like the perfect treat. And when I am still trying to kick that cold, sure few things beat those bird's eye chilies!

The Coolest Family In Music...

... AKA Beyonce, Jay Z and their little Blue Ivy, were spotted heading out to lunch at Sant Ambroeus in New York City's West Village on Saturday. The gorgeous tot, who was presented to the world via a tumblr blog a couple of weeks back, was snuggled close to her mama's chest in a blanket.

Earlier this month, the R&B royal couple unveiled the first pics of their beautiful newborn daughter, opting to post intimate family shots on Tumblr rather than selling them to the highest bidder.

"We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives, The Carter family," the power couple wrote.

A sweet family!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playground Mornings...

... are just the perfect way to start a Sunday according to Nahla. And this mama is happy to tag along.

The Sun Is Shining...

... and we are all set for the playground. Coffee in hand! Sweet Sunday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Full Week Of Sickness...

... has imploded the house this week. Both Nahla and myself, as well as our visitors that went home Tuesday afternoon, have all been crazed with fever, stomach bugs, coughs, snotty noses and just general yucky illness. Which explains my dreadful blog absence.

And in the midst of all the sick-and-snot galore, I find that I am very thankful for the following:

1. Tesco online shopping and free-of-charge home delivery. Without which, we would all have starved to death by know, for sure.

2. E4's constant re-run of old episodes of Friends. It is just the easiest thing to rest your eyes on when you are not feeling your very best. How YOU DOIN'?!

3. Kleenex with added conditioner. My very sore nose would have looked even worse without it.

4. Youtube. For their constant supply of Mickey Mouse videos, making sure toddler was entertained when Mummy was flat out on the sofa. Because toddlers, funny enough, can have a temperature of like 40 c + and still have tons of energy. Go figure.

5. My on-the-large-side collection of super soft Juicy Couture bottoms. Just because the thought of having had to wear something else this week makes me shudder.

6. Nahla's stream of millions of questions. I think it kept my brain from melting away with all that fever. Fat chance though with a two-year old in the house.

7. Toast. Dry, buttered toast. One of life's little pleasures. And the only thing we could al stomach this week. That and 7 Up.

Now, here's to healthier next week!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch In Town...

... at oh-so-many-memories favorite Italian Ciao Bella Roma, where many a lunch/dinner/cocktail hour was spent when I was a student at Dublin's Griffith College. It made me miss my college friends and amazing girls so much. Bringing Nahla there feels amazing and weird, like things are coming full circle. Like I am realizing that no matter how Norwegian I am, I have spent so much of my adult life in Dublin and Ireland that I really feel like I am a native here too. Like the years just fly by so quickly, and that one minute you are sipping wine and moaning about essay deadlines and day-dreaming about hot lecturers, the next you are breaking garlic ciabatta into mini-bites and wipes 7-Up and snot of your jeans in the company of your toddler girl. Crazy. And amazing.

Park Playdate

The always stunning Jessica Alba looked like the perfect doting mother when she took her two gorgeous girls to a local park over the weekend. Honor, 3, and little Haven, 6 months, looked to be enjoying a day in the sunshine too.

The actress was dressed casual but pretty for a play-date with her young family - and looked all the more amazing for it. Take note, Victoria Beckham, with your skyskraper Louboutins for a trip to the park. Not a good look.

How big - and cute - is Haven getting? Such a pretty family!

(Photo Credit from here)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Because TODAY I Deserve It

I am having ice cream right now. Full fat, stuffed-with-sugar-calorie-laden-proper-ice-cream. And not only because it is Saturday, but because today the following things happened:

1. We were surprised by a hail-storm when out shopping - and the only nearby Starbucks was so full we could not even get in the door to heat up on lattes. WTF.

2. Nahla - for the second day in a row - decided to skip her mid-day nap. Resulting in a very tantrum-filled afternoon indeed.

3. We got locked out of the house. For two very long cold hours.

4. I had to drive to no less than 4(!) ATM's before finding one that was not out of service and would give me money for the locksmith.

5. Mr. Locksmith cost 120 euros(!). Note to self: Never EVER get locked out again.

6. My planned-and-shopped-for homemade lasagne had to yield for a quick-and-not-so-nice order of Thai food. (And I LOVE Thai food, but this stuff was vile)

7. I have deadlines closing in and NOBODY I need to talk to will answer their e-mails.

8. I have paid no less than 7 different bills on my online banking and my balance is a sad state of affairs. Which again makes me think I seriously need to get these new articles in by their deadlines.

9. There is nothing on TV.

10. Even if there was, I couldn't watch it, and I really REALLY have to keep writing...

See?? You would have ice-cream too! Now; just one more scoop...

Does Anything Beat...

... lazy lovely sunny weekend mornings?!

Today's Yummy Mummy (To Be) Style Crush

All hail fashionable mamas, the yummiest mama to be is starting to show! The always gorgeous and now very-visibly pregnant Sienna Miller was spotted rocking her lovely bump in NYC earlier this week.

The mom-to-be was photographed on the set of her new movie A Case of You in the Big Apple yesterday. The 30-year-old actress looked pretty in pink as she showed of her growing belly.

Miller and BF Tom Sturridge, 26, an actor, have remained quiet about their first child together, with word leaking out in January that they were expecting. (Sienna's big sis Savannah let it slip on micro blogging site Twitter!)

Sturridge and Miller have reportedly been dating for about a year.

Oh, imagine if the baby is a girl. The wardrobe she will eventually grow to be able to borrow from her mama. SWOON.

Photo Credit: Splash News

A Sit Down Protest In The Cake Aisle...

... oh, Terrible Two's are SOOO funny!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fashion Week Mama

It is not all about Victoria Beckham and her little Harper this New York Fashion Week. Mega-stylist-to-the-stars and very yummy mama Rachel Zoe has also been spotted toting her tot around (fashion) town over the last few days.

Zoe and her 11-month-old son Skyler are in town to present her fall/winter 2012 collection, and the busy mama recently talked to the New York Times about how motherhood has changed the way she runs her businesses. And how she brings Skyler everywhere.

"I’m lucky enough to have my name on the door of my business, so that I can bring Skyler with me everywhere. He’s been to Paris. I can’t get through a day without him. He’s my only addiction thus far. I’m too much of a control freak to be addicted to anything else. But, yes, there is a meltdown now and then."

All hail to working mamas, it IS possible to have it all!

(Photo Credit from here)

Valentine's Day Still Rocks...

... even after baby and domesticity and 3 years of coupledom! LOVE!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Busy Weekend...

... filled with flights, friends and family. And now we are back in Ireland again, with Daddy/BF and trying to catch up on a whole lot of work/house-cleaning and laundry washing. Phew!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Jessica does it again! The too-awesome-for-words-jeans, the sleeveless jacket, the adorable bundle on on her arm; Ms. Alba is one yummy mama!

And as for the stunning Kate Beckinsale; does the woman not age at all?? Seriously, she clearly is one of these women who just lgets more amazing and striking looking as the years go by. Which this pictures, when she is snapped out and about with daughter, Lily, 12, proves.

(Photo Credit from here)

Happiness Is...

... being able to twirl Bestefar (Granddad) so utterly around your finger that those Mickey Mouse Clubhouse traintracks you have been lusting after are now yours! Nahla knows exactly how to turn on her charm, that much is sure!

Style Crush

I am currently obsessing over Australian fashion blogger Jessica Stein's crazy cute looks. So so perfect for spring and summer!

(Photo Credit from here)

Here We Go (Packing) Again

Oslo tomorrow and back home to Daddy on Sunday. Busy days for busy girls!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Yummy Mummy (To Be) Style Crush

x 2:

Kristin Cavalleri rocked her barely-there baby bump at the red carpet premiere of new Reese Witherspoon movie This Means War. HEART the red dress.

The also pregnant Kourtney K was spotted doing some furniture shopping on Robertson Bl. in L.A. earlier today, and I must admit my heart skipped a little when I saw her bag. The VERY SAME Celine tote that I have been eying up in Brown Thomas in Dublin. But at €1400 even I realise I have to be sensible and save before I splurge!

(Photo Credit from here)

How The French Do It Better

Having read this review of Pamela Druckerman's book Bringing Up Bebe over on iVillage earlier today, I am even more in awe of the fabulous french. Here is a summary of how they tackle child rearing a la France:

"Forget the Chinese Tiger mom. French moms are the ones we're supposed to watch when it comes to parenting, according to the newest literary guilt trip, Bringing Up Bebe, by Pamela Druckerman, an American raising her three children in Paris. Druckerman penned the book after observing French kids' alarmingly consistent good behavior in comparison to her own substandard American specimens. Here, 10 things we should learn from French moms, according to Druckerman's book.

1. Relax. From the moment American mothers get the positive pregnancy test, there’s a pressure to be perfect. The French apparently believe it’ll all be fine so they don’t stress about the soft cheese they downed while pregnant and don't try to teach their eight-month-old Mandarin.

2. Practice “La Pause.” French mamans and papas don't walk through the early weeks and months of life in a sleep-induced haze, according to Druckerman, because they practice “La Pause” when their babies are as young as a few weeks old. If their enfant wails at night, French parents wait five minutes before rushing to the bassinet so that infants learn to self-soothe, which helps them learn to sleep through the night. Science backs this up, according to the book: In an American Academy of Sleep Medicine report, one study gave some mothers instructions about concepts like “la pause,” while others were given no sleep instructions. At eight weeks old, all of the babies whose parents received instructions slept through the night, while only 23 percent of the other babies did.

3. Chuck the Cheerios. French kids are great at sitting for long stretches at mealtime. Why? Druckerman claims that the French don’t stuff their kids full of Cheerios or Goldfish every time they whine. Endless snacking doesn’t happen there and mealtimes are on a regular schedule, so kids sit still during dinner because they're actually hungry.

4. Embrace frustration. There's a a premium on the concept of waiting in France, says Druckerman. French moms and dads avoid instant gratification and try to teach kids to deal with frustration. To back this up, she interviewed Walter Mischel, the man behind the infamous 1960s "marshmallow test," which examined how long children could delay gratification when a marshmallow was put in front of them. The kids who were able to resist as four-year-olds scored higher in skills like concentration and reading as teenagers.

5. Bake a cake. The French are known for their cuisine, but when it comes to child-rearing, Druckerman argues that "baking doesn’t just yield a lot of treats, it teaches kids how to control themselves." Measuring ingredients and waiting while the treat cooks teaches even very young children how to be patient for a reward.
6. Skip your daycare guilt. Americans often expend a lot of guilt when it comes to sending their children to daycare. In contrast, the French typically think that state-run daycare, called the crèche, is the best option for their child.

7. Focus on yourself. French moms don’t spend every waking moment in service of their children, says Druckerman. They don’t beat themselves up if they quit nursing after three months and getting their bodies back into pre-baby shape is considered a priority, not an indulgence. Most college-educated women return to the workforce.

8. Stand back. American parents often push their kids to excel -- and compete -- from an early age. Instead, the French head to the playground and let their kids play on their own while they sit on a bench. Their weekends are conspicuously activity-free and kids are forced to use their imaginations in free play.

9. Offer new foods at least twenty times. French parents don’t give up if their child rejects a food once or twice, but continue to serve up the same food 20 times or more (and try preparing it different ways) without offering another food as a replacement. As a result, "kids menus" at French restaurants rarely exist. This approach cuts down on childhood obesity rates, Druckerman says, pointing to studies that show 3.1 percent of French five- and six-year-olds are obese, versus 10.4 percent of American kids between ages 2 and 5.

10. Be the boss. It's okay to instill a bit of fear in your children, according to French moms -- it gets them to behave. Issue your ‘no’ commandingly, and don’t back down. Presenting yourself as a non-negotiating authority figure early on will get your kids to behave -- vite!"

Here is one book this maman will be ordering!

It Has To Be White

I have an obsession with crisp white bed linen - much to the amusement of BF and others who do not on all accounts share my view. I think it might stem from from LOVE of hotel beds. I seriously have the best sleeps ever in nice hotels. The nicer the hotel, the better the sleep, if you ask me. And here comes the bed linen idea, because when you stay in hotels, all the bed linens tend to be crisp and lovely and whiter than white.

Is there anything quite like sinking into a bed with white, fresh, newly washed-and-ironed sheets? Nope. And so I have just ordered us so more. My latest loves? One set on satin cotton from H&M Home and another from The White Company, both equally beautiful and clean and oh-my-God-I-cannot-wait-to-go-to-bed-now beautiful.

Beds should be luxurious, in a way where you can't wait to get into to them and dread having to get out of them kind of way. Buy the best bed/mattress/bed linens you can afford. Look after them well. Iron your sheets for that extra crisp-ness factor. Change your linens at least once a week - because nothing beats that just-put-on freshness.

And trust me; you will have the best sleeps, the hottest encounters and the most luxurious mornings you have ever had. And even if you wake up with a toddler sprawled all over your head - like we on most mornings do - it will just feel that little bit more fun and cute than it might have if our bed had been a less lovely place to wake up!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essie School Of Hard Rock...

... was today's little purchase from the Cocktail Bling collection. And it is already rocking my fingernails. LOVE.

High-Flying Harper

The airport is her catwalk, as she herself tweeted back in November. And it looks like VBs little Harper Seven is set to follow in her fashionable mama's footstep. The tot and her designer mum were spotted first at LAX where they were boarding a flight New York City, and then later, as they stepped out in the Big Apple.

The fashionable mother/daughter duo are off course in town to attend New York Fashion Week, where little Harper will no doubt be a regular, just like her mother.

The very adorable Beckham girl is fast becoming one of the most travelled tots with a designer wardrobe to match her jet-set lifestyle. Like mother, like daughter.

(Photo Credit from here)

Dry Run

When there is not enough snow to take to the slopes, clever Nahla practices her skiing skills inside. Clever cookie!

Black Or White

I am totally obsessed with cool kitchen lately - maybe it is because I am getting in touch with my inner Nigella with all the cooking I have been doing? Anyway, I keep browsing the mighty web - as well as my ever-growing pile of magazines for inspiring designs, because I just know that when BF and I finally decide where we should be buying - as we as of yet are renting - I will totally tackle the kitchen first. Regardless - even if it is brand spanking new, as I am sure I will need to have it my very own way. And today, my very own way is HEARTING these two stunning - yet totally different - kitchens. How fab are they??

(Images via Living Etc.)


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