Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Has To Be White

I have an obsession with crisp white bed linen - much to the amusement of BF and others who do not on all accounts share my view. I think it might stem from from LOVE of hotel beds. I seriously have the best sleeps ever in nice hotels. The nicer the hotel, the better the sleep, if you ask me. And here comes the bed linen idea, because when you stay in hotels, all the bed linens tend to be crisp and lovely and whiter than white.

Is there anything quite like sinking into a bed with white, fresh, newly washed-and-ironed sheets? Nope. And so I have just ordered us so more. My latest loves? One set on satin cotton from H&M Home and another from The White Company, both equally beautiful and clean and oh-my-God-I-cannot-wait-to-go-to-bed-now beautiful.

Beds should be luxurious, in a way where you can't wait to get into to them and dread having to get out of them kind of way. Buy the best bed/mattress/bed linens you can afford. Look after them well. Iron your sheets for that extra crisp-ness factor. Change your linens at least once a week - because nothing beats that just-put-on freshness.

And trust me; you will have the best sleeps, the hottest encounters and the most luxurious mornings you have ever had. And even if you wake up with a toddler sprawled all over your head - like we on most mornings do - it will just feel that little bit more fun and cute than it might have if our bed had been a less lovely place to wake up!


  1. I looove white bedding, its just so clean and fresh. Sadly i spill everything so mine has make up on it :( x

  2. haha, I know the feeling! it makes wearing fake tan an impossibility, for sure! :) xx



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