Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch In Town...

... at oh-so-many-memories favorite Italian Ciao Bella Roma, where many a lunch/dinner/cocktail hour was spent when I was a student at Dublin's Griffith College. It made me miss my college friends and amazing girls so much. Bringing Nahla there feels amazing and weird, like things are coming full circle. Like I am realizing that no matter how Norwegian I am, I have spent so much of my adult life in Dublin and Ireland that I really feel like I am a native here too. Like the years just fly by so quickly, and that one minute you are sipping wine and moaning about essay deadlines and day-dreaming about hot lecturers, the next you are breaking garlic ciabatta into mini-bites and wipes 7-Up and snot of your jeans in the company of your toddler girl. Crazy. And amazing.

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