Monday, February 6, 2012

Stuff I Manage To Do While I Should Be Working

1. Paint my nails with my new Pirate color from Chanel. It's super-nice, like a proper red red, if you catch my drift.
2. Fill the little virtual trolley while browsing around Shopbop, even if I know I am not really going to order it.
3. Drink two very frothy vanilla soy lattes.
4. Flick through Vogue again, just in case I missed something last night.
5. Wonder if BF will have made a mess of the house before we return on Sunday.
6. Make a mental note to ask him about the state of the house when we Skype later.
7. Change two diapers and make another mental note that we REALLY have to get going with the potty training when we get back home.

Ups. Deadline. Back to work!


  1. Discovered your blog recently and love it! Its like reading my own thoughts written down. I am convinced you are my twin!

    Yummy mummy from London

  2. Ah, thank you Julia, that is so sweet! And how good to know I have a twin in my absolute favorite city!! :) Hope you keep reading and thank you again! xoxoxo



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