Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holiday Girl!

My little angel is totally ready for her Easter holidays! Check out those shades!

Feeling Better

After what can only be described as a rough day yesterday, I am happy to report that this Yummy Mummy is feeling a tad better this morning. Which is just as well, because I have to pack for both myself and princess for our 2 week holiday with BF/Daddy in Ireland. So as Nahla sleeps her little morning nap on the sofa, I am running around throwing things in the suitcase (told you I had lost my packing mojo!) and trying to tick things off on the list as I pack them. Phew! Holidays, family-time and relaxation; here we come!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Multitasking Mummy

How cute does Nicole Richie look carting both of her little munchkins around Hollywood? The Yummy Mummy and her too-cute tots totally makes me want a sibling for Nahla. Not just yet though. In my mastitis-agony I am afraid to even think such thoughts yet!

Mastitis. Again. F**K.

Last night as we went to bed I must admit I breathed a not-so-small sigh of relief. First set of vaccinations were behind us, and Nahla seemed to not have gotten any nasty side-effects from them. No fever. No crying. No fussing. Nothing. My little lioness, so little and yet so brave. And so I thought: "Yeah, all is good, Easter holidays, Ireland and BF/Daddy; here we come!" And as we are leaving EARLY Thursday morning, I had every intention to spend today packing. I used to be The Best Packer in the World. Seriously. For a girl I was AMAZING. I could get away with packing nothing but hand-luggage even for 2 week breaks in the sun. City weekends, family holidays, work trips; you name them, I could pack for them. And pack well. Organized, thought out and efficient. That was until Nahla came along. Now, having to pack for us both, I feel hopeless. I over-pack. I pack and then unpack, trying to figure out what we really need. I mess up my outfits, bring too much for us both; all in all am pack to packing square one. So believe me; I needed today.

And then disaster struck. For the second time. I woke up around 7 am with a now familiar ache in my right boob. And I mean ache. My whole breast was red and hard and full of lumps. I knew without even checking that I had a fever. I felt horrible. And then upon getting out of bed, I felt both dizzy and sick. So with Nahla on her playmat on the bathroom floor, Mummy took a long hot shower accompanied by her breast pump, then got sick into the toilet with the pain of it all. Not a great morning. Then Mummy reluctantly popped a paracetamol and took Nahla and went to bed for another couple of hours. Then rang GP for my second antibiotic prescription in two months. One word: YUCK.

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Little Gets Bigger...

I can just imagine how cute Nahla will look on her way to her first day of kindergarden/ playschool with this lunchbox and bottle from here. I am totally loving the super-cute designs from this little Norwegian company, I only wish they would star putting their talents to designing baby-clothes as well!

3 Month Check-Up AND First Set of Shots!

Big day for little princess. After a long walk- fueled by no less than two take-away lattes- Nahla and I made our way to the health station where she was due to have her 3 month check-up and her first set of shots! Now; as my little girl was oblivious to this fact, it was Mummy that did all the worrying. "Will she cry?" "Will I?" "Will it hurt?" "Will she run a fever from it later?" My questions were many, I practically bombarded the poor nurse! Nahla on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber! not only did she totally charm the nurse with her many smiles and giggles and goo-goo's and ga-ga's, but she was also a tough cookie when it came to actually getting the shots- one in each little deliciously chubby leg! A little whimper and she was fine again! Mummy, on the other hand took longer to recover from the trauma and needed a third latte upon leaving the nurse's office! And so now we are back home and I am still waiting for what I was warned could be a long evening of fever and crying. but so far she is her happy little self. Be still my proud and happy little Mummy heart!

Breakfast Heaven

Freshly squeezed orange juice, oatmeal with walnuts, berries and banana and to top it off, a cup of Green & Black's organic hot chocolate. Nahla played happily on her playmat while Mummy tucked in, and it was all in all a blissful morning at our house.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Lion

My little perfect lioness. Every day I thank all the lucky stars in the universe that she is mine!

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Well, as easy as Sunday mornings with an infant can be then. After a lovely Saturday night with dinner at a friend's house, Nahla and I are indulging in a very laid-back morning; smoothie and outs for me, boob and bottle for Nahla. And now- and by "we" I mean "me" are rushing around getting ready for a walk into town and a lovely Sunday brunch with Eirin and Kathrine. Some traditions should never be broken, baby or not, and Sunday brunch is one of them!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

While Mummy Showers...

Poor little Nahla has to take a nap on the bathroom floor.. Adventures in Mummy-hood indeed!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

If there is one celebrity mummy I totally worship, it has got to be Jessica Alba. She just looks like Yummy Mummy-ness personified! And how cute is little Honor?! I love her casual out-and-about-with-baby look, she manages to just look so stylish yet comfortable at the same time. Very this seasons' utility-ish look. Which inspires me to run out and get some super-cool aviators. Summer and sunshine; we shall be ready for you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sun, Sand and Saltwater? Yes, Please!

As you now all know, I am not much of a winter person. At all. For all I care, winter could last from December 22nd till about December 27th, and that would be it. End of story. Then for the rest of the year we would have lovely summery weather. Warm winds. Sunsets. Bare legs. Cold white wine consumed in a deck-chair. Summer-dresses. Sand between my toes. Ok, you get the picture; I LONG for summer. Need it, want it, can't live without it.

So much so that I have now taken to planning not only this year's summer holidays- which is still a tad undecided, but also ways to make next year's winter seem shorter and better. Enter Thailand, aka My Favorite Place On Earth. Because while BF will be finished his MA and back to work, surly he can take holidays. And I can not think of a better way to spend the month of January- which in Europe is nothing but a string of grey miserable days strung together- on a beach in Thailand, just the three of us. Because while I have visited this amazing country several times already, BF has yet to go there, and I long to show him all these amazing places. Grand Palace in Bangkok. The breathtaking beaches of Koh Phi Phi. I can't wait for Nahla to taste her first banana pancake. Play in the sand. Perfect, perfect laid-back and lazy days in the most perfect of places on earth! Roll on January!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Sweet Liquid Love...

As mentioned next Thursday my little cupcake and I are heading back to Ireland for two lovely weeks with Daddy/BF. He is on Easter Holidays from his course, and we are only delighted to be escaping the still rather wintery climate here in Oslo for Dublin where spring has almost sprung. And not only to I get to see BF again, but I get to schedule in daily visits to Starbucks for two whole weeks! Bliss! My beloved venti non-fat peppermint latte; oh how I have missed you! My name is Yummy Mummy and I'm a Starbucksaholic!

LOVE her!

Much is said often about Jennifer Aniston, but in my eyes she is a gem. She is stunning, for starters, I mean, the woman is 41 years old and look at that body! It makes me want to get my ass to the yoga studio 7 days a week! Secondly; she just seems like the kind of girl you could share a glass of Chablis and a bit of a laugh with. And thirdly; her hair, wardrobe, string of boyfriends, holiday-destination choices etc., etc; the girl's got style! Go Team Aniston!

Oh, and PS: L.O.V.E Gerard Butler! One tip Jen: Irish men ARE the best!

Sleeping Arrangements...

Ok, I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this, and I am more than well aware that I have created my own problem here, and that it is going to be one long hard way out of this, but here's the thing: Every night without fail Nahla goes to bed in her cot- now granted it is late enough when she finally goes down, my little party-princess, but still. Then at some point during the night she wakes up, usually around 4 am or so. Then I lift her into bed to feed her- the easiness of breastfeeding at night- and then, this is where the problem starts, we sort of both fall asleep, hence she ends up spending the last part of the night in my bed. Like every night. Without fail. And I can't lie, much as she loves it, I totally love it too. It feels so perfect and safe and cosy. Having her warm little body cuddled up next to me is the best thing ever. And even better; sleeping next to me makes her sleep till 9- 9.30 every morning! I feel blessed. Every time I see another new mummy with black circles under her hollow eyes clutching her cup of strong black coffee I thank my lucky star.

But; I know we have to break the habit at some point. Soon. I mean, it is one thing now that it is just Nahla and me, but pretty soon BF will be with our little twosome full-time and then I really need to have sorted out our sleeping patterns. I have done my research. I will stock up on earplugs. I will start doing the sleeping-in-mummy's-bed-detox when we get to Ireland, and BF can contribute rocking her back to sleep after her night-time feed, so she doesn't smell me and it reminds her how much she loves sleeping next to Mummy's boobies, being lulled asleep by the sweet scent of milk. Separation anxiety, here we come. And I am talking about mine, not hers!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have. To. Have. It.

I have fallen in love! Like, it's my summer 2010 soulmate, summer-fling, call it whatever, it is perfection. It's a dress! The most perfect, summery, beautiful, whimsical dress ever created. And the best part? It's from H&M! So it's cheap as chips. But the problem? It might as well have been made by the creative hands of Albert Elbas for Lanvin, because it is equally IMPOSSIBLE to get your hands on. Seriously. Like I have tried everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And zit. Nada. no dress for me. I have even rung store in Stockholm looking for it, but nope, still no dress. What's a girl to do??
I spotted the dress in an H&M ad in the American In Style magazine. But surly it should be widely available here in Europe; I mean, H&M is freaking Swedish! Now, I know that all the summer-collection are not out in stores yet, so I cling to that hope. Guess who'll be hitting every H&M store the greater Dublin area when landing in Ireland next week?!

Shady Little Lady!

Always the little fashionista! As our Easter Holiday to Ireland is approaching, and spring has at least almost sprung, I thought it was about time my little girl got some (stylish) protective eye-wear for when out and about with mummy and daddy. So enter: Baby Banz; the coolest ever baby sunglasses! After a bit of a debate (with myself, as Nahla didn't really seem all that concerned!) I decided to go for red; to match her bright red supercool Bugaboo Bee! Summer; Here We Come!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The most Irish of days is here, Nahla's very first St. Patrick's Day ever! And we are celebrating in true style; green outfits, green cupcakes, green cocktails (as Mummy is hosting a party tonight in honor of that good old Irish saint) and a walk in the (green!) park with Christine and her little munchkin, Oscar. Slainte!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear J.Crew people...

Ever since I set foot in the US the first time, a good eight years ago at this stage, I have LOVED J. Crew. Loved, loved, loved them. Especially their spring/summer collections. And this year is no different. Seriously, it is as if the designers have rooted around in my head and managed to find out EXACTLY what I want to look and dress like this season! I mean, means permitting; I could have ordered the entire online catalogue, but as that is not quite within reach, I would settle for these pieces; the prefect new additions to my wardrobe. I could then mix and match them with items I already have and voila; the ultimate spring/summer capsule wardrobe for a busy mummy on-the-go. The only problem? J.Crew don't ship to Europe! Argh! And it just seems like going to a whole lot of trouble ordering to my friends house in Boston and having her re-send them to me. I mean, I probably will end up having to do just that, but would it not just be so much easier if they just started shipping their fabulous goods to us deserving folks here across the pond?? So there you go, Mr.Crew, whoever you are, us Europeans are more fashion-aware than most, so please please make my wish come true and change your shipping policies!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

God, being heavily pregnant is still a tad to recent in my mind to truly be able to gush over images like these, but still; I think Denise Van Outen is doing the "last couple of weeks" look just brilliantly. Fair play to her, I remember all to well sobbing on my bedroom floor because nothing fit me, and whatever few things did fit looked AWFUL once I squeezed my humongous bump into it!

Mummy's Little Angel!

How cute does my little munchkin look here??? Precious. Might be an idea for the invitation cards for her Christening, which I NEED to get around to start planning soon. This is a busy week though, it's crazy how my calendar seems to be filling up quicker now than when I was working full-time! Busy mummy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Bake or Not to Bake..

As you all know, my little princess is 50% Irish, and in that regard, sure we just have to celebrate the most Irish of days! St. Patrick's day is coming up this Wednesday, and while we have the parade thing over and done with (the Oslo one took place last Saturday) we still have to do something on the actual day I feel. Her very first St. Patrick's! So now I am throwing a little "party" on the day, and will need to bake something. Something green at that. What can one make that is both green and at the same time edible you say. And this is the only answer: CUPCAKES OFF COURSE! With tons of yummy green frosting. Leprechauns optional! The odd Shamrock might look just right though. So this evening will be dedicated to skimming my beloved Martha's website for all things yummy and green!

Sunday in the City

Sunday is here again! And all we have on the schedule is a lovely walk, latte and a catch-up with Kathrine. Utter bliss. And now it is only 9 more days till we travel back to Ireland for Easter Holidays and get to see daddy/BF again!

Friday, March 12, 2010


After a rather late night of Nahla refusing to go to sleep, and I mean oh-my-God-I-need-Zanax-she-screams-that-loud type of refusal, I was only happy to welcome the morning. Today, I have decided, is the day when I bring some routine and structure to our days. I need it, she needs it, our neighbors probably need it even more, seeing as they still have to get up and go to work in the mornings. So here is our new proposed schedule. (Thank you Gina Ford for many good tips and ideas, I will not be able to follow your stricter-than-bootcamp-schedule completely, but will modify to suit the fact that I still need to habe a life!)

08.00 AM: Mummy and Nahla get up. We are in great form after a good night's sleep and (if we can be bothered) even salute
the sun! Namaste!
08.10 AM: We hit the bathroom. Nahla plays with some rubber toys on her changing mat (safely put on the floor off course!)
while Mummy showers, exfoliates and beautifies herself.
08.30 AM: Nahla changes out of her pj's, gets a top to toe wash, lots of kisses and cuddles and her Outfit Of The Day put on.
09.00 AM: Nahla has a bottle
09.30 AM: Playtime on her playmat while Mummy has her breakfast and catches up on e-mails, online banking etc.
10.30 AM: Mummy gets pram, changing bag and clothes ready for going out- often while carrying Nahla around in her
11.00 AM: Nappy-change
11.15 AM: Nahla and Mummy cuddle on the sofa. Nahla has some mummy-milk and Mummy has some green tea and watches
Oprah. Bliss.
12.00 PM: We go out for our daily outing. Often consisting of park, take-away latte, window-shopping, lunch with a friend
etc. If Nahla wakes at all, I breastfeed her and then she usually falls back asleep in her pram. Bless my boob and its
snooze-inducing qualities!
03.00 PM: We get back home. Sometimes not until around 4 PM, especially if Nahla has been awake and fed and is on her
second sleep. I do the grocery shopping on the way home.
04.00 PM: Nappy change
04.15 PM: Mummy-milk time, we cuddle up on the sofa, so Mummy can blog and watch The City while Nahla feeds/sleeps
nxt to her best friend/my boob! Cup of yummy green tea a must.
05.00 PM: Playtime. Nahla plays on her mat while Mummy makes herself some dinner.
06.30 PM: Bath-time, aka Nahla's favourite time of day. Then after lovely bath, Nahla puts her pj's on and is ready for bed.
Well, in theory anyway!
07.30 PM: Nahla has a bottle
08.30 PM: Time for bed.

Now; I find I have to stop here, because our nighttime routine is the one we really really need to work on. And being well aware that she is only 11 weeks old, this is a work in progress and make take months to establish. Basically our night as of now is very much: Boob, sleep for 15 minutes, boob, sleep, poop, nappy change, boob, sleeps, wakes, cries, boob and so on and so forth until Mummy caves in and goes to bed with her around 11.30; when we conk out until the morning when it all starts all over again. Finding our way, one yummy day at a time!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bathtime Baby!

I LOVE bath-time with my munchkin! I love that she now really really loves her bath, loves playing with her hands and looking at her little bath-toys, I love getting her out, smelling that incredible baby-smell, love putting her pj's and and get ready for a night of snuggles! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Keep Calm and Carry On!

Things are changing fast here chez Yummy Mummy and princess Nahla. From being a baby that only pooped every four days- which was super-convenient in terms of packing our changing bag and traveling, my little kitten has now started doing her number 2s as many as four times a day!! Yes, my friends, you read me correctly, FOUR times every day. Which means alot of dirty nappies, baby-gro's, tights, towles etc., etc. Busy times ahead!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

For having given birth a mere 2 months ago, Camilla Alves sure does look very yummy indeed! While in NYC with beu Matthew McConnaghey, ms Alves was spotted out and about on the streets with little Vida all bundled up, while 2-year old Levi was hanging out in Central Park with his handsome dad.

House Dreams

As previously mentioned, BF and I will begin hunting for our dream home at some point over the summer, when he is finished his MA in Bristol. As of now, we don't really know where that dream home will be situated, but that does not stop me from making wistful dreams as to what the inside of the house will look like, and I find myself frequently pouring over old copies of Living Etc. and Elle Interiør, as well as a billion different design blogs.

I have SO many ideas and plans, poor BF probably won't get a word in edge-wise as to what our surroundings will look like! I LOVE all of these rooms- and one thing is for sure; there better be room in that house for two things: a walk-in wardrobe for all mu lovely pretty precious clothes AND a home office, where I can write, read, work, blog and just get away from the world!


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