Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As The Rain Keep Pouring Down...

... I find myself dreaming of this amazing balcony! I mean; imagine doing your research while lounging in THAT hammock?! Or sipping a hot chocolate while curled up under one of those throws? I am sold.  Countdown to summer: Too many days!

In Between Deadlines...

... I do find time to read magazines on my iPad. As one does. Today's read: An interview with the lovely Rosie Pope in Parents magazine. I LOVE how Rose confesses how the whole family chills out in their PJ's on a Sunday. Just what Sundays should be all about!

Aden + Anais

I know I have mentioned it before, that part of the fun of expecting no. 2, is that you get to buy all the stuff you never got around to buying with number 1! Crazy, I know, but I mean; how cute are baby things?? I can't get enough. My latest find? These AMAZING muslin swaddles from Aden + Anais. Not only just amazingly practical as you can use them for anything from a blanket to a pram cover, to wrapping one around yourself and baby while breastfeeding, but if I tell you they are also a total celebrity must-have?! I am hooked. And have hence ordered up half their website. Only problem: I have to order more colour specific ones when bump arrives and we discover if pink or blue is needed! In the meantime: Enjoy:

I ordered these star ones. Very uni-sex and utterly gorgeous. 

These would be perfect for a little princess. Why oh why did I not know about these with Nahla?!

Gorgeous mama Camilla Alves has little Livingston wrapped up in his Aden + Anais swaddle when snapped out and about in Austin, Texas.

I also ordered these same one Alessandra Ambrosia uses to keep little Noah shaded from the hot Californian sunshine. I LOVE the middle one with the peacock pattern!

And as for the ever fashionable Kourtney K; off course she uses an Aden + Anais swaddle to keep little Penelope from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. 

Told you; utter baby must-have!

Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend...

I found the most amazing little when-your-energy-drops life saver to keep in my bag at all times. Seriously, all pregnant mamas should gave one nearby for those my-bloodsugar-is-low-I-am-in-danger-of-killing-someone moments. Tastes so yum, is totally better for you than a packet of M'n'M's and will have you back to your normal self in a heartbeat. Must buy!

I treated myself to a KeepCup - this clever take-away cup that you can bring with you and get barristas to make you latte into - as it is a standard barrista size. Very clever and tres environmental friendly. Oh, and not to mention pretty. Triple points.

We stocked up on fruit and veg for the week at Dublin's best - in my opinion - food market, Fallon & Byrne. Seeing how Nahla does not like meat, and me not so much either - especially in this pregnancy it seems - we need to broaden our horizons when it comes to cooking vegetarian. So watch this space...

We drove to Cork - which to you not in the know is all the way down south in Ireland - and stayed in the lovely River Lee Hotel for a night. So while the rain poured down outside, this lil' family stayed snug in a 5-star hotel and sipped hot chocolate in the hotel bar, snuggled in our room and off course, visited the lovely hotel swimming pool (daddy and Nahla) and spa (mama).

So all in all, a weekend of utter bliss and family fun. Just as we like it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Onion, Spinach and Goat's Cheese Pizza

... with the perfect thin crust. Seriously, it does not get a lot better. Especially if you, like me, is COMPLETELY obsessed with goat's cheese - or chevre or some of you prefer to call it. Perfection. Is is allowed to say that I am missing that nice glass of red wine that would go oh-so-perfect with this meal?! Because I do. Not enough to drink, off course. But enough to look forward to making this again come summer - and having this with a little vino on the side. YUM.

Maternity Chic

Because a pregnant mama could always do with some stylish inspiration.

I am HEART-ing the green heels! And as for peplum shapes for those early month; so clever!

Kristin Cavallari totally rocks this sweet lilac summer-dress - and comfy flats, clever girl.

Ah, Nicole, never one to miss the fashion mark. Love this comfy layered look, perfect for when the weather gets a little warmer.

Is Kourtney K the most stylish mama-to-be ever? This red dress is total perfection.

And I am in NEED of a comfy day dress like this!

Victoria's Secret Angel Allesandra Ambrosio rocked red as well when she was pregnant with son Noah last year. 

And who can help but be mucho inspired by the always fashionable Miroslava Duma and her perfect take on pregnant boho-chic?! LOVE!

Now; I feel ready to hit the shops to upgrade my maternity wardrobe!

(All images from Pinterest)

Monday, January 21, 2013

I LOVE Mondays

Maybe that makes me a little crazy, but seriously; Mondays are the best! I love sitting down with a latte and my calendar and planning the week ahead. Like how many deadlines have I got this week. When are they due. Who am I meeting for lunch (I always try and schedule in a nice girly lunch with one of my girlfriends to brighten up a hectic week - and what is better than to get to try out a new on-trend lunch spot at the same time. This week: Thursday. Aoife. Damson Diner. Cannot wait). What am I cooking for dinner. What do I have to do/pay/organize/book/reschedule. When can I fit in some work-outs. And so on and so forth.

Mondays to me are like having a little mini-January 1st every week. A chance to start something new. To start over. So what if you are a bit crap last week and never made it to yoga-class? Today is a brand new start. It is just about grabbing it.

So stop feeling miserable on Mondays just because everyone else are. Mondays are what you make them. And you should always make the FABULOUS.

22 Weeks...

... and feeling HUGE. But still reluctant to move into maternity wear! Which is why today I was rocking my nicely empire-fitted Nicole Fahri dress - which is at least 6 years old, but still a firm wardrobe favorite!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Weekends come and go by much too fast in this household - as I am sure they do for all other busy young families. And this weekend which has nearly wrapped is no different. The weather as absolutely freezing, which resulted in a lot of time spent cuddles up inside. Family lunch in town, ballet classes and a couple of shopping outings rounded the weekend off perfectly. Mummy got stocked up on some beauty goodies. Nahla got her very first (proper) pair of ballet slippers. The weekend papers were skimmed through in between everything else that went down, and all in all; we are relaxed and ready for the week ahead!

PS: For a running update on what we are up to, follow me on Instagram: @honningpia.

Summer Ready...

... even though it is only the 20th of January - and summer is still a long way off. But here's dreaming! And wardrobe planning!

(All images: Pinterest)

Pant Perfection

Being the obsessive planner that I am, I have already (in my head, mostly - and also somewhat on Pinterest) started compiling lists of outfits I need to have ready in the near future. Most of the fit nicely into categories. Like; there is the "maternity for now - winter" category. The "It's getting warmer, and I am still pregnant" category. Then there is the hospital bag stuff, off course. And the: "I have just given birth, but it is summer, and I still wanna look good" clothes I need to assemble. And then I saw these pictures from the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and decided I had almost forgotten about a whole category of outfits! Hello! Clearly I need to stock up on clothes for the "newborn baby, most of the time is spent at home, on the sofa, with your boob out" phase! Which - in fairness, having lived through it all before, does last a good few weeks. And while you need to mix it up (with outfits from the other categories like "I have just given birth, but it is summer, and I still wanna look good" clothes, the chill-out-around-the-house-breastfeeding-newborn clothes will be mucho important. 

And these pants that the ever-stylish Kourtney is rocking while tending to little Penelope, are PERFECT! Chic, with a nod to the tribal-ish trend and looks oh-so-comfortable! In other words; I HAVE TO HAVE THEM. And as for the comfortable cardigan; that too, off course. 

Shops; here I come!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today's Favorite

Bloom and Blossoms Anti Stretch Mark oil. I managed to get through pregnancy no. 1 without stretchmarks. And I fully intend to do so this time around too. And so I have thrown myself into a big-scale research into all natural body oil and cremes to help me with this. And so far; this one is a firm fave!

That Friday Feeling...

... when you have 7 articles under your belt from the week that just wrapped up. When you have navigated crazy traffic and torrential rain and then finally get to curl up at home. When plans are made for a cosy family weekend. When BF are out for Friday drinks with workmates and me and mini can have a total girl's night in. When you have candles burning and green tea brewing. When you know your bed is made up with fresh bedlinens upstairs. When all is right with the world.

Happy Friday, guys!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm In Baking Mode...

... which is rather tricky, as I should really be in work mode, considering the 4 deadlines that are looming. I blame the pregnancy hormones! So handy having these to blame, by the way. Last night, for instance, BF and I landed in a little minor domestic over what to watch on TV. Me: "The Sex & The City movie is on! The first one, I LOVE the first one!" Him: "But you have seen it 700 times already!" (He wanted to watch Match of the Day and The Daily Show, man that he is). Me: "But I'm carrying your child!" Domestic over. BF rolled his eyes, and retreated to the bedroom with his Windows Surface and let me get stuck into Carrie & Co. in blissful peace. He muttered something about getting a house with two living rooms and leaving me with the one with the smallest TV, but sure, so far, so winning, as Charlie Sheen would say. 

Now; roll on lovely vanilla cake!

(Photo Credit: Kamille magazine)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Mini Ballerina...

... had her very first ballet class yesterday. At the Twinkle Toes School of Ballet. I know; so cute it could melt your freakin' heart! The complete ballet outfit, purchased at John Lewis in Edinburgh back in May, finally came in handy! My 3-year old(!) had a ball, and thought it was a very big-girl thing to be doing, going to ballet. And as for Mummy and Daddy, we did what most other parents of heartmeltingly cute 3-year olds do when they watch them do ballet for the very first time: Took 5000 pictures, filmed countless clips on our iPhones and swallowed hard to get avoid looking like saps for crying over cute ballerinas!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kourtney's Post Baby Body...

... is pretty smashing. Is it torture or inspiration though, I wonder, to look at pictures like these when you still have 4 month of growing to do, before you can even contemplate starting to loose the weight again?! Time will tell. But one thing is for sure: Yoga and Tracy Anderson: One Helluwa' combo, by looking at it!

(Photo credit from US Weekly)

Researching Diaper- Bags...

... is so much fun. Like; I never bothered getting one with Nahla, relying instead on my gorgeous Anya Hindmarch tote to fit the essential baby stuff for when we were out and about, But this time around, I totally intend on getting one. Because who knew diaper bags could be so utterly amazing?! Now; decisions, decisions...

Could an LV be the way to go...? I mean; I do LOVE my LV's, and this one is an absolute classic.

... Or maybe this Alexander Wang - which, in fairness, is not really a diaper bag at all, but would still do the job perfectly if you ask me....

... Then there is the AMAZING Celine tote - which has been on my wish list ever so long. Is a practical to use as a diaper bag? Maybe not. Is it DROP DEAD STUNNING? Yup.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs is cheap, cheerful and totally practical. But I don't know if I would love it. Like really, really love it...

... as much as I would this gorgeous Prada one. Which, by the way, is also a firm favorite with reality mama Kourtney Kardashian when out and about with lil' Penelope.

And then there is the classic Gucci one, as modelled here by the lovely Nicole. A total forever investment, if you ask me. And divided into cost per use, not that expensive at all!

So there you have it. A little glimpse into how my days of impending baby-wood is spent!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekends Go By Too Fast...

... and before you know it, Monday is upon us again. And as if to make it worse; it is raining kittens outside my windows. On the day that I have to leg it into town to meet up with some very cool girlies for lunch. But hey; what's a little Monday Blues when the weekend was as sweet as it was!

 Friday started with a trip to the hairdressers for this mama. Because when the rest of you is getting bigger by the day, at least making sure your hair looks fab, is a total feel-good treat!

Nahla was all excited about the prospect of chocolate brownie as a lunch treat at the stunning Carton House yesterday, where we went for a walk - and scoot - around the magnificent grounds...

Seriously; could it BE more country fabulous?! On a crisp cold January day, none the less.

And now: Ready for the week!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Short Week

... and yet nothing beats that Friday afternoon feeling! Collecting Nahla from playschool, heating up the yummy dinner purchased in Avoca earlier and getting into my PJ-bottoms long before I really should; Hello Weekend!


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