Monday, January 21, 2013

I LOVE Mondays

Maybe that makes me a little crazy, but seriously; Mondays are the best! I love sitting down with a latte and my calendar and planning the week ahead. Like how many deadlines have I got this week. When are they due. Who am I meeting for lunch (I always try and schedule in a nice girly lunch with one of my girlfriends to brighten up a hectic week - and what is better than to get to try out a new on-trend lunch spot at the same time. This week: Thursday. Aoife. Damson Diner. Cannot wait). What am I cooking for dinner. What do I have to do/pay/organize/book/reschedule. When can I fit in some work-outs. And so on and so forth.

Mondays to me are like having a little mini-January 1st every week. A chance to start something new. To start over. So what if you are a bit crap last week and never made it to yoga-class? Today is a brand new start. It is just about grabbing it.

So stop feeling miserable on Mondays just because everyone else are. Mondays are what you make them. And you should always make the FABULOUS.

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