Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pant Perfection

Being the obsessive planner that I am, I have already (in my head, mostly - and also somewhat on Pinterest) started compiling lists of outfits I need to have ready in the near future. Most of the fit nicely into categories. Like; there is the "maternity for now - winter" category. The "It's getting warmer, and I am still pregnant" category. Then there is the hospital bag stuff, off course. And the: "I have just given birth, but it is summer, and I still wanna look good" clothes I need to assemble. And then I saw these pictures from the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and decided I had almost forgotten about a whole category of outfits! Hello! Clearly I need to stock up on clothes for the "newborn baby, most of the time is spent at home, on the sofa, with your boob out" phase! Which - in fairness, having lived through it all before, does last a good few weeks. And while you need to mix it up (with outfits from the other categories like "I have just given birth, but it is summer, and I still wanna look good" clothes, the chill-out-around-the-house-breastfeeding-newborn clothes will be mucho important. 

And these pants that the ever-stylish Kourtney is rocking while tending to little Penelope, are PERFECT! Chic, with a nod to the tribal-ish trend and looks oh-so-comfortable! In other words; I HAVE TO HAVE THEM. And as for the comfortable cardigan; that too, off course. 

Shops; here I come!

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