Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekends Go By Too Fast...

... and before you know it, Monday is upon us again. And as if to make it worse; it is raining kittens outside my windows. On the day that I have to leg it into town to meet up with some very cool girlies for lunch. But hey; what's a little Monday Blues when the weekend was as sweet as it was!

 Friday started with a trip to the hairdressers for this mama. Because when the rest of you is getting bigger by the day, at least making sure your hair looks fab, is a total feel-good treat!

Nahla was all excited about the prospect of chocolate brownie as a lunch treat at the stunning Carton House yesterday, where we went for a walk - and scoot - around the magnificent grounds...

Seriously; could it BE more country fabulous?! On a crisp cold January day, none the less.

And now: Ready for the week!

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