Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nursery Dreaming...

As I mentioned; when BF finishes his MA in the UK this summer, we will be busy house-hunting either there or in Ireland. And I can't wait. Not so much the whole leaving friends and family in Norway behind again part, but the prospect of finally having all our things in one place. In one country even. It will be bliss. And the one room I can't wait to get started on is Nahla's nursery. She already has SO much stuff! I find myself browsing interior magazines and dinky little childrens' shops all in the name of inspiration. Here are some of my favorites so far. Too. Cute. For. Words!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

The word Yummy Mummy is a total fit for Nicole, I mean; the woman manages to look stylish doing anything! It is awe-inspiring! Currently in Paris to promote her new clothing line Winter Kate, Nicole posted this pic on Twitter with the words: "In the City of Lights with my true love!" Awww...

9 weeks today!

Today my little lioness is 9 whole weeks! In one way it seems like it was only yesterday the midwife placed that wet slippery little thing on my belly, but in other ways it seems she was here forever, the perfect little baby that made our lives so complete. She has turned my world upside down in every way, from how I now have gotten used to drinking my tea cold and no longer remember where I keep the hair-dryer it's that long since I used one, to the way she is always on my mind, to the extent I feel like I have left a vital part of myself at home if I go anywhere without her. A love so all-consuming I never knew it existed before she arrived. Happy 9 week B-Day my littlest love!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lazy Irish Days...

Last night Nahla and I touched down in Oslo after two lovely weeks in Dublin, where we spent time with BF/Daddy, visited friends and colleagues, went for walks, shopped, Starbucks'ed and relaxed. All in all the perfect little holiday. Minus the weather off course. I mean, I thought we escaped the freezing conditions in Norway for some nice spring'esque weather in Ireland, but we were a tad cheated. I mean; it snowed three times in the space of our two weeks there. Which on any given normal Irish winter NEVER happens. But weather aside, we totally enjoyed our vacations; Nahla's very first trip to her other homeland. My little half-Irish princess!

And BF's family fell head over heels in love with their brand new little relative. So hence Nahla was showered with presents. I mean it was nuts, I struggled to pack our bags for going home. And so now; coupled with all the stuff she has already gotten + stuff I bought while in a pregnant haze, the walls of our apartment are literally bulging outwards! We need a house now! Seriously. Can't wait till BF is finished his MA in Bristol and we can start house-hunting!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy some Saturday delights in Oslo now. My parents/ Nahla's grandparents are here for a visit, so we are going to enjoy lunch at Tullin's, Coffee ar Wayne's and a lovely walk in Frognerparken. Bliss!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

You have to hand it to Heidi Klum; she ALWAYS manages to look like the super-model royalty that she is. Whether she is 9 months pregnant or recently gave birth, she always pulls off every look. And today is no different. Photographed here with adorable 4-month old baby Lou Sulola, the mother-of-four recently launched two maternity clothes collections; Lavish by Heidi Klum for A Pea in the Pod and Loved by Heidi Klum for Motherhood Maternity. Mother, Model and Mogul- an inspiration!


My God, I escaped Oslo and the horrific snow-conditions there to come ti Ireland for a bit of a spring'esque feel- or so I thought! Last night as I was sitting at the kitchen table sharing tea and gossip with the sisters-in-law the snow started falling outside! In County Kildare! In February! The world has now officially gone off its hinges! Global warming my a***. Al Gore need to re-think that whole notion! So much for leaving the Bugaboo snow-wheels behind in Norway! Here's hoping for the warmest, most amazing spring ever- and may it roll around soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I HEART my Belly Bandit!

Ever since Nahla made the journey from inside my tummy to the outside world my once flat'ish belly has looked a little.. well, less flat I guess. No don't get me wrong; I NEVER had one of those girl six packs- and never want to for that matter, but my mid section was definitively more toned. And while I fully intend to get into my gym routine again now that the 6 week post-baby ban on physical exercise has been lifted- as well as take as many long walks with my little princess as possible, I must admit that the idea of a little help in getting my pre-baby body back sounds very tempting. And so enter the Belly Bandit!

Worn by all Hollywood Yummy Mummies; the Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression binder designed by some very savvy women to help you get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth. Eh, off course I HAD TO HAVE ONE! And as if the flatter tummy thing wasn't enough to make me whip out the Mastercard, this wonderful device also helps breastfeeding mothers keep their posture while feeding, reducing the risk of neck and shoulder pain. Sold!

And now I am addicted. And will make sure all my new mummy friends know about this fabulous find! Seriously; my tummy is looking flatter already- and I have only worn mine for 2 days now! I went for the white with paisley pattern- even more fabulous than the original! Will post before and after pictures soon- watch this space!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Emerald Isle!

Sorry for delay in updates, the days seem to just be whizzing past. Princess and I have arrived safely in Ireland, and are spending lazy days in lovely Naas, Co. Kildare, where BF`s parents live. My little half-Irish munchkin has her feet on Irish soil for the very first time! Well, the wheels of her pram anyway! It is bliss being away from the snow in Oslo, and we are taking long walks in the lovely spring`esque weather. Not to mention spending lots of quality time with BF/daddy! Will post again soon, in the meantime; xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 Week Check-Up

It baffles me that my little cupcake has her 6 week check-up already! In one way the weeks seem to be flying by, and the only indication of what day of the week it is, is the TV guide, and in other ways I feel like it was ages ago that I was pregnant and Nahla arrived. Now I feel like she was always here and I find myself wondering what in Gods name I spent my days doing before she arrived!? I must have had so much spare time! I know that realistically I didn't, that my job had my working long days and then running around press-openings and events in the evenings, but still, my time is now so utterly consumed by her that it becomes hard to fathom what life was like pre baby.

Anyway, I'll blog more about her check-up later when we get back, as we have to get going now to make our appointment. Can't wait for the little walk down to the Health Station, the sun is shining and I'm gonna grab a coffee on the way!

Are you kidding me??

As far as I am concerned; one of the utter most enjoyable aspects of pregnancy- even at the last stretch when I was seriously fed up- was the absence of my period. It was utter bliss. No worrying about tampons or sanitary towels or granny knickers or getting my best Agent Provocateur thongs accidentally ruined. It was heaven. And I was under the distinct impression that it would take a while for your body to return to form after giving birth. Something you would think would also apply to your period. Hah- here's hoping. Yesterday I had this funny ache in the lower part of my back, VERY similar, I must admit, to the general discomfort I tend to have in the days before my period comes. But being in baby-la-la land, it never even entered my mind that it could be THAT TIME OF MONTH! Already! I mean, come on! I only gave birth 6 weeks ago! My uterus is barely back where it belongs- and now you're telling me it is ready to produce babies again??!

And sure enough. When I went to the bathroom this morning there was no longer any doubt. My body was back in action again. A mere 46 days after delivering my first baby, my body is ready to reproduce again! I must be freakishly fertile! Which, I suspect, I am, seeing as little Nahla was conceived while on the pill. I told my boyfriend that if he as much as looks at me, I'll get pregnant, which does seem to be the case. And I mean, the timing! Tomorrow morning we are flying to Ireland- to see him for the first time in 5 weeks- and I have my period! Just. My. Luck. Anyway, off to the shops to stock up on all my womanly products again. It was fun while it lasted, I guess!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

She may be going through a rougher than rough time with her playing-away-from-home hubbie, but yummy Swedish mummy Elin Nordegren does not let it affect her style the slightest. Kudos. Snapped here with her adorable kids Sam, 2 1/2 and little Charlie, who turned 1 yesterday, near their home in Florida, the 30-year old looks every inch the glamazon mummy she is. What was Tiger thinking??

Shopping with baby=Mission Impossible!

After a bit of a "can't get out of our pj's" day yesterday, I was all set for some city-life today! I longed for my must-have take-away latte and cinnamon brioche, and as we are flying to Dublin Thursday morning, I was in desperate need of some new jeans- as I am not quite back in my old ones yet- although getting there!

So into town we went- in what can only be described as a mini-blizzard! Lucky I had snow-wheels on the Bugaboo- or we would have gotten stuck in the gritty pavement slush! After grabbing my treats from Kaffebrenneriet- and counting days till I can get my beloved Starbucks latte again- we headed for Zara. As I felt that familiar shopping-buzz when making our way through the door, my little princess did not seem to agree. Having slept like a little angel in her pram, she woke up as soon as we were through the doors- and let me know that she was NOT in the mood for Zara today! Crap. What to do, what to do? In the end- in pure desperation and a longing for those new jeans- I had to call my fab little sister, and superstar that she is, she came to my rescue. So while I hit the changing rooms laden with jeans- and some other goodies, Tonje paced the pavements outside Zara, and ensured my impatient little daughter got to sleep soundly while mummy get to exercise her Mastercard!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

As far as Yummy Mummies are concerned, there are none over, none above Nicole Richie. Whether she is rocking the L.A bohemian princess look, or the more rock-chick look as of lately, she still sets the bar in terms of yummy'ness. LOVING the cool outfit on little Sparrow!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tired Traveller

Last night as we touched down in Oslo Airport, I was so incredibly proud of my little princess! Not only had she been an impeccably well behaved baby from the moment we got in the car in Finnsnes, for the hour-long drive, the airport debacle and the entire flight- but she was amazingly STILL ASLEEP! Proof: Fast asleep on the bench in the arrivals hall. As my boobs were bursting at this point, I had to wake my little sleeping beauty up and literally stuff my boob in her mouth. She woke up, ate and fell back asleep for the journey home. The perfect travel companion!

Which is probably just as well as we are hitting the skies again in a couple of days, this time flying to Dublin, where her paternal grandparents are waiting to meet her. Her proud daddy will be there too, flying in from Bristol. As a family, we do stack up on air-miles, that's for sure! It was bliss last night as I was traveling with my sister. I have come to realize that when traveling with a bay, there is ALOT to be said for being two. At least. I mean; baby, handluggage, pram-pack, suitcases- it is impossible logistics when doing it alone. Which is what Nahla and I will be doing Thursday. Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Technically she is not a mum yet, but actress Rebecca Gayheart looks glowing and trendy when out and about in L.A earlier this week. Her burgeoning baby bump clad in fresh stripes, the 39-year old has stated in interviews how she and husband Eric Dane cannot wait to welcome their first baby, due in March. Total yummy mummy candidate!

My Hello Kitty pumpkin!

It was torture being pregnant and walking through shops selling baby clothes when you did not know whether to buy pink or blue. I know, I know, it was something we both agreed strongly on, not finding out the sex of the baby until it was born, but still, all those hours and hours of browsing shops and not being able to buy anything but green and yellow and beige. The odd grey and white thrown in for good measure. So the minute the midwife handed me our perfect little baby girl my brain went: "PINK!" And so upon release from hospital we went shopping. The whole extended family, everyone seemed to think in the same color. And so now little Nahla is as pink as can be. Kitted out form head to perfect little toes in all shades possible of pink. See proof above!

I Want, i Need!

Having decided that carting diapers around in my Mulberry bag might not quite cut it, I have lately been on the lookout for a more appropriate diaper bag/tote-that-looks-good-enough-to-cart-around-for-years-to-come. And now-ta da! - I have found one! The gypsy tote by American label Serena and Lily is PERFECT! Utter Yummy Mummy-worthy. Not only will it look smart slung casually over my shoulder, it will also hang perfectly across the handlebar of my Bugaboo. It has lots of smart pockets, and you can get a handy changing mat for it too- should you need one. I am loving the disposable ones you can get in packets of ten in the supermarkets- not very green, I know, but it does make life easier.

Anyway, while browsing the Serena and Lily website, I also fell in love with this baby-sling, here sported by the gorgeous Jennifer Meyer. The embroidered Peacock Market Sling comes in several different colors and patterns, and I just know it will be perfect for carrying Nahla around in when the weather gets a little warmer. The downside to this whole scoop is that the store does not deliver outside the US and Canada. The cheek of them! What are we to do if we fall in love with there beautiful merchandise? Where there is a will, there is a way I say. And in my quest to make sure these pretty things became mine, I asked an American friend could I have them delivered to her house, and for her to pop it in the post for me. Easy Peasy! And now all I have to do is sit back and wait for my new baby-goodies to come flying across the Atlantic and into my mailbox.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Expensive Addiction

Ever since I clapped eyes on a Bugaboo stroller- back then I think it was the Frog- I KNEW without a doubt that the day I had my own bundle of joy, I wanted one. As far as prams and strollers are concerned, there is no comparison in terms of design, versatility and just plain cool'ness! Now this was a few years ago, long before I threw up a pill and fell pregnant and had my little princess. But none the less, the love affair with Bugaboo's had begun. So when my parents said they would like to buy us the baby's first pram, I knew what I wanted. For sure. So off to the shops we went. And we left 9400 Kroner poorer. Well, my mum, not me. But I was now the lucky owner of a black and grey Bugaboo Cameleon- the coolest looking thing ever. And as it stood in my hallway, I couldn't help but long for the day when I could take bump for a walk in his/her Bugaboo. Utter Yummy Mummy'ness!

And now- several walks and admiring glances later- I accidently fell in love with another member of the Bugaboo family. The Bee. Super-compact. Super-handy for travelling. And super-cool. Had. To. Have. One. And as we now knew fine well she was a little she, the red one seemed perfect. Less OTT than the pink- and perfect perfect perfect. And so now I am back to waiting. For the snow to melt away in the streets of Oslo, or for our upcoming trips to London, when princess and I can prance around with our beautiful Bee. Bugaboo Bliss!

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

Trust the supermodels! At six months pregnant with her third child, ex-catwalk-queen Claudia Schiffer looks every inch the model royalty that she is. Rocking the pregnant glow-look, the 39-year old is snapped out and about in London, where she lives with her husband and children Caspar and Clementine.

Poop Panic!

I had never really got it. You know in books, and film- and from girlfriend having their little bundles of joy. How in the name of .... does anyone get so obsessed over their babies' bowl movements?! I mean; the discussions over color, texture, amount etc. HELLO! I would have totally gotten an in-depth analysis on the latest range of Chloe handbags. Or Rodarte clothing. Or some seriously sexy shoes. But poop??!! Eh, no thanks. Until now that is. Now I am officially as bad as the rest. If not worse. I clap my hands when she Nahla has a dirty diaper. I sing to her about being a good girl, and clever she is for doing a poop. I am a lost cause. For sure!
In my defense; the debacle over Nahla's poops have been quite exhausting. She passed her meconium in the hospital while we were still there, but then nothing since for 12 WHOLE DAYS! I was going nuts! My poor baby, was she suffering from constipation? Was everything normal with her? I rang the hospital, midwifes, pediatric nurses- everyone even remotely qualified to answer such questions. And they all just seemed so relaxed. "Don't worry, for breast-fed babies, it is equally normal that they poop 10 times a day than it is that they poop every 10 days." That did not settle my panic even the slightest. I was freaked out there was something wrong with my perfect little baby. Then again, she seemed fine. She ate. She pee'd. She slept. She was calm and cute and amazing in every way. She just did not poop. Until, off course, after 12 long days, she did. Alot. All over me. And the sofa. And herself. From her hair to her toes. I'll spare you the details of the color and texture, if you have any experience with baby-poop you'll know. It was extensive.

And now, at six weeks, she still only poops every 4-5 days. Which I have been assured by the entire medical profession is entirely normal as she is for the most part a breast-fed baby. I give her a couple of bottles of formula a day, both because she is a hungry baby and I don't have quite enough milk, and also because I find that being able to do a combination just suits us both better. She is happy and content and sleeps through the night, and it gives me the freedom of being able to let someone else feed her every now and again- which her grandparents and aunties and everyone LOVES to do, and also makes me relax knowing she is getting enough food. Breastfeeding is great and lovely and convenient- especially for us that travel as much as we do, but I enjoy being to do both. Which- I think- is one of the most important lessons I have learnt in parenting so far; to do what suits YOU and YOUR baby. Don't let people tell you what to do. Listening and learning from others is all fine and well, but at the end of the day, you have to make your routine work for your life. Happy mummy = happy baby. It really is that simple.

Her Wardrobe is Better Than Mine!

At just six weeks (today actually- wow, time has flown!) my little mini-fashionista's wardrobe is already looking healthier than mine! Granted, for the last couple of months when I was pregnant I didn't really bother buying much as NOTHING looked good on me and my gigantic bump, but still, anyone who knows me will know that I have spent the best part of my adult life shopping- so I do have a fair amount of stuff. And now that the baby weight is coming off I am busying myself assembling the PERFECT wardrobe yet again. But; back to Nahla; the little thing already has an INCREDIBLE amount of stuff! And counting! I mean, in the few days we have been up here in Finnsnes she has gotten all this! In 10 days! OMG! People have dropped by in a steady pace bearing incredibly cute gifts for my little princess. Some bought, some home-made- I HEART all the knitted stuff, still a tad big, but she'll grow into them! And that is not taking into account all the stuff she already has at home! When Boyfriend and I go house-hunting in the summer, we are going to have TWO extensive wardrobes to take into account! Poor man, little did he know what he was in for when the midwife handed us a little baby girl!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

In my quest for yummy mummy'ness I crave inspiration from other hot sexy mamas. And believe whole-heartedly that it is important to make both time for yourself and make sure you look in feel your best. Good for mummy = good for baby! Today's Yummy Mummy Award goes to Jessica Alba. Loving the way she manages to look trendy but totally casual when out and about with adorable little Honor! And I am a HUGE fan of the headband trend. So cool and v. Gossip Girl. When in the shops today (Kappahl), I picked up a couple of different ones. It's amazing how you can make an outfit more dressy just by adding a headpiece. And when you've got leaking boobs and spit-up on the rest of your wardrobe, it is always a pick-me-up that at least your head looks fab!

Clever girl!

According to my newly acquired "What to Expect; First Year"- aka The Bible- babies don't start fixing their gaze or following toys with their eyes until they are about 7-8 weeks! Hah- not my little lioness! Look at her here- at barely 5 weeks, having some sort of conversation with her cuddly duck! (that clever mummy attached with a clothes-peg to her Bugaboo Bee!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black and White pics!

Last night as I was getting Nahla ready for her bed (or, in fairness, more likely my bed!) she looked so cute in her PJ's I just had to take some pictures of her! And while I am waiting to organize to get Photoshop for my MacBook Pro, I played around with what I can do in iPhoto instead. It is amazing how much just turning a picture from color into black and white can do!


It might not be the most famous of the milestones that are currently stacking up for my almost 6-weeks old little princess, but today I discovered she had her very first stuffy nose! Poor little thing! When I was feeding her and her nose was scrunched up into my boob, I could hear hear making little snoring-like sounds, and then when she let out one of her cute little mini-sneezes, lots of gunk came out! Our visitors last week were all suffering from colds, so that could be where it all started, but sure it could also have something to do with the extremely cold weather conditions. The temperature has been below -7 c since we arrived here in Finnsnes in the very north of Norway for our little holiday with my parents. Definitively weather for hot chocolate and days curled up in front of the fire!


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