Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend...

I found the most amazing little when-your-energy-drops life saver to keep in my bag at all times. Seriously, all pregnant mamas should gave one nearby for those my-bloodsugar-is-low-I-am-in-danger-of-killing-someone moments. Tastes so yum, is totally better for you than a packet of M'n'M's and will have you back to your normal self in a heartbeat. Must buy!

I treated myself to a KeepCup - this clever take-away cup that you can bring with you and get barristas to make you latte into - as it is a standard barrista size. Very clever and tres environmental friendly. Oh, and not to mention pretty. Triple points.

We stocked up on fruit and veg for the week at Dublin's best - in my opinion - food market, Fallon & Byrne. Seeing how Nahla does not like meat, and me not so much either - especially in this pregnancy it seems - we need to broaden our horizons when it comes to cooking vegetarian. So watch this space...

We drove to Cork - which to you not in the know is all the way down south in Ireland - and stayed in the lovely River Lee Hotel for a night. So while the rain poured down outside, this lil' family stayed snug in a 5-star hotel and sipped hot chocolate in the hotel bar, snuggled in our room and off course, visited the lovely hotel swimming pool (daddy and Nahla) and spa (mama).

So all in all, a weekend of utter bliss and family fun. Just as we like it!


  1. I really need to find some of these Bounce Bars, just what I need right now! Have heard a rumour that you get discounts on coffee when you use KeepCups, wonder if it's true?!

  2. Hi Mrs Jones! :) The bounce balls are AMAZE! And they taste so good, you think you are eating sweets. :) I haven't tried my KeepCup in a coffee shop yet, only made coffee at home on the Nespresso, but that sounds like such a good insentive to bring your own cup! :) xxx



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