Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm In Baking Mode...

... which is rather tricky, as I should really be in work mode, considering the 4 deadlines that are looming. I blame the pregnancy hormones! So handy having these to blame, by the way. Last night, for instance, BF and I landed in a little minor domestic over what to watch on TV. Me: "The Sex & The City movie is on! The first one, I LOVE the first one!" Him: "But you have seen it 700 times already!" (He wanted to watch Match of the Day and The Daily Show, man that he is). Me: "But I'm carrying your child!" Domestic over. BF rolled his eyes, and retreated to the bedroom with his Windows Surface and let me get stuck into Carrie & Co. in blissful peace. He muttered something about getting a house with two living rooms and leaving me with the one with the smallest TV, but sure, so far, so winning, as Charlie Sheen would say. 

Now; roll on lovely vanilla cake!

(Photo Credit: Kamille magazine)

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