Saturday, February 18, 2012

Because TODAY I Deserve It

I am having ice cream right now. Full fat, stuffed-with-sugar-calorie-laden-proper-ice-cream. And not only because it is Saturday, but because today the following things happened:

1. We were surprised by a hail-storm when out shopping - and the only nearby Starbucks was so full we could not even get in the door to heat up on lattes. WTF.

2. Nahla - for the second day in a row - decided to skip her mid-day nap. Resulting in a very tantrum-filled afternoon indeed.

3. We got locked out of the house. For two very long cold hours.

4. I had to drive to no less than 4(!) ATM's before finding one that was not out of service and would give me money for the locksmith.

5. Mr. Locksmith cost 120 euros(!). Note to self: Never EVER get locked out again.

6. My planned-and-shopped-for homemade lasagne had to yield for a quick-and-not-so-nice order of Thai food. (And I LOVE Thai food, but this stuff was vile)

7. I have deadlines closing in and NOBODY I need to talk to will answer their e-mails.

8. I have paid no less than 7 different bills on my online banking and my balance is a sad state of affairs. Which again makes me think I seriously need to get these new articles in by their deadlines.

9. There is nothing on TV.

10. Even if there was, I couldn't watch it, and I really REALLY have to keep writing...

See?? You would have ice-cream too! Now; just one more scoop...


  1. Blimey I'd eat the whole tub after that! Hope today is much better for you!x

  2. hahaha, don't tempt me! :) and today WAS much better, thank you! :) xxx



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