Friday, February 24, 2012

A Full Week Of Sickness...

... has imploded the house this week. Both Nahla and myself, as well as our visitors that went home Tuesday afternoon, have all been crazed with fever, stomach bugs, coughs, snotty noses and just general yucky illness. Which explains my dreadful blog absence.

And in the midst of all the sick-and-snot galore, I find that I am very thankful for the following:

1. Tesco online shopping and free-of-charge home delivery. Without which, we would all have starved to death by know, for sure.

2. E4's constant re-run of old episodes of Friends. It is just the easiest thing to rest your eyes on when you are not feeling your very best. How YOU DOIN'?!

3. Kleenex with added conditioner. My very sore nose would have looked even worse without it.

4. Youtube. For their constant supply of Mickey Mouse videos, making sure toddler was entertained when Mummy was flat out on the sofa. Because toddlers, funny enough, can have a temperature of like 40 c + and still have tons of energy. Go figure.

5. My on-the-large-side collection of super soft Juicy Couture bottoms. Just because the thought of having had to wear something else this week makes me shudder.

6. Nahla's stream of millions of questions. I think it kept my brain from melting away with all that fever. Fat chance though with a two-year old in the house.

7. Toast. Dry, buttered toast. One of life's little pleasures. And the only thing we could al stomach this week. That and 7 Up.

Now, here's to healthier next week!

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