Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Airport Aces...

... I would be tempted to call my little 1-year old and me, as we have now arrived safely in Ireland after what was Nahla's 38 flight so far! Not bad for a 1-year and 2-days old, no?! My girl knows our little travel routine so well, that being strapped into the baby seat on the airport bus is no bother to her, she just sits back and enjoys some brought-from-home snacks in her little Snack-Trap cup and watches the world (A.K.A the scenery between home and the airport!) go by. Then in the airport, she is happy sitting in Mummy's hand-luggage trolley while Mummy's frantically browse through Duty Free looking for some beauty goodies, because she knows that when we get to the gate, she is in for some nice yoghurt and a comforting bottle of milk before it's time to board. And if she is lucky, there is even time for a little crawl-around before we are on our merry way!

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