Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Night Mayhem

Much as I love my Sundays to be tranquil and relaxed and Diptique candle-scented while I pad around in my (spotlessly clean house off course) in my just-bought-them-in-Edinburgh amazingly soft cashmere socks the reality tend to be somewhat different.

Sunday night is most often the night where I feel I have to plan - and get ready for - the new week about to commence. So cue I am planning next week's dinners, doing piles of laundry, ironing, folding and putting away clean clothes, tidy the house after a weekend of a lot of colouring, lego-building and other toddler-related mess, planning my work-schedule for the week ahead. re-reading and deleting a lot of e-mails and every other I-just-like-to-be-on-top-of-them household chore. And every Sunday I keep wishing for an extra weekday - one that is just MINE - where I can do all this stuff so that Sunday can again be as I described it above. Here's hoping!

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