Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's To-Do List

This is what I needed to do today:

1. Get a hold of two different fashion expert (the minute somebody can title themselves an expert, they become IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of, trust me) and ask them their opinion on extreme platform shoes and responsible fashion.

2.  Re-write an article from last week.

3. Source a whole bunch of images.

4. Interview 13 different "celebrities" about what makes them feel good.

5. Interview 3 hairdressers about anti-aging hair-cuts.

6. Interview a "wax-pert" about how to get the smoothest bikini line possible (seriously, my job rocks!)

7. Do up all my lists to get sent in to the payroll-department in work.

This is what I did today:

1. Checked my e-mails.

2. Felt rather overwhelmed at the sight of the 217 unopened e-mails.

3. Made 3 really strong espressos.

4. Got a hold of one fashion expert - who told me he'd get back to me three days AFTER my deadline.

5. Virtually filled a little Net-a-Porter shopping-trolley. Then cancelled it an hour later, when I remembered I don't actually have a spare 1,716 euros to spend.

6. Tried to get an hairdresser to tell me how to anti-age your hair - unsuccessfully.

7. Thew my arms up and went out to dinner with BF and Nahla.

Let's hope tomorrow is looking more effective in the work department!

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