Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bed Buddy

Oh, how we have been all girly and cuddly the last week when Daddy has been off on his little soccer-holiday! I am talking popcorn and Mickey Mouse on the TV, lunches out, cupcake-baking, hot chocolate for breakfast and last, but not least, the most snuggly lovely nights, where Nahla has been sleeping in Mummy's "big-bed" for the whole week!

And; for all you people so obsessed with either one end or the other of the "where does your baby sleep" debate, I just don't get it. Seriously. Nahla sleeps in her own cot-bed in her own room 9 nights of of 10. Has since we moved her cot in from our room when she was 1-ish. But some nights she is unsettled and I let her sleep in our bed. Other nights Nahla and Daddy have cuddle-time and Mummy sneaks off to the single bed in Nahla's room. Some nights she comes in to our bed and we lift her back again when she is asleep again.

I have never understood why it has to be one way or the other, why not just do whatever makes life easier - and what is best for your family? I LOVE sleeping next to my sleeping toddler - it is hands down the most lovely, amazing, bursting-with-love feeling in the world. And they are small for such a short short time, so I feel like it is the most precious thing. But I also love our freedom, our space in bed and her sleeping soundly in her own room.
When I fed Nahla myself until she was 7-8 months she mostly slept in our bed every night. It meant I could feed her easily without having to get out of bed, it was super-cosy and it meant that I NEVER had a single sleepless night since she was born - in fact, we have never had a sleepless night ever since having her. And partly I put that down to never stressing about anything. Because if it one thing I firmly believe, it is that stressed out parents makes for stressed out babies. So what if she sleeps in our bed one night? We just cherish it, because we know that 1: Tomorrow night she more than likely will be in her own bed again, and 2: In a couple of short little years she won't want to bunk in with Mummy and Daddy anymore.

I just have never gotten what all the stress is about when it comes to having babies. Like people fussing about traveling with kids. I have been on more than 150 flights with Nahla, mostly by myself, and sure my handbag is a little heavier with the extra little bits you need to bring, but so what? City-breaks with toddlers? Easy peasy. Beach-holidays? A bliss. Shopping trips into town? No worries. BF and I decided already when we were pregnant that we were not going to completely stop doing the things we love just because we now are going to be parents, and I think we have found a balance that works just right.

The amazing midwife who delivered Nahla told us to remember one thing the day we brought her home: That she had come in to our lives and should fit into it, not us trying to change ourselves to fit into hers. And so we did just that.

And as for Daddy arriving back home again tonight: I am excited about sharing a bed with just him again too!

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