Friday, June 8, 2012

Retail Therapy

Rain, rain and more rain. Resulting in Mummy and Nahla heading for the nearest shopping centre for some hot chocolates, lipstick shopping and stocking-up-on-magazines-for-the-weekend purchases. Then a girl walked past me with a really cool pair of grey jeans. Which made me think: "I could do with a nice pair of grey jeans. Really; I could." And so: Zara. Where I not only found the most perfect pair of grey jeans, but also - as one does - fell crazy in love with a studded lil' clutch bag and the sexiest wegde-heels ever. And so now my bank account is a little more dented than it was this morning - but my wardrobe is a lot hotter! And as for Nahla: Mummy treated her to a little outfit too - it was just one of those days!

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