Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warding Of Evil

I am slightly obsessed with the whole arm-candy look this summer of mixing lots of different bracelets. I love my Links of London bracelet, but am also equally in love with my two(!) greek eyes that I picked up in River Island. I love the way these eyes are like a universal sign of warding off all things evil and bad, and remember the same symbol from plenty of holidays in the Greek isles when I was younger. Taxi drivers used to have it hanging from their mirror, people used to have it painted above their door. So sweet. And now I have my very own protective eyes, on my wrist, so always looking out for me. Fashion with a purpose; LIKE!


  1. I know! I am so fully gonna go down the arm-candy-route this summer and just stack them high on my arm! Now when the sales are on I am also on the lookout for some real amazing ones! :) xxx



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