Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rainy Day In Dublin

It's a very wet day here in little Dublin today. Grafton Street is crowded with colourful umbrellas and people hurrying along to get away from the elements. Even the flower-stalls were looking a little drowned.

But a very milky cappuchino with good friends just makes the whole out-in-the-rain venture worth it. What can beat a little catch-up session, tucked away in a dark corner of a cosy café with some very cool girls?!

And as for the rest of the afternoon; I plan to try my hand at making cranberry and pistachio nut biscottis. As I LOVE to dunk them in my latte, such a treat, but I have never actually been successful at making them. But I guess baking trial-and-error is what rainy afternoons were made for...

And as for today's little indulgence; I have pre-ordered the lovely Emily Schuman's new book - from her gorgeous blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. I am totally looking forward to lots of stunning pictures of her outfits and baking creations! JOY!

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