Friday, June 22, 2012

All White Rooms

In my job I come across a crazy amount of stunning homes. Some features I make myself, and I LOVE getting to meet people in their house and making a gorgeous story about it all. Some features my talented colleagues make, and I marvel at stunning picture after stunning picture. Other homes I admire through the crazy amounts of magazines I buy and blogs I read. But much as I appreciate lots of styles and a variety of beautiful ways homes can be decorated in, I am myself a very very big fan of white. Plain, peaceful, classic, modern, contemporary and stunning white. 

Off course I like the odd bit of color thrown in for good measure. A little Missoni zig-zag here, a pink velvet cushion there. And lots of fresh flowers and candles, off course. But overall, I find myself drawn towards white and white and more white. Like with bedlinen. I can ONLY sleep in white sheets. Plates need to be white too. And candles. Dining chairs; again white. 

And as BF and I are very much in house-hunting mode these days, you can only imagine how my little design-obsessed brain is whirling with ideas and must-buy lists and other plans and projects! 

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