Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Juggling Act

Trying to do a million things at once sometimes look a little bit like this:

1. Drop Nahla off to play-school (this is after getting her dressed, finding her undressed again 4 minutes later because she had decided she wanted to wear her tutu-skirt and heavy knit jumper instead of the outfit I had picked, re-dressed again in said self-chosen outfit, fed, undressed her to go to the bathroom - TWICE, peeled her away from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV and stuffed into the car)

2. Stopped at local deli for a nice coffee - to treat myself in anticipation of a hectic work-day.

3. Got home, switched laptop on, looked at the floods of e-mails ticking in.

4. Mentally re-energized myself with some online shopping (Hello,!)

5. Got stuck in to some phone calls with a plastic surgeon, trying to research a story on why as much as 76 % of Norwegian women want to change something about their bodies.

6. Hung up phone, ready to write. Stuck for intro.

7. Glanced at online papers, realized today was the crucial day in the terrorist trial in Oslo, so had the whole prosecutor-speech on in the background.

8. Made myself a spinach juice.

9. Realized I had forgotten to bring in indoor shoes for Nahla, so had to make a dash to the play-school.

10. Back. Write. Intrigued by courtcase again. Prosecution going for insanity. Can't decide whether I agree or not.

11. Mentally plan dinner and what I need to buy later.

12. Write some more, then get sidetracked by having to re-write another story I was working on.

13. Hang up a machine of washing and watch more court-coverage.

14. Source images for cosmetic surgery story - amused by pictures of women with insanely large boobs. Weird.

15. Heat up tomato soup for lunch, eat it while watching court case.

16. Finish my intro on a story about the dangers of getting a sunburn. Celebrate by eating a chocolate biscuit.

17. Read a funny e-mail from BF and respond.

18. Catch the closing argument in the Oslo Courthouse. Stunned. Insane they say.

19. Force myself to write some more.

20. Re-apply make-up as I have to meet a friend for coffee at 4.

21. Write, write, write. Ups, got an e-mail about further reductions in the Harvey Nichols sale, HAVE to check that...

22. Mess around in Photoshop with illustration images.

23. Lose an image, like just lose it. Hello Apple, where do lost picture-files end up??

24. Ring BF and ask for help, he tells me Apple sucks and that I need a PC. We hang up on unfriendly terms. PC are just so ugly, does he not know me at all??

25. Close laptop, throw on some lipstick, run out the door.

Just another day at the office....

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