Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Yummy Mummy Style Crush

This makes me sigh on so many levels. What is obviously a stunning summer's day in L.A. How cute Honor looks. How amazingly glowy and prettily pregnant Jessica is.

The actress was spotted taking her two-year-old daughter Honor out to Urth Café in Los Angeles in a super-summery turquoise dress. And just to make sure to show off her lovely bump, Jessica had wrapped a leather belt above her waistline. Sweet!

The Sin City actress, who revealed in February that she and hubby Cash Warren were expecting their second child, told Italian Vogue that she is less critical of herself after giving birth to Honor. "I learned to accept my body and to give less importance to my appearance. Being a mother has taught me how to adapt to any situation." You said it, Jess!

Jessica has also recently said that she’s enjoying being pregnant again and that it is less stressful the second time around.
"It’s definitely not as daunting. I definitely popped earlier than I did with Honor because the second time around your body has the memory [of the first pregnancy]," she told People magazine. Oh, why am I obsessed with all things second pregnancy?!

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