Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stars And Strollers

Nobody appreciates a good old celeb spotting like myself. And especially when the topic is something as interesting as which strollers celeb mums prefer! Fair play to my new daily read iVillage for the informative and cute summary!

Mama Natascha may do some seriously grown-up stuff on TV show Californication, but luckily her little man Rex, 2, seems like he’s well-shielded from the world inside his Bugaboo Cameleon. My own personal favorite. Oh, that and the BEE!

It’s all shades of gray for 3-year old River Russell Deary, son of former Felicity star Keri Russell and her hubby Shane Deary, with a sleek Maclaren.

Spiderman Tobey Maguire might be famous for web slinging his way around town, but his kids with wife Jennifer Meyer, Ruby, 4, and Otis, 10 months (not pictured), just climb into the Citi Mini Double Stroller.

A slick and speedy-looking iCandy Apple stroller makes sense for yummy mommy Kourtney Kardashian, after all, baby Mason’s middle name is Dash. Cute!

2-year old Honor rolls through NYC in a sunny (budget-friendly!) Maclaren Volo, led by hot mama-to-be-again Jessica Alba.

From her yellow-diamond engagement ring to ample amounts of the bright color in her wardrobe, it’s no surprise Camila Alves is impressing her love for mellow yellow on 9-month old Vida with the sunny Bugaboo Bee. HEART! I love our red one, but now I'm thinking yellow might be the way to go!

How does the baby of a world-famous supermodel and Super Bowl champion quarterback get around town? In a stroller that's nice, normal and durable, in this case, the Maclaren Triumph.

So now, which are your favorites?!

(Photo Credit from here)


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  2. I love the Bugaboo, but I couldn't afford it. =[ next time.

  3. Oh, they are the best! My amazingly kind parents bought me both the Camelon, which is our main one, and the Bee, which I use when I travel, and they are so easy and light and fab! Well worth saving up for when you are having no. 2, Victoria! :) xxx



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