Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, And Feathers...

... I will always LOVE feathers! Which reminds me, I have this AMAZING feathered dress picked in the sales in Zara a few months ago that I NEVER EVEN WORE YET! Now, all I need is a night out!

(Photo Credit from here)


  1. You need yellow nail polish with that...

    Is Chanel nail polish really worth it? Will it change the lives of each and every finger? Or have you seen a yellow nail polish in that shade?

  2. Chanel is ALWAYS worth it, honey! ;) Have I thought you nothing?! SO ready for a catch-up, btw! Have you plans Friday or do you wanna come down here and watch the royal wedding on TV with us - with scones, tea and cucumber sarnies to go with! :) xxx



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