Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pool Princess

Needless to say, we just had a very fun - and wet - afternoon at the local water park!


  1. how cute she is having so much fun, my little nephew (1 year old)was a little bit scared the firs time in the pool but now him love it,and baby nahla looks so happy thats great =)

  2. hi! :)

    this was her first time too, as i never really got around to bring her to baby swimming classes,and i was a little worried she might be scared. but she absolutely loved it and cried and cried when we had to go home! :) so now my head is busy planning summer holidays, coz let's face it; outdoor pools are more fun than indoor ones! :) x

  3. We went last night, Bella had a ball, ate alll her dinner after.
    I gate this weather I wish it was summer again.

  4. oh, i hear you. i'd have summer all year around if i could choose! i HATE winter, which is not too good when you live in north europe! :) xxx



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