Sunday, April 3, 2011

Holidays Planned Between Now And October (YEAH!):

Barcelona on a girl's trip - just Nahla and Mummy to visit bella Camilla in early May!

Palma, Mallorca with Daddy in June - sunshine, beach and family; hard to beat!

A little trip to Paris to visit Granny and Granddad on their holidays! C'est la vie!

Cyprus in September with Bestemor and Bestefar - beach, beach and more beach; LIKE!

Two words: HOLIDAY SHOPPING! My summer wardrobe needs some serious updating! ASAP!


  1. Not sure if I'm going to let the Wee Man put his hand in the pet-the-shark tank (it could just impede his learning to count to ten) but we're going to the New England Aquarium!

  2. ah, honey! i so wanna try and squeeze boston into the mix as well! june is my window, i think! btw, arriving on your island on sunday! must do brunch and catch up on all the gossip! xoxoxoxoxox



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