Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pregnant In Heels..

... will it ever make it onto our televisions?? Or more specifically, onto mine! I NEED to see this show! Why, you say? Well, here's the lowdown:

You've heard of doulas and midwives and lactation consultants. But have you heard of a maternity concierge? No? Then you're probably not pregnant, and in the uppermost tax bracket, and in need of the aid of a pregnancy guru like Rosie Pope to help you navigate the do's and don'ts of expectant motherhood! How genius!

"For a more detailed look at this "maternity concierge" concept, simply tune in to Bravo's latest reality venture Pregnant in Heels. Pope owns a high-end maternity-clothing boutique on Manhattan's Upper East Side. But she also takes on "clients" -- affluent mothers-to-be who pay her to troubleshoot their strange and varied pregnancy-related dilemmas. " OMG! I NEED to see this!

One couple featured in the show even enlists Pope to help them pick a perfect name for their son. "They want their baby brand to be high-class," says Pope. People, it is not called a name anymore. It is now known as a baby brand! HILARIOUS!

So she (Pope) brings together a think tank of academics -- including a poet, a magazine writer, a linguist and a branding expert. As one does...

Another couple on the show tasks Pope with getting their soon-to-be-born baby into the British aristocracy. You can't make this stuff up! To quote my fabulous heroine: I DIE!

And make no mistake, Rosie Pope is one clever cookie. Designer of super-stylish clothing for pregnant women, maternity concierge, mom and now reality TV star, the only mistake you could accuse her of making during her second pregnancy would be not relaxing enough!

Here is an interview iVillage did with the star of new show Pregnant In Heels, where she lists off the biggest mistakes pregnant women make; and her advice on how to fix them. God, I am even more wishing I was pregnant now!

The Mistake: Not wanting to invest in maternity clothes and buying bigger sizes of non-maternity styles.
Rosie's Fix: "For most people it's a budget thing, which I totally understand. But being pregnant is a special time in your life, and ... it's nice to have some special things." Rosie's advice: Invest in a few key, versatile maternity pieces -- a little black dress, a great pair of jeans -- and wear them to death. "You can get away with that when you're pregnant!" she says.

The Mistake: Going "Grecian" too soon.
Rosie's Fix: Loose, flowing frocks and tops "look phenomenal" when you're in your third trimester, "but when you're just starting to show it only makes you look bigger," she says.

The Mistake: Waiting too long to arrange for childcare.
Rosie's Fix: Whether you're looking to hire a nanny or find a daycare center, begin the search well before baby is born -- ideally in your second trimester, Pope says. She also recommends trying to hire a nanny who's been with a family for a long time; one who may be looking for a new post because the kids will be going to school soon and will no longer need her care. That scenario may offer more flexibility and help ensure that you don't fall in love with a nanny who needs immediate work.

The Mistake: Registering for the wrong stuff (like uber-adorable, itsy-bitsy newborn sizes and you-don't-need-it-yet items like activity gyms). Or not registering all!
Rosie's Fix: Many mamas-to-be are lucky enough to get the baby shower treatment, but aren't smart about registering for gifts. "Really try to think about the items you'll need," Pope says. "Diapers are incredibly expensive, but a lot of people don't think to register for them." Another tip: Even if you're not having a baby shower, register anyway. Some stores offer a discount on unpurchased items, so you'll save money on anything you buy yourself.

The Mistake: Packing too much into those last weeks.
Rosie's Fix: "It's important to be completely prepared [early on], so that in those last few weeks you don't have anything to do," she says. "Most of the time, you just need to rest. And once you have the baby, there's no more time to rest!"

Now, who is with me in hopping on the next flight across the pond just to catch Bravo and Pregnant In Heels?!


  1. Lol sounds like my kind of show :)

  2. Oh, you and me both! And I can't get it here!!!!! Not yet anyway, now all my hopes are pinned on E! to pick it up! :)



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