Friday, March 25, 2011


... I find myself staring longingly at beautiful pregnant bellies lately. Have I really forgotten how sick I was when it was 10 days past my due date and little Nahla still hadn't arrived? Or just how painful giving birth was? Or how in a world of your own you are for the first few weeks after you come home from the hospital with your bundle?

Yup. looks that way. Now all I can think of is just how AMAZING being a mum is. How incredibly blessed I feel when I look at Nahla. How perfect it feels raising a family with BF. How I want to fill our house with beautiful babies and be barefoot and pregnant as much as possibly. OK, that was possibly taking it a tad far, it is not like I am planning to have 10. Or even 5. But 4 sounds pretty good, no??

And now, I am not ready just yet, but still, looking at all the lovely pregnant bellies that I see EVERYWHERE these days, I am certainly not planning not to do it again. Just not RIGHT now.

(Picture from April edition, Mama magazine)


  1. I feel the same, I want another baby so badly, IT HURTS.

  2. never mind just one, I want three more! :) xxx



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