Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cute Family Alert

Little Harlow is missing from the pretty picture, but the Richie/Maddens still look like one hip young family. Mommy Nicole is cool as always and is it just me, or is little Sparrow getting cuter by the day?! The best part, this is one family that doesn't seem to let diaper duty and hectic lives spoil their sense of style or love of fun and glamour. LIKE!

(Photo Credit from here)


  1. They are my favourite Hollywood family.
    Sparrow and Harlow are both gorgeous and Nicole Richie seems like an awesome mum.

  2. Hi Melinda! Totally, mine too, I just heard an interview with Nicole about how she is superstrict with the kids' diet - but then Joel goes out and buys them a pizza! It was so cute and funny. And Nicole's style is awesome! I COVET HER WARDROBE! xxx



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