Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready, Steady - Done.

I must admit the prospect of potty training always filled me with a little dread. I don't know why, really. Maybe it was the whole debacle of having to constantly check; "Do you need to go now? Now? NOW?", "Surely you need go now?", "Can you try to go now? For Mummy, please?" And so on and so forth. I mean; don't get me wrong; I had bought the stuff. Baby Bj√∂rn potty? Check? A few other Ikea potties dotted around the house, just in case? Check. Toilet trainer seat? Check again. Book about little girls learning to do their business on the potty? Check, check and check. 

And we did use it. Nahla sat on the potty every now and again, as I think I read somewhere that getting them used to it - regardless of whether or not they get the actual drift of it - was oh so important. I just never got around to do the actual potty-training bit. You know the bit where you do the whole "No more diapers, you are a big girl now" speech, the trial and error bit, the starting-off-with-a-few-hours-sans-diaper bit. That whole chapter. 

Because as it turned out, Nahla, the little clever cookie, had other plans. One day a couple of weeks ago now she just arrived home from playschool and declared she was finished with diapers - just like that. Finito. And; I kid you not, the girl meant business. Because since, we have had NO accidents. None. Not even on our weekend away, where she managed for two flights, countless hours of sightseeing, hotel-room bathrooms, and not a drop where it wasn't meant to go. 

Obviously, I still leave a diaper on her at night, but for the last week, whenever we take it off in the morning; bone dry. 

I kinda feel a little like I imagine it would feel if you had studied for days for an exam, only to find out it had been cancelled. My little do-it-her-own-way girl once again came through. Like before I had her, and everyone bestowed upon me tales of the sleepless nights I would have to suffer. And then in the end I had none. And tales about how hard it would be weaning her onto solids - and again, seamless, easy, peasy. 

My little love is now officially, at 2 and almost-5-months, a fully fledged panty-wearing, no-more-diapers toddler! And this mummy is feeling both pride at how good her little cookie is - and at the same time feeling like my baby is less of a baby every day that goes by. A bittersweet victory!

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