Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ok, so today I got like 400 e-mails. Nothing new there. A ton of them were work related. Press releases. Invitations. Answers to the lots and lots of e-mails I have sent out myself. So far, so boring. Then I got a ton of ad-related e-mails. Which is entirely my own fault, as I keep signing up to all these different newsletter, and am therefor bombarded with them - and I never quite manage to muster up the energy to un-subscribe. 

On any normal day, I tend to delete a lot of these before I even open them. But this afternoon, as I was desperately trying to procrastinate some work I needed to do, I happened to open one from Zara. Their June Lookbook to be precise. Which turned out to be a big mistake. Huge. Because now I have fallen in LUST with this jacket - and decided it needs to be mine - come hell or high water. 

And seeing as tomorrow is my 32 birthday, I decided this would be the perfect present from me to me. The only problem? It is not available yet! And you know where this is going, right? Cue obsessed mama glued to the Zara website waiting for this beauty to be in stock! The-most-perfect-little-jacket-ever-made; you are going to be mine!

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