Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Disney Days

10 years ago I visited Disney World in Orlando Florida, and much as it was amazing and spectacular and fun, nothing can truly compare to seeing Disney's magical place through the eyes of your 2,5 year old, which I got to do on Monday, when Nahla and I, along with my family, went to visit Disneyland in Paris. Nahla, although much too young to go on most of the rides in the park, was electric with joy and excitement all day. She went on the spinning teacups till Mummy could take it no more. She rode on magical horses and visited Cinderella's castle. She ate way too much ice cream and lollipops and candy-floss and watched the parade from the best seat in the house, my aunt's shoulders. We spent money like it was going out of fashion and had so much fun that all I can say is: Is it too soon to go back in a month or so?! Sometimes the best part of having children, is being allowed to indulge in days like these, and see just how fun it can be!

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