Friday, May 4, 2012

A Reason To Dress Up

When you work from home (or, in my case, the local coffee-place/deli-shop/anywhere that serves good coffee and homebaked goods), you don't really get to participate in the joys of getting dressed up for a day at the office. And sometimes, I really miss those days! The whole laying-out-the-outfit-the-night-before rituale, the swift under-desk shoe changes before important meetings, the just-nipping-into-the-nearest-Zara on your lunchbreak, the comparing of outfits, the lot.

These days, work couture consists mostly somewhere between skinny jeans/converse/Acne-boots or Juicy bottoms and knitted socks! Oh the glamour of out-of-office journalism!

But today, I have totally pulled out all the stops, because the minute I close the laptop for the day, this busy mama is heading into the city for an evening of girly fun, cocktails, movie date and dinner! Heels? Hell yeah!

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